Destined Familiars

Alright, here's the second half of the brainfart. Where we'll introduce the third franchise "participant" that really makes the story go off the rails of what is canon. Usually….

So let's not daddle and get started, but not before legal insurance.

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Encounter 01: A Ghostly Contract

Today was the day; the moment of truth had finally arrived despite her bravado and subconscious denial of the potential consequence and fallout of failure. Twice she had failed in the summoning of a familiar, and the Springtime Familiar Summoning was to be her last chance. If she failed thrice, not only will she bring dishonor to her house as a failed mage and most likely disowned, she will be expelled from the Tristanian Academy of Magic in disgrace and forever be known as Louise the Zero.

Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, the third daughter of Duke de La Valliere of House Valliere, will not allow that to happen.

"And next," Professor Colbert announced. "The final student is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere!" Louise approached the same spot of the field beyond the stone walls of the academy that previous second year students have successfully summoned their respective familiars. She walked with the grace and dignity expected of one of her station-

"I wonder if she can manage?"

"I'm curious as to what she'll summon…"

"She'll probably just screw up again."

That was easily broken and equally difficult to return from the various comments and cruel jokes of her fellow classmates. A fact that was not helped by the teasing of a certain, red haired Germanian harlot as she prepared the summoning circle and prepared the all-important, sacred spell.

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers, heed my summoning." She chanted as the circle glowed supernaturally from the influx of magic. "And bring forth, my familiar!"

To the surprise of none present, her spell climaxed in an explosion. However, as the dust settled, the gathered group bore witness to two armored beings, possibly golems, and two strange hexagonal constructs forged from an unknown metal. All stood in silent curiosity as they attempted to grasp the outcome present before them.

Then one of the strange constructs rose from the ground and floated in the air. "Of course my first trip to an unknown anomaly would be like this!" It groaned in annoyance to the amazement of the students and Professor Colbert. "How could it end any other way?!"

"Actually, this is my second go around." The other construct added. "And to be honest, I liked that one more than this one. No explosions for starters."

"Vous pouvez parler?! Vous deux?!" The two ghosts turn towards an unfamiliar female youth whom had long locks of impossibly pink hair. "Pouvez-vous parler notre langue?"

"What's she saying?" One of the Ghosts inquired.

"I'm not too sure." The other Ghost admitted. "It's like old French, but different. Not sure how, though. I just can't put my metaphorical finger on it."

"I'm assuming that you'll share the translation once you got a successful conversion?" The first Ghost asked.

"Doesn't look like we have much choice in the matter." The second Ghost then turned towards the unknown girl and spoke. "Me comprenez-vous?"

"Pourquoi parlez-vous si drôle? Je ne pense pas avoir compris tout ce que vous venez de dire maintenant." The pink-locked child responded in brisk confusion.

The second Ghost then turned towards the first Ghost. "This is gonna take a while."

"Well we got time by the look of things." The first Ghost then surveyed their current surroundings. "Pretty sure this isn't our Earth, or our Guardian's Earth as well now that I think about it." It then took note to the menagerie of beasts beside other, elder children, presumably students. Though there were some familiar terrestrial fauna, there were also creatures that would be best described as fantastical and impossible.

Then the balding adult, presumably a teacher, kneeled down beside the bodies of Lelouch and the Japanese youth and touched their necks to feel the pulse of a heartbeat. There were none. "Il semblerait que ces êtres, vos familiers possibles, soient récemment décédés. Mes excuses..."

"Mort?!" The pink-locked child exclaimed in abject horror from the truth."Mais comment?! J'ai fait la convocation familière parfaitement!"

"Whoops!" The first Ghost exclaimed. "We forgot to check on our Guardians."

Soon enough, Lelouch and the unknown Japanese youth awoke from their own deaths from the urging of their new Ghosts. The former Demon Emperor was the first to speak. "Where are we?"

"Not on either of our respective Earths for starters." This only confused Lelouch as he removed the unknown helm and revealed his face. The simple action caused an outburst of admirers, and enemies, due to his physical appearance. Especially those who are confused as to which gender he belonged. "Not bad for a former dead man."

"What?" It was then did recent history finally caught up with Lelouch's mind as the inevitable question arose. "How am I alive?"

"One of my many abilities as a Ghost." The Ghost answered. "Or to be more specific; your Ghost."

"Mine?" Before Lelouch could speak any further, the unknown Japanese youth finally spoke.

"This isn't the SAZ." The simple statement sent a chill down Lelouch's spine as he was reminded of one of his greatest regrets. "Where am I? And why are those kids dressed so funny?"

"An excellent question, my young Guardian." The unknown youth's Ghost replied as it turned towards Lelouch's own Ghost for answers. "I'm assuming that you got a good enough grasp on their version of French so that we can ask the appropriate questions?"

