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Chapter One

"When using universal indicator, an acid would turn red, whereas with an alkali it would turn dark blue or purple. These are for the strongest pH levels, and the others vary depending on what their PH is. Green is a pH of 7—" Miss Mendeleiev spoke, as she walked across the front of the classroom. Her purple hair catching most of the attention from most of the students who were bored from their never ending science lesson. It was no wonder that Miss Mendeleiev was a science teacher seeing as she was named after a Russian scientist named Mendeleev. The scientist they had just learned about.

A knock sounded from the door, and the heads of the young teens whipped around – with the exception of Nathanaël, as he was too busy with his drawings – and Mr. Damocles stepped in clad in his usual brown attire. The students' eyes searching for an excuse to finish the lesson early.

Miss Mendeleiev eyed him, her glasses, of course, perched on the bridge of her nose. It was almost as if the mole above her lip twitched as Mr. Damocles made his way to the front of the classroom, directing her students' attention to him instead of her.

Turning to face the students, Mr. Damocles cleared his throat, "Class, I would like to tell you we, Collège Françoise Dupont, are participating in a foreign exchange student program. The details aren't final, but a few will be in your class, not all though as there isn't enough seats. Who will be here will be selected from random, and doesn't mean anything," pausing for a second Mr. Damocles looked around the room, scanning the room full with pupils. "You look like a bright set of students, so we expect you to be welcoming."

For a second, Mr. Damocles' amber eyes travelled to Chloé before he quickly averted them. "That's all for now," he finished, nodding over to Miss Mendeleiev.

As soon as he left the classroom, everyone erupted into whispers and on would be coming.

"They'll be better than Kim, that's for sure," Alix's voice rang out. She was leaning on her elbows, her bright, pink hair a contrast to her pale skin.

"I bet they can't—"

"Class! Be silent, I will not tolerate this behaviour from any of you," Miss Mendeleiev schreached, her voice causing Nathanaël to look forward and ignore his new drawing. His turquoise eyes widened as he noticed Miss Mendeleiev coming towards him. "Nathanaël, how many times do I have to tell you: no doodling in lesson!"

The boy's cheeks flooded with red as his classmates turned around to see the commotion, "I... err—"

"Do not let it happen again!"

He nodded, his tomato coloured locks falling infront of his eyes as he scrambled to put away his latest masterpiece.

"I can't believe people like him think they can draw, it's ridiculous," Chloé spoke with a laugh, Sabrina awkwardly copying her.

Marinette frowned, Nathanaël was really good at drawing. People like Chloé loved to put talented people down.

I guess it's a rich people thing, she thought. But not Adrien. No, he's sweet and adorable and amazing. His eyes are like green gems, also his smile lights up—

"—Nette. Marinette, are you even listening? Girl, you need to start sleeping earlier before you doze off in class," Alya commented. Turns out when Marinette was drooling over Adrien, Alya decided to discuss the topic of the foreign students who were due to arrive in two weeks.

"Y-yeah. I'm listening."

"Don't you think it would be cool to see new students? And they're from all around the world! That's so cool, maybe they'd help me find Ladybug and Chat Noir."

"I don't know, Alya—"

Alya cut her off before she could finish. "Maybe we could ask Adrien what he thinks about the new students," she raised her eyebrows suggestively. "Adrien, Nino."

"Hey, Dudettes. What's up?" Nino asked, both him and Adrien turning around to face the girls. Nino, of course, had his signature headphones around his neck and a quiet beat could be heard.

"What's that?"

"It's the latest thing I've been working on, it's sick! Come check it out, dudette," Nino encouraged, pushing his headphones towards Alya.

"Emmie, wake up," Wesley called over to his sleeping girlfriend. He was standing in the doorway, clad in a light grey, denim jacket, a simple white shirt and pants. His black hair was messier than usual since he used the extra time to wake up Emberly, but he took way longer than he'd like to admit.

His green eyes gazed at Emberly, and he smiled a little before moving closer towards her. He pushed his black glasses up since they had moved down when he looked down to Emberly, and he tried to wake her again. They were in their room, but their whole apartment was chaotic. The room was small, but they'd have to make do with that. Emberly, being holder of the panda miraculous loved to add small decorations resembling pandas around the small apartment.

Emberly lay, her face buried deep into her panda pillow. Her medium length brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and her eyes fluttering open to reveal her blue irises. "Wes?" She muttered sleepily.

Both her and Wesley had moved here as soon at they were eighteen after their parents showed their disapproval of their relationship. They started of as friends, but as soon as they started dating their parents hated it. With enough money saved up, Emberly and Wesley left Canada, and what better place than the City of Lights?

Wesley – along with Arwen and Caden – knew about Emberly having the panda miraculous. When receiving her ring with a panda image engraved on it, Emberly emitted a shriek, and despite her kwami, Amora, telling her not to tell anyone Emberly immediately got Wesley. They weren't dating then, but they were fifteen and best friends. Her alter ego was called Beauté Vicieuse meaning Vicious Beauty in French, which in her opinion sounded pretty cool.

"Yes, Emmie?" Wesley crouched down beside the bed, Emberly facing towards him.

"Pandas sleep for ten to sixteen hours a day, why can't you let me sleep that long?" She mumbled, burying her head back into the fluffy pillow.

"You're not an actual panda, Em."

Emberly lifted her head, and flickered her gaze to her leftover coffee mug from yesterday night, the words imprinted saying 'I'm a panda in a human body'. The duo usually stayed up until late with coffee, chatting about the most useless things. Apparently, butterflies taste with their feet.

"Come on, Emmie," Wesley spoke gently, standing up from the crouching position he was in. "Wake up."

Slowly, Emberly got up, her panda themed pyjamas showing as the blanket lifted of her. The shirt said 'I'm a Pandicorn' and had an image of a panda with a golden unicorn horn below. The bottoms had multiple images of pandas scattered around. Getting up, Emberly lifted herself into Wesley's arms. "You owe me dinner."

With a small laugh, Wesley encircled his arms around her, "Sure, ma beauté. Where would you like to go?"

"Anywhere, you choose," she muttered in reply, a yamn threatening to escape.

"Okay," he whispered in reply, trying not to ruin the quiet atmosphere they had gotten into. Pressing a quick kiss to her head, he continued, "Let's go, Emmie."

"Oh, wait. Could we go to that roller skating place that has that diner?" She requested.

"What ever you'd like. Just go get ready as I make breakfast, we're going to be late to university."

"You're the one who suggested we take the baccalauréat, and it costs a fortune, too," Emberly moaned. They always got a lot of work, had to pay for it and they didn't have enough money half the time. The money they got for the jobs they have barely covered everything.

Wesley sighed, "Just get ready, Emmie."

Wesley made his way downstairs to get started on their breakfast while Emberly got ready. After half an hour, both were ready and Emberly met him downstairs. She can dressed in black, ripped jeans but instead of just having the rip at her knees there were lots of slits all around. Her shirt didn't have long sleeves, but was loose and had an image of a panda's face on it.

"It's supposed to be cold," Wesley noted, giving Emberly her pancakes. It didn't usually take him half and hour to make them, but he burned the first batch accidentally.

"There's a hoodie over there," Emberly pointed over to the hoodie. It was white, but there was black hearts representing a pandas eyes and the mouth was turned up into a smile. On the hood there was small, black panda ears.

"I can't believe no one notices with all your panda merchandise," Wesley commented.

Between bites, Emberly answered, "Well, Master Fu tells me that Adrien and Marinette are clueless about each other's identity, and they're in the same class."


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