Family First


Noah and Rachel were woken up by a loud scream coming from down the hallway. The two siblings met up in the hallway after dragging themselves out of bed. It turned out to be sobbing coming from their oldest sisters room. They were hesitant to follow up with whatever was happening but they never heard her cry like that.

Rachel being the bravest, and the more liked sibling knocked lightly on the older Puckerman's door.

"Leave me alone"

Noah shrugged and mouthed we tried before heading back to his room. Rachel just shook her head he was never any help.

"Tana what's wrong?"

She didn't get a reply right away but she heard sniffling.

"You'll find out tomorrow. Just go to sleep Rae." Came the raspy reply.

No matter how badly Rachel wanted to comfort her older sister, she knew it wasn't possible to do tonight. Though she was pretty worried about what could possibly have her sister so distraught.


The next day in the Puckerman house Rachel was the first to wake. She jumped rope for about an hour before showering. She got dressed in khaki joggers, a black t-shirt, jean Levi jacket, and paired the fit off her new Flu Game 12's. Her hair went up in a messy bun and she put in her diamond earrings.

After she was completely dressed she walked out her room not caring for a book bag since it was Friday. She headed for the kitchen and saw that the clock read 8 am, they were already late so no point in rushing.

Rachel was cooking breakfast and the smell woke Noah up who immediately just put on clothes forgoing a shower. He slapped some deodorant on his pits and brushed his teeth, that was as clean as he gets. When he saw it was 830 he laid back down and pulled out his phone checking social media and what he saw when he opened up Facebook made his blood boil immediately. At least he finally knew what Tana was crying about last night.

He shot out of bed and headed for his sisters room knocking lightly.

"I'm not going today"

He sighed and twisted her doorknob, opening the door. She was curled into a ball under the covers her TV was on, muted, and playing The Office.

"We'll take care of it" was all he said before he closed the door, heading downstairs.

He spotted the shorter yet older sibling making omelets and home fries for the three of them.


She turned around surprised that he was up without her aid and already dressed.

"Sup?" She asked curiously. She noticed that he looked worried.

"Santana's nudes got posted on that revenge group on Facebook. That's why she was crying last night."

Rachel cut the heat off on the food and gave Noah her full attention.

"Who the fuck was stupid enough to do that?" She asked, everyone knows how they got down. You don't fuck with the Puckerman's, period.

Noah shrugged; he was going to go after every single one of her exes until he got to the bottom of it.

"Can you get that point dexter to delete it. Then get your girl to make sure nobody is talking about it, damage control and all that?" He asked.

Rae nodded she was already thinking about ways to solve this crisis.

" I'm not even hungry no more. Let's get this shit solved."

The two brunettes walked out of the house and jumped into their shared Jeep Wrangler.

When they arrived to school it was the middle of third period so they camped out by the field until the bell rang. Rachel was already texting her girl trying to see what was happening in the school. But it wasn't looking good for her older sister, and that pissed her off. Nobody disrespected them.

"Q already got that shit deleted. But there's no telling how many people saved it. She can't find out who posted it either."

Noah didn't reply he was pacing back and forth listing all the guys Santana has ever dated or brought back to the house in his head, creating a hit list.

The bell cut through his thoughts and he immediately went to the side doors, Rachel jogging behind him. Once they reached the main hallway Puck saw his first victim. Sam Evans, the blonde kid didn't even have time to register what was happening before he was knocked out on the floor.

And that got everyone's attention.

Rachel decided this was the time to announce what could possibly turn into hell week.

"Yo everybody listen up!" It was already silent but she wanted her voice to travel even louder. "Majority of you should already know what the fuck was posted on Facebook last night. I'm sure some of you laughed, saved it, and I don't even wanna think about what some you pervs did to that photo." She walked down the hallway some more, the crowd splitting and making room for her.

"Sam Evans happened to be the first one to catch hands, but trust me, he will not be the only one. So until someone comes forth and admits to posting that private fucking photo of my older sister on the damn internet where EVERYONE can see. Every person who has ever spoken, dated, had sex with, and or stalked my dear sister will be catching hands, boys and girls a like. Yeah, my sister rides both waves therefor you girls aren't safe either. Y'all are dismissed, but seriously be prepared to get that ass beat"

Rachel stopped speaking and looked around at the attentive crowd that didn't move. "Shows over! Let's go, oh and one more thing. Everybody is getting slushied until this shit is over with, where my girls at?"

After she asked that question JV and Varsity cheerleaders walked down the hallway in their ranks Quinn Fabray and Brittany S Pierce led the crowd and all 64 girls carried a big gulp slushie.

Rachel smirked at her girlfriend approaching her.

"I just wanted all of you to be aware about who actually runs this shit, ladies, please"

After Rachel gave the signal the hallway was in chaos. The smart on lookers took off before it could come to that, but the others ended up bathed in grape and cherry slush. Rachel stood next to her brother watching everything unfold but they still didn't feel satisfied. They still had a long way to go to find out who did it.

So what ya think?