"Well it's no shor-resistant security lattice, but it's better than nothing." Lelouch's Ghost then turned towards the teacher and began an exchange of inquiries and replies. Soon enough, it was informed enough to make a proper report of their current situation. "We're basically in Harry Potter."

"What?" Both Lelouch and the youth inquired, unsure of the reference.

"Oh, right. Different Earth continuity and all that. Basically we're in a fantasy world chock full of magic and monsters." Lelouch's Ghost clarified.

"I'm starting to miss the Vex already." The youth's Ghost sighed.

"The who?" Lelouch, his ghost, and the youth asked.

"You don't want to know, just trust me on this." Was the reply.

It was then, unable to understand a single word from these new arrival, turned towards Professor Colbert. "Monsieur Colbert, allow me to perform the familiar summoning ritual again!"

"Especially since both of them are simply plebian man-at-arms." A snicker rose from the student rabble. Soon enough, more jeers and jokes were made at Louise's expense.

"Silence!" Colbert ordered before he turned back toward Louise. "Miss Vallerie!"

"M-Monsieur Colbert…?"

"This is a holy ritual of summoning, beyond the need of a 'retry'." Colbert countered. "You have called upon them into service, and thus they shall be your familiars as unconventional and unprecedented they are."

"E-even so-" Louise began, but Colbert interrupted.

"Just complete the ritual." The young patrician resigned to her task, as unnerving as it may be, as she turned towards the Guardians and their Ghosts, if what that strange bugbear constructs had mentioned earlier was correct.

"You plebeians had better be grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from a patrician such as I." Louise demanded, nearly ordered from the two Guardians.

The hooded Guardian turned towards the robed Guardian and inquired "Beth wnaeth hi ddweud?"

"Rhywbeth tebyg i ni 'gwerinwyr' bod yn ddiolchgar am y generocity o'r fath bonheddig fel hi." The robed Guardian replied.

"Ddiolchgar am yr hyn?" However, before the hooded Guardian could get his answer, Louise began the spell.

"Pentagon of the five elemental powers," She lightly tapped her wand upon the foreheads of both the hooded and robed Guardians, much to their confusion, as she continued. "Grant your blessings upon these creatures." She then leaned towards the two, whom found the proximity and lack of personal space uncomfortable. "And bind them as my familiar."

"Be-beth ydych chi'n ei wneud ?! Arhoswch yn ôl!" The hooded Guardian protested as his face was sternly held within Louise's hands. The robed Guardian fared little better.

"Be still!" She commanded. "It's embarrassing enough as it is!" And before they could protest any further, she kissed them both on the lips.

"Pam wnaethoch chi jyst cusanu ni allan o'r glas yn unig nawr?!" The hooded Guardian exclaimed when both he and the robed Guardian felt their bodies unnaturally heat up as an alien pain, not unlike a branding, erupted from their left hands as they removed their gauntlets and clawed at the pain before they ultimately succumbed to the foreign sensation.

The Ghosts looked upon their new Guardians for a few moments before the unknown youth's Ghost spoke. "Good thing we're not back home. Otherwise they wouldn't have lived long." Lelouch's Ghost agreed.

Colbert then found their new familiar runes to be interesting enough to be recorded in his notes for later study before he dismissed the class for the day. As the other students used magic to fly back towards the academy, Louise approached the two Ghosts and their unconscious Guardians.

"You Ghosts!" Louise commanded. "Take my familiars to my chambers."

The Ghosts then looked at each other for several moments before the robed Guardian's Ghost replied with an equally justified question "With what, exactly?"

Somehow, deep inside, Louise just knew that it was going to be a very long day.

And that concludes this odd crossover brainfart of mine. I admit, it was rushed in parts and not how I imagined, but the chapter was getting long enough as is for what is basically the start of the Familiar of Zero scenario with both Lelouch and Saito both as Guardians and as Familiars and there doesn't need to be too much retread on familiar grounds outside set moments to establish the scene.

For those of you who are wondering. Yes, I did go there with Saito and the SAZ. It'll be an interesting conversation indeed for Lelouch to have at the very least.

I haven't exactly picked out the names of the two Ghosts since I'm not exactly sure what the naming convention is for Ghosts. I only had access to the base Destiny game and not the expansions so it's a bit limited on that front among other things. So if anyone has any good suggestions that compliment both Lelouch and Saito as Guardians, I'm all ears. Same with equipment load out. Obviously the Fallen from the first chapter didn't just give them random junk, but a rather methodical thought process behind them since they are aware of more than what they're letting on.

Anyway, it'll be a while before I get back onto this one. So until then, flames and brutally honest reviews are not necessary. I can cyber-bully and emotionally abuse myself just fine and any more effort on that front would be repetitive.