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While Valtor is occupying all the major landmasses of the world, in deep space, a million kilometers from Earth in the Lagrangian Point #2, where small objects can maintain position relative to two large points, a cloaked Space Station sits.

"What was the name of the card that Devin used on Carlos?" Kyreston asked, to which Caiman replied "Chron Progenitor - Aavistus Lord Monolith"

"Aavistus Lords. According to old records, there are seven artifacts. and these can be used to create those monsters, which could be threats to both Valtor and Us" Specter added.

"But other than that, we know nothing about it" Caiman said. Andrew Oikonny nodded, then said "The Three Amigos of Darkness might be able to get some info about it. Kyreston, send a message to them, and see if they know, or can find, anything"

"Understood" Kyreston replied.

"I might need to talk to Valtor at some point about them. I don't know how much he knows, but it's definitely more than we do" Andrew Oikonny said to himself. He then remembered something.

"By the way, where's Mini-Force AMX087?" he asked, to which Kyreston replied "Northern Adelaide"

"They're still there?" Andrew Oikonny asked, to which Kyreston replied "Affirmative"

"Alright. Prepare to bring them back, using the Relaunch 2 technique" Andrew Oikonny said. Specter nodded, then departed.

Meanwhile, Bryce, Alyseus, Cora, Brandon and Slade are supervising civilians who are fleeing the Central Business District through the various train lines.

"Remember, all of you, keep on the trains until the final stop on all routes" Bryce called. He then sensed something.

"We've got Orichalcos activity nearby" Bryce said as the last passengers got on the trains and they departed.

"Orichalcos activity?" Alyseus asked, to which Bryce replied "Yeah, or at least, something really dark" and at this, they headed up the ramp to see what was going on.

When the five of them arrived at the ramp entrance to Adelaide Railway Station, they didn't see anything.

"Where is it?" Alyseus asked, to which Bryce held his hand up, and said "Give me a moment", and at this, his eyes turned blue, and, after a few moments of searching, sensed a small group of beings headed their way.

"Get over to that Dental Place and hide in there. There looks to be a few trapped civilians there too" Bryce said. After a quick check on the road, the five of them scooted over.

Meanwhile, a Ruffian and a clone are watching the fivesome.

"Commander Draco, permission to intercept" the clone asked, to which Draco replied "Granted"

At the same time, the Ruffian said, "Commander Snake, permission to intercept", to which Snake replied "Granted"

As soon as the fivesome enter smiles are us, they race up the stairs and watch, crouched at the top of the stairs. Nearby, half a dozen civilians are huddling together. Alyseus mostly closes the door, leaving it ajar, and watches through the window. He sees the Clone and Ruffian approach each other from opposite sides, and he ducks, while Bryce, Cora, Slade and Brandon scarper further into the premise to hide. The Clone and Ruffian soon arrive.

Inside, Bryce whispered "I honestly didn't expect Ruffians to have stayed here, I thought they'd all fled"

"Maybe they're trying to cause some havoc" Brandon replied. Bryce nodded, then said "Most likely"

"Why though?" Slade asked, to which Cora replied "If you've played Star Fox Assault, you'd know that's their job"

Back outside, the Clone and Ruffian size each other up.

"I've always wondered in Valtor's clones live up to the hype" the Ruffian said. The clone replied "All who oppose Valtor shall be crushed"

"Let's see you crush me then" the Ruffian said. The Clone whipped out a Rifle and started firing, but the Ruffian had already generated a barrier to stop the bullets. The Ruffian then used an Energy Laser to vaporize the Gun.

"What the?" the Clone asked, to which the Ruffian replied "Our technology surpasses even yours"

Meanwhile, Alyseus returns to the civilians and the other four and said "The Clone and Ruffian are distracting each other, this could be our chance to get out"

"There's a way from here to Adelaide Railway Station that goes under the road" Bryce started, but one of the terrified civilians said "A Ruffian's blocking the way. Two clones have already tried to clear the way to get to us, but they were defeated by him"

"What? How is that possible?" Brandon asked, to which Bryce replied "Remember when I said that the Ruffians are stronger than Valtor's clones? That was what I was talking about" he then turned to Slade and said "You keep an eye on what's going on outside, I'll go down and take out the Ruffian"

"Good luck and be careful" Cora called as Bryce departed down the stairs at the back of the building, and Slade returned to watch the goings on outside.

Meanwhile, with the Clone and Ruffian.

Meanwhile, the Clone is shaken slightly but quickly regains his composure.

"Now, how about we settle this with a more, civilized, method" the Clone said as he revealed his Chaos Duel Disk.

"Alright, let's duel" the Ruffian said, and he activated his own Duel Disk.

