Peter didn't even have time to get to the controls before the Milano was hit. The blast sent him flying, crashing against the wall of his own ship before painfully crumbling to the cold hard floor. A loud thumping sound echoed in his ears, overwhelming the irregular humming of the engines. He could hear familiar voices shouting from bellow, as the world around him spun. Peter groaned as he pushed himself off his side and onto his back, the ship again shook violently, sparks erupted around him as the ship was once again hit. Peter could feel his ship moaning in pain through the floor, he scrunched his eyes in an effort to make the world re-focus. When he pried them back open a figure loomed over him.

"No time for a nap Shit-Lord." Rocket shouted kicking Peter in the side before rushing of to the controls.

"Rocket!" Gamora called from beneath them. "Shields are down!"

"I know!" He barked back, frantically flicking switches and pulling wires from now exposed panels in the wall. Peter felt the blood rush from his head as he pulled himself up, using the wall he had collided against moments ago to aid him. Once he was standing the sensation of something warm running down his neck caused his hand to investigate, his fingers brushed the hair on the back of his head. Something warm covered his fingers. Retrieving his hand, he found crimson blood dripped from his fingers.

"Star-Munch I need you to fly this thing, something's wrong with one of the engines." Rocket announced as his big brown eyes scanned the flashing red screens in front of him. He then turned to Peter to find him still staring at his bloodied hand.

"Quill!" Rocket shouted snapping Peter back to reality, his eyes shot up noticing Rocket fearfully eyeing the blood dripping from his hand.

"I hit my head." Peter replied rather calmly as he pointed shakily to the back of his bleeding head. Rocket only hesitated for a few seconds before he sat down at the controls.

"Get to the engines, fill me in with what's going on."

"What?" Peter argued, if anyone should go fix the engines it should be the the rodent born and bred to be a mechanic.

"Drax get up here and get on the guns!"

"Rocket!" Peter called, confusion clear on his face.

"Quill get down to the engines now!" Rocket growled, bearing his sharp teeth. Peter got the picture and made his way swiftly down into the belly of his ship, passing Drax with a small baby Groot on his shoulder. He spotted Gamora struggling to get the shields back online, he then proceeded to climb down into the engine room. Peter was then once again forced against the wall as the ship banked. He could hear the sound of the ships guns returning fire, as one of the engines screamed in pain

"How's it look-in' Quill?" Rocket asked through his communicator. Smoke surrounded Peter, he quickly turned a corner to find one of the engines engulfed in bright orange flames.

"Not good!" Peter replied choking on the black smoke pouring from the engine, He quickly flicked a switch on a panel not to far from him. "Rocket engine two is on fire and the failsafe is down." He announced, having crouch to keep his head out of the deadly smoke that loomed over him.

"Hang on, were going to make a jump!"

"What!" Gamora and Peter both called through the communicator.

"Hang on to something!"

Peter watched as the engines sprung to life, the sound of engine two struggling almost deafening. Each time the engine took in more fuel, the flames spurting from it intensified. The Ship then suddenly exhilarated, he could feel the ship get tugged through the jump gate. Then the sputtering of the engines caught his attention, he watched them wither and die and suddenly the ship was in a free fall. Peter's already pounding head slammed against the ceiling, he could feel the ship spinning out of control. Smoke surrounded him, his lungs choking on the unbearably thick smoke. The Milano suddenly crashed sending Peter and parts of the ship flying, he soon was back on the floor, landing painfully on his shoulder. His mind then drifted away from the horrible pain coursing through his veins.

Author Notes

Hello all, hope you enjoy this Guardians Of The Galaxy fic, there is more Peter whump to come. Reviews are appreciated, see you soon.