Destined Familiars

To be honest, this was a rather odd crossover idea that I have no idea where it came from. Perhaps it was from another fanfiction in a similar category that gave me the idea, maybe it came to me as I played the game featured in this crossover, or more than likely it came about during one of many hallucinations that erupt from one's mind when awake for more than twenty-four hours. Whatever the case, it just stuck with me along with the other story ideas that are running through my head that is just pre-occupying the same kind of creative thought that would have otherwise allowed me to finish my previous other fanfiction projects.

So I figured the best way to get it out of my head is to put it down in writing and just go back to it when I got the time and fanfiction obligations completed. And other fanfiction ideas those are running around in my head and placed into pre-publication production to be completely honest….

Anywho, hope you at least find some enjoyment in this particular mash-up of crazy, unrelated ideas that make one go "What just happened?"

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Prologue: Daemon Guardianship

"Yes…. I… destroy worlds… and… create them… anew…." The last words uttered by the Demon Emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia, slain by the revolutionary Zero before a global audience. Only his captive, his young full blooded sister heard his final breath. It only made her recent revelation of his true motives all the more painful.

"Brother! No! Open your eyes please!" Nunnally screamed in panic and desperation as she held a tight grip upon his fresh corps. "BROTHER!"

"Lelouch the demon has died!" A Britannian military beauty of long, purple locks declared to the world. "Release the hostages!" From the command, a resistance cell of the surviving Black Knights leadership advanced towards the convoy. The assembled crowd soon followed suit as the Royal Guard began to retreat from the mob.

"This is unfair…" Nunnally mourned in disbelief at the reality cruelly thrust before her. "I would've been happy just being with you, Brother. I can't bear a future without you…" Tears begin to wield in her eyes as the truth suffocated her. "I just can't…." And she soon howled in pain for the loss of her brother, a martyr that had saved the world from perpetual war and hatred as the crowd shouted Zero's name in triumph, her cries muted from all but those closest to her.

Then, as if by divine providence, the shouts of the mob were drowned out by an unfamiliar sound as nearly all looked up to the sky towards it source.

It was an unusually designed aviation floating ship, approximately the size of a Caerleon-class Floating Battleship of the Imperial Britannian Air Force. However its method of flight was not apparent as it did not appear to have Float System pods nor large enough wingspan to support such a massive craft. Even the massive engine pod upon the craft's port side did not appear to provide the kind of thrust necessary for self-sustained flight, not at the slow speed it flew high above. Its fuselage design and architecture certainly did not belong to any nation within and without both the United Federation of Nations and the Holy Empire of Britannia.

From the strange aircraft's internal hold, several smaller crafts were deployed. The design and architecture of these smaller craft also revealed no logical truth to their operation and their flight as they descended towards the street in formation. Then the formation simply hovered above the abandoned convoy several meters above in the air as portals dilated upon the rear underside of the craft. What emerged and descended upon the convoy was clearly not of this Earth, as their unassisted drop could attest.

These extraterrestrials had two pairs of manipulative forelimbs or at the very least evidence of a second, lower pair of forelimbs as some of their number have had said forelimbs surgically removed and stood at a slightly smaller stance than their brethren. Each one had two pairs of eyes that glowed bluish-white through the helms of their armor that appear to be environmentally sealed.

Those that had all four manipulative limbs donned cloaks and heavier, sturdier armor than those that only had two, with the largest of their number distinguished with more ornate helms and armor to add to their hair of authority and intimidation. Only one had the air of a noble, a king, as it commanded those lower in the apparent hierarchy to their duties.

Only then, with her brother's body removed from her grasp, did Nunnally notice the alien visitors and could only gaze in awe and bewilderment, her pain of loss momentarily forgotten as the strange extraterrestrials placed Lelouch alongside another youth, a Japanese boy, whose wounds and dried blood indicated that the boy was long since passed. The two-limbed extraterrestrials then meticulously placed armor upon the corpses, unlike their own in design yet equally alien, alongside other equipment such as weapons.

Then the leader of the expedition presented a container in each pair of forelimbs, a metallic box, as it approached the two bodies. It then opened the first box and a strange floating construct emerged. Its shell was of a pointed hexagonal while its core was spherical with a single, glowing robotic eye.

"Wh- Where am I?" It inquired out loud in heavy puzzlement as it performed a scan of the surrounding environment to get its bearing. "F-Fallen?!" It exclaimed when its scanners detected Lelouch's body. It turned towards the body before it slowly faced the Fallen leader. "How did you know…?"

The Fallen leader then released a second floating construct was freed. "Why don't you just devour my light and be done with it!? You already took my Guardian away-" The construct then noticed the Japanese youth, and paused before it spoke once more. "Okay, what's going on?"

"Your guess is as good as mine." The first construct replied to the best of its abilities. "Somehow the Fallen knew that I was going to be his Ghost." It gestured towards Lelouch's body.

A grunt echoed from the Fallen leader that caught the attention of the Ghosts. With their attention granted, the Fallen leader then gestured towards the two bodies.

"Well," The second Ghost began "Since they haven't killed us yet."

"Quite right." The first ghost agreed as they both expanded a blue energy sphere before the produced light blinded all witnesses to the event.

When the light died down, Lelouch and the unknown Japanese youth were donned in environmentally sealed suits of armor with the former's armor clothed in a kind of tunic and armband upon the left arm while the latter was clothed in a hooded cloak.

Just then, a green oval appeared before the armored bodies. The strange singularity radiated energies unfamiliar to the Ghosts. One of the Ghosts then turned towards the Fallen leader and inquired "Do you know what that is?"

"Fate. Destiny. A Summoning." A guttural, animalistic voice answered as the smaller Fallen carried the bodies to the unknown phenomenon. "We will meet again for the first time."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The Ghost inquired further when the anomaly began to pull the bodies into itself.

"No time!" The other Ghost exclaimed. "Our Guardians are being sent somewhere and we need to be with them!" The two Ghosts then entered the anomaly and into an unknown, alternate reality that lied upon the other side.

However, before he was fully engulfed, Lelouch barely muttered "Nunna…."

"Brother!" Nunnally leaped towards her brother with what strength she could muster from her crippled legs, arm stretched to grasp onto her reincarnated brother when she held only empty air as the phenomenon disappeared in a flash of light.

And there's the first half of my strange little brainfart that begins as a crossover with Code Geass and Destiny. Granted, it's not the first crossover in that particular category but it is noteworthy none the less as a Guardian. However, he's not going to the Last City nor is he going to the Tower and meets up with all the other Guardians and fight the Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. He's actually going somewhere else.

Where is Lelouch being sent to? Who is that other youth with him? What is that strange green portal? I've left enough clues for you, the reader, to figure out.

Bah! Who am I kidding? You'll know in the next chapter.

Flames and brutally honest reviews are unnecessary. Though not my first rodeo, a good writer can criticize themselves of their writing well enough without outside help and I do not claim to be a good writer. Only an odd one.