At about the same time, Bryce finds the Ruffian who's blocking the way.

"So, you're the one stopping these civilians from leaving this area" Bryce said. The Ruffian smiled, then said "Yes. My name is Salvador, and if you think you can defeat me in a duel, you're sorely mistaken"

"We'll see about that. I'm a former World Champion after all" Bryce replied, activating his duel disk. The clone did the same.

Duel: Clone VS Ruffian

"First turn honors are mine" the Ruffian said as he drew his first card. He then said, "I summon "Vijam the Cubic Seed in Attack mode" and Vijam appeared, level 1, with 0 Attack and Defence points.

"I set three cards face-down and end my turn" Ruffian said.

"My turn" Clone said as he drew his first card, revealed to be "Heavy Storm". The Clone nodded, then said "Now, I activate "Heavy Storm" to destroy all your Spell and Trap cards"

"Not so fast, I activate my Trap card, Cubic Counterforce" the Ruffian said, and Cubic Counterforce is revealed itself. Clone then asked, "What is this?"

"It's a Trap card that negates the activation and effect of your Heavy Storm and destroys it" the Ruffian replied, and the card glowed, then Heavy Storm disappeared.

"That's not the only effect of Cubic Counterforce, because I can also Special Summon a second Vijam from my deck" the Ruffian said. The Clone then said "Not bad. However, I'll still crush you with Astro Beast in Attack mode" and a Black-and-Green beast appeared, Level 4 with 1600 Attack points and 1000 Defence points.

"And since Astro Beast was Normal Summoned successfully, I can Special Summon Astro Warrior in Attack mode" and a Black-and-Green Humanoid covered in Armor, a Shield, and a Sword, appeared, Level 4, with 1900 Attack points and 0 Defence points.

"Now, it's time to crush you, Astro Beast, attack Vijam" the Clone said, and the Astro Beast slashes Vijam, but the Ruffian smiled maliciously.

"Thanks to Vijam's ability, it can't be destroyed by battle. And thanks to this Trap card, Cubic Shield, I can negate the battle damage I take from battles involving Cubic monsters" the Ruffian said. The Clone replied "You're annoying"

"Thanks" the Ruffian replied. He then said "Now, since Vijam was attacked, it moves to the Spell and Trap card zone, and a Cubic Counter is attached to Cubic Beast. Astro Beast now can't attack, and its effects are negated. And since I know that Cubic Beast can attack multiple times per turn, you can't attack me again with Cubic Beast"

"Damn it, then I won't attack with Astro Warrior" the Clone said. He then finished with "I'll set 2 cards face-down and end my turn"

"And now it's my turn" the Ruffian said as he drew another card. He then said, "I activate Vijam's ability, moving it to the Monster zone".

"Now! I activate my Trap card, Torrential Tribute! It washes away all monsters on the field" the Clone said, and sure enough, every single monster on the field was destroyed.

"This, however, is not the end. I activate Astro Warrior's Special Ability, allowing me to Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "Astro" monster from my deck. I choose Astro Guardian in Defence mode" the Clone added, and a Black-and-Green Rock Behemoth appeared, Level 4, with 0 Attack points and 2000 Defence points.

"Do you think you've won? Well you haven't. I activate Card of Demise, which allows me to draw until I hold 5 cards, however in 5 turns I must discard my hand" the Ruffian said, drawing 5 cards.

"Now I activate Monster Reborn, to revive one of my Vijam" the Ruffian added, and one of the Vijam's returns to the field, Level 1, with 0 Attack and Defence points.

"Why did you revive Vijam?" the Clone asked, to which the Ruffian replied, "And now, I activate Inferno Reckless Summon, allowing me to Special Summon 2 more Vijam's from my Graveyard and Deck" and two more Vijam's appear on the field, all Level 1 and all with 0 Attack and Defence points.

"Nice. Now, I can summon forward an additional two Astro Guardians" and two more 0 Attack point and 2000 Defence point monsters appeared from the Clone's deck.

"Now then, I'll activate the Special Ability of all three Astro Guardian's, they gain 500 Defence points for every additional Astro Guardian I control. And since I have three on the field, all three gain 1000 Defence points" and Astro Guardian's Defence points increase from 2000 to 3000.

"Fine, that just alters my strategy slightly. I'll still stack my three Vijam's, but now I'll Special Summon Geira Guile the Cubic King in Attack mode" and Geira appeared, Level 2, with 0 Attack and Defence points.

"Now for its Special ability, you take 800 points of damage" the Ruffian added, and an energy blast left the Clone with 3200 life points.

"Just to scuttle your little plan, I'll activate Dust Tornado to blow away your Shield" the Clone said, and the strong winds destroyed the shield.

