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This story takes place almost immediately after Slade's explanation of his past and Valtor's speech to the United Nations, his ultimatum, and announcement of his ascendancy to supreme ruler.

This story starts from 20:31 in Revelations of the Seal of Orichalcos - Episode 37 (Yu-gi-oh Live Action Series).

Meanwhile in the occupied Eclipse Duel Academy

As Valtor's clones continue to patrol around the courtyard near where Travis was last seen, a dark figure walks between the clones. He had a pudgy face, a small moustache, thin hair and was covered in a cloak.

"Halt, who are you?" a guard said, putting his hand up to stop further progress of the dark figure. He looked at the guard, and said, in an icy voice, "My name is Raymond Rogers, Myself and my two associates (He indicates to two other dark figures) have been sent by Nightfury the Berserker to keep an eye on the last known area of Travis the Trainee, and to inform Valtor when Travis returns"

"Oh, well you can go through then" the guard said, removing his hand. Raymond walked through, along with his two other friends, and, soon the three of them had reached the Clock Tower. Turning around to face his two comrades, Raymond said "Alright guys, we have two problems we need to sort out. Firstly, we need to figure out how we're going to manage our time so that we can maintain a 24-hour watch on this area for when Travis returns, and secondly, communication within this area to our true lord without anybody in the Orichalcos army knowing about them"

"Well for the first problem it's an easy solution" the first of Raymond's Associates said. Raymond nodded, said "Alright then Sybil, what's your suggestion?" and Sybil continued almost immediately with "How about we do 8-hour shifts. 8-hour watch, 8-hour leisure and stuff to keep us sane, and 8-hour sleep?" Raymond nodded, said "Alright, good idea. So, who will take first watch?" to which the other associate immediately said "I'll take first watch. Sybil, you've been up the longest so you can take the sleep session. Raymond, you can take the leisure session and try to figure out a way to communicate with out true lord without anybody in the Orichalcos knowing" Raymond nodded, said "Good idea Salvador" and with that, he and Sybil went inside the nearby dormitory, which was abandoned.

After about two hours, Raymond had managed to find his true lord's wavelength and, mercifully, when he powered up the signal he found no detection of it from any nearby Orichalcos communication detectors. Smiling, Raymond put the message piece up to his ear. After a few moments, a voice came through, but not the one he was expecting.

"Specter here, who is this?" came the voice, a dark one, with a slight southern accent to it. Raymond replied with "Is this Specter? Good. Can you please tell our lord that the three amigos of darkness are now on 24-hour watch for Travis, near his last known location" after a few moments, during which all that could be heard was the scratching of a pen, Specter's voice came through, and he said "Well done. Send a message our way as soon as you spot Travis, OK?"

"OK" Raymond said. He then continued with "Just before you go, I do want to warn you that Valtor will have to know about Travis as soon as you guys will, so I'm not exposed as a spy"

"Perfectly understandable Raymond. And do not think that we don't value the risk you three put yourselves in by doing this. Specter out" Specter said. The line was then cut. Raymond put the set down, and laid back, smiling malevolently.

A/N: That is the end of the first chapter, yes it is short, hopefully there will be more material to work with from the next chapter on.