Quarantine Updates


Rachel double-checked her outfit in the mirror; she loved the feel of brand new clothes. Aqua 8's on her feet, black jeans, with her grey hoodie under the new Charlotte Hornets jersey.

She started doing a little dance in the mirror before she realized how dumb she looked and stepped out of her room.

Santana was already downstairs in the kitchen making herself a bagel, glancing back when she heard her sister coming down the steps.

"Morning San."

Santana grunted and briefly wondered if her brother was up.

"Puck already left for school so it's just you and me. You ready?"


"This printer fucking sucks." Rachel groaned. She was in the library printing out a couple of essay's she was supposed to sell.

All she needed was the ten-page Dracula analysis to be printed and she had another 175 in her pocket for the day.

Quinn had walked into the library already knowing her girlfriend was probably either reading or writing somewhere. She spotted the brunette hitting the printer with her binder and briefly wondered when Rachel bought that outfit.

"Babe!" Rachel looked back towards her girl and groaned when she saw her.

"Q I'm missing out on a hundred dollars if I can't get this thing printed." Rachel whined, sitting back down.

Q walked behind the chair throwing her arms over her girls shoulder and leaning down. "There's plenty of printers in the school babe." She whispered before peppering kisses along the brunettes jaw.

"I know you're right. I just like to have everything finished before the first bell."

Q hummed. "Come on, I'll take you to Sue's office."


"Santana please! Will you just stop and talk to me?"

Santana stopped walking down the slightly empty hallway and glanced down at her personal leprechaun. "Meet me at my locker at the bell. I'll be ok."

The freshman warily glanced at the tall blonde behind them but nodded his head regardless.

She turned around towards Brittany, barely containing the hurt she felt bubbling up inside her chest.

"What do you want?"

"To talk." Brittany said, she was out of her cheerios uniform. The blonde had decided to quit earlier that week, she was tired of cheerleading.

"There's nothing you can say that'll make me feel better, I can guarantee that." Santana made a move to walk away, but the blonde grabbed her harm roughly.

"Listen, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You definitely meant to hurt me. Just like how your hand is squeezing my arm, you wanted to prove a point. I don't like people like you, you're manipulative, and border line abusive. Step off." Santana snatched her arm away from Brittany.

The taller girl just rolled her eyes. "You're being fucking dramatic. You're mine, you know that. Yeah I sent the photo out, a moment of insanity. I'm sorry it hurt you. But I'm not about to keep chasing after you, you're pissing me off."

Santana swallowed and backed up a couple of steps. "I don't want to be with you Brittany."

The morning bell rang after her statement, Santana took the moment to walk down the hallway away from the blonde staring angrily after her.


Rachel had labeled the last manila envelope and placed it into her locker neatly.

"Your intelligence is a huge turn on, have I ever told you that?" Quinn whispered in Rachel's ear.

"Oh yeah?" Rachel said, closing her locker and turning around in her girls arms. "Does that mean you're coming over to my place."

She nodded and leaned in for a kiss that Rachel gladly returned.

Quinn was the first to pull away. "I've missed you; I know it's weird since I see you every day, but we haven't been alone in so long."

Rachel chuckled and rubbed her hands against the cheerleader's slender hips. "Shit, I know. Rubbing one out every morning really isn't hitting the spot."

Quinn tilted her head and glanced down at the black jeans her girlfriend had on. "I really want to see that." She whispered, biting her lip.

All Rachel could do was smirk, already picturing sending Q a little video. Which made Rachel think of her sister's situation.

"Speaking of…" The brunette's eyes wandered the hallway from her position against the lockers searching for her older sibling.

She spotted her at her locker looking a little bothered, so she knew she had to do some sisterly duties.

"Imma go talk to San, come with?"

Quinn nodded and they walked hand in hand a few yards up the hall.

"Yo San, wassup how you feeling?"

Santana rolled her eyes and slammed her locker shut. The tiny freshman popping up at the sound and immediately grabbing the taller girls books.

"Damn kid, you're good. You know your time expired last Monday right, you're relieved from your duties." Rachel stated.

"Yeah I know. But I can get used to this, plus nobody messes with me anymore." He shrugged, his bookbag strap shifting slightly on his too tiny shoulders.

He adjusted them with a weird neck movement and Rachel had to look away before she was sucked into everything that is that too small kid.

"And you're ok with this Santana?"

"Eh, I don't mind. So what's up, you felt like crowding me with you and your blonde? Hey Q."

"Hey San." Quinn chuckled.

"Just checking on you. What's with the face, you need me to fuck somebody up?" Rachel asked.

Santana shook her head and sighed. "Same shit, different day."

Before Rachel could respond Sam mouth too big Evans came into their somewhat circle.

"Yo Rachel you got the paper?"

"I'll get it to you before our class, I'm kinda busy right now."

He nodded and glanced at the group before his eyes settled on Santana and he smirked. "How's it going gorgeous?"

Rachel reacted immediately pushing the tall boy away and out of nowhere her brother was right beside her.

It was like the Puckermans had some sort of weird alarm in their heads whenever it came to their older sister.

"You really want a fucking repeat of that busted lip you got earlier this month, hm?" Noah said. He didn't even know what the fuck was going on, but he did know Rachel wasn't happy and Santana looked damned tired. Nobody fucked with his family, period.

"Whoa, whoa. So I can't even fucking talk to her?"

Rachel laughed sarcastically. "No dumb ass."

Noah pushed him into the opposite lockers simply because he could. "Don't even look her way my guy. Yeah we teammates, but I will beat your ass daily if I see you even breathe her direction. Can you dig it?"