"Damn it. I set a card and end my turn" the Ruffian said.

Meanwhile, with Bryce VS Ruffian

"I'll take the first move" Bryce said, drawing his first card. He then added "I activate both Dimensional Fissure and Dimensional Rift. Dimensional Fissure means any Monsters sent to the Graveyard are banished instead, while Dimensional Rift means any Spell and Trap cards sent to the Graveyard are also banished instead"

"A banishing deck, interesting. Let's see what you've got" the Ruffian replied.

"Now, I banish 1 card to Special Summon Deimosaur Stego in Defence mode" Bryce said, and a Yellow-and-Black Stegosaurus appeared in Defence mode, Level 4, with 1500 Attack points and 1900 Defence points.

"I set 2 cards face-down and end my turn" Bryce said.

"And now it's my turn" the Ruffian said, drawing his first card. The Ruffian then added "I summon Frenzy Warrior in Attack mode" and a Dark Humanoid with a big Sword appeared in Attack mode, Level 4, with 1900 Attack points and 1200 Defence points.

"Now I equip Frenzy Warrior with the Frenzy Blade, increasing its ATK by 500 points" the Ruffian said, and a big black sword appeared in the Warrior's Hand, increasing its ATK to 2400.

"Now Attack" the Ruffian said, and Frenzy Warrior slashed down Bryce's Deimosaur Stego, reducing Bryce's Life Points to 3500.

"Thanks to the Special Ability of Deimosaur Stego, it banishes itself when it is destroyed by battle" Bryce replied. He then added "And I also activate the Trap Card Dimensional Call, and since a Deimosaur monster was destroyed by battle, I can Special Summon a Deimosaur monster from my deck. Now go, Deimosaur Ptera" and a Yellow-and-Black Pterosaur appeared, level 4, with 1650 Attack points and 850 Defence points.

"That beast won't help you" the Ruffian taunted, but Bryce replied "Now for my other Trap card. Deimosaur Rage" and at this, the Trap card activated and released a huge shockwave that sucked the Frenzy Blade into another dimension, then a lightning bolt strikes the Ruffian, lowering his life points to 3500. Frenzy Warrior's Attack points were cut back to 1900.

"As you saw it Deimosaur Rage, it banishes a Spell or Trap card you control after the Deimosaur was destroyed, then inflict the battle damage I took to your life points" Bryce said. The Ruffian sighed, then said "I set one card face-down and end my turn"

"And now its my turn" Bryce said as he drew a card. The Clone then said "I won't let you banish any more cards. I activate Imperial Iron Wall to stop Banishing"

"Ugh" Bryce replied as he watched the wall go up. He then added "Alright then. I summon Deimosaur Junus in Attack mode" and a small, Yellow-and-Black therapod dinosaur appeared, Level 2 with 700 Attack points and 600 Defence points.

"That thing's a Tuner monster isn't it?" the Ruffian asked, to which Bryce replied "Yes. And that means I can tune Level 2 Deimosaur Junus with Level 4 Deimosaur Ptera to Synchro Summon Level 6 Deimosaur Brachio in Attack mode" and soon, a gigantic, Yellow-and-Black Sauropod appeared, Level 6, with 2000 Attack points and 1950 Defence points.

"Not bad" the Ruffian said. Bryce then added "Now for Deimosaur Brachio's ability. When its Synchro Summoned successfully; I can select and destroy 1 Spell or Trap card you control. Of course, I'm going to pick Imperial Iron Wall" and the Trap card was destroyed, and the wall crumbled.

"Now then, for Deimosaur Brachion's other ability. For every card in either player's Banished pile, Deimosaur Brachion gains 50 Attack and Defence points. And with 5 cards between our Banished piles, my Deimosaur Brachion gains 250 Attack and Defence points" Bryce added, and sure enough, Deimosaur Brachion's Attack points goes up to 2250, while its Defence points go up to 2200.

"Now then, Deimosaur Brachion! Attack with Dimensional Stomp" Bryce said, and Deimosaur Brachion stomped on Frenzy Warrior, sending it to another dimension and lowering the Ruffian's Life Points to 3150.

"And that's not all in the damage department" Bryce said. The Ruffian asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, here's what I mean. Firstly, since another card's gone to the Banished pile, Deimosaur Brachion's ATK and DEF have increased by 50 additional points" and, sure enough, Deimosaur Brachion's Attack points increased to 2300, while its Defence points go up to 2250.

"And secondly, a Quick-Play Spell card. Dimensional Explosion. And since a monster you control was banished during battle, you take damage equal to half your monster's ATK points" Bryce added, and the Ruffian was hit by the explosion, lowering his life points to 2200.

"That ends my turn" Bryce said.

To be continued…