"Yeah I can fucking dig it, damn. My bad, seriously. My bad." Sam had his hands raised in surrender. He looked back at Santana who was now leaned up against Quinn just watching the spectacle with bored eyes.

"I aint mean to make you uncomfortable that's my fault." Sam said towards Santana, while making eye contact with Noah.

The kid was off his rocks lately. Even at practice he felt like Noah was going a little bit too hard with simple shit. Wasn't no way he was going to provoke an ass whooping for something slight.

Rachel shook her head and took her spot next to her girl. Sam walked off after a beat once he was sure the altercation was over. Everyone in the hallway knew to mind their business.

Noah looked back towards his sisters and walked towards them.

"You ok San?"

"I'm fucking fine. Honestly, I wish you two would stop trying to fight every person who even looks my way. I'm getting sick of that shit." She said, oddly calm.

"Fuck that. Someone fucked with you, which means they fucked with us, period." He claimed.

"Ok, and yet the person who did the actual fucking is going unfucked." Santana paused. "I said that weird, but you know what the fuck I mean."

"How you know? We've been beating everyone's ass." Rachel added.

"Yeah aight." Santana shrugged, contemplating how to even tell her sister about the whole mess she's in.

"Yeah aight?" Noah repeated. "The hell does that mean San, we've been thorough."

Quinn hugged on Rachel a little while she was leaning against the lockers and raised an eyebrow at Santana, making eye contact with the girl.

The bell rang a second later. The blonde realized that Santana was off the hook for now but her siblings weren't going to take that comment too lightly.

She had to go. She leaned over to give her favorite Puckerman a deep kiss before she headed off to calculus.

Rachel accepted the kiss and glanced at Q as she walked away but stayed because she was beyond confused. Were they missing someone? Who could've possibly went under their radar?

"Just forget it. Take it easy on people, you're alienating me." She said with a huff while walking off with her basically invisible freshman walking behind her.

Noah and Rachel were left alone. "Well aight. I guess we can deal with whatever the fuck that was later." Rachel said.

Noah shrugged. "I don't give a fuck. I'm still keeping my eye out. People are real slick at the mouth when we're not around."


The AP American History teacher decided to move the desks around to have his students grouped together for a weeklong project.

He usually put the cheerleaders with their own, and the jocks with their own, the 'losers' with their own and so on, so forth. Ironically it's not the cheerleaders who gossip the most it's the 'losers'.

Since they decided to sit closer to the front he got a lot of news that was absolutely borderline disturbing. He tried his best to ignore them and focus on grading last weeks test while they broke down the civil war timeline. Unfortunately, one kids nasally voice traveled easily and graced his ears with news he hoped wasn't true.

Especially when it was about his best student.

So he did what he thought was the best solution, considering their families predicament.

When the bell rang and the class was dismissed he stood in the hallway watching the students looking for a specific one.

And there she goes. "Hey Rachel. Can I speak to you for a sec?"


"OK shorty you know the drill. It's my last class so you don't have to follow me I'm heading straight home afterwards ok?" Santana stated.

The young boy pushed his glasses upright on his face and nodded while handing Santana her notebook. "I'll see you tomorrow Santana, have a good day ok?"

He walked off before she could respond, not that she would. His locker was around the corner, so it was usually a longer walk in between classes, but he really didn't mind the work. He liked being around the most popular group in school, it made him feel special.

He didn't really have many friends since everyone was so focused on their image. Plus he didn't make the best first impression his first couple of months at the school so he was always being tossed in the dumpster. Ever since Rachel had him follow Santana around he hasn't been bullied once, plus he even has some people talk to him in his classes now.

While spinning in his locker combination a hand slammed against the locker beside him making him jump. Eyes snapping towards the person.

"You're way too easy Freckles." She grinned while leaning against the locker beside his.

He chuckled uncomfortably. Rachel never really spoke to him unless it was about Santana, and he could only guess, this was about Santana.

"You're supposed to be my eyes and ears man. I thought we had an agreement." She spoke, the grin wiped from her face.

Freckles gulped not too sure what she could be referencing too. His job was basically volunteer work at this point.

"I-I don't know what you mean."

She nodded. "So you're saying, it would be better for me to just ask the question instead of acting like you're a mind reader huh? I do that a lot when I'm a little upset, I like to pretend I'm in a old gangster movie." She smiled again.

His stomach was in knots at this point, he could shit bricks.

"What happened to my sister this morning? More specifically who was talking to my sister this morning?"

"I-I don't know, Rachel I don't know."

"Freckles, Freckles. You follow my sister around from the minute she steps foot into this school. Who spoke to her this morning, I need you to remember. I'm not going to put my hands on you kid, I like you."

The bell rang. And he realized he never even opened his locker.

"Uh, this morning. I met up with her after I got breakfast." He paused, trying his hardest to recollect little details. "Ok, yes we were in the hallway then this girl came up to her and Santana told me to leave, even though she looked like she didn't want to talk to her."

"Good Freckles, we're getting somewhere." Rachel took out her phone but paused. "Now this girl, you got a name?"

He shook his head. "No, but I know she's a cheerleader, I mean I think. She wasn't wearing a uniform though but I know I've seen her in one before."

"Mhmm, and how does she look."

Freckles palms were sweaty. "Uh, tall blonde, blue eyes, earrings, she was wearing a black t-shirt that was crazy tight kind of showed her stomach a little. Her, it was her." Freckles pointed down the hallway at one Brittany S Pierce. Rachel was now even more confused.

"No fucking way." She looked at Freckles. "You're positive."

"Beyond sure. That was her, can I go now, the late bell is about to ring."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you tomorrow."

Freckles ran off. He somehow felt like his pseudo friend group just fucking shifted.