white hot flashes of agony is all she can feel.

Her breathing is laboured, short and shallow. And with each inhale and exhale more flashes shoot though her.

Shepard attempts to take stock of her injuries, starting with the raging head ache and current inability to open her eye's. Next is her neck, it feels stiff but intact. her chest feels like every rib is broken, possibly in more than one place. But she isn't drowning in her own blood so thats a good sign.

Her stomach is taught and sore but bearable. Also good. Hips aching and immovable. Her complete right leg is numb. And it worries her that there isnt even the numb sensation coming from her left. It simply isnt there.

Arms are the last, her right is clearly broken judging by the pain, and her left is like thousands of drops of acid constantly deing poured on to her skin. She cant move either of them due to the pain.

She drifts out of consciousness again when it all becomes too much.

The next time she comes around she manages to open her right eye and through her blurry vision she can make out shadows flickering in orange light. Thats when she finally registers the smell.

Burning. Burning metal, hair and flesh. its putrid and sweet at the same time, making her want to retch when she remembers where she is.

The citadel. The reapers. Hundreds of dead bodies all pilled up in the halls..

Shit Anderson!

He's gone. The thought is crushing, bringing a gasping sob to her lips, she wants to just close her eyes and give up. Whats point in fighting any longer? she's given it her all for gods sake! And still billions have died! For all she knows maybe the catalyst didnt work..

She closes her eye again only to jolt it open again when she sees blue.

The most perfect blue there ever was.

Thats why she has to keep fighting.


She made a promise to come back to her. A promise of little blue babies.

With that in mind Shepard focuses her ears and listens for movement. Anything that suggests that theres someone else left alive on the station. That shes not alone. Theres cracking sounds and creaking all around her. occasional bangs, thuds and echos of metal groaning in the distance.

Wait. Was that a voice? She strains her ears and zeros in on what she hopes was someone shouting for survivors.

There it was again! Only its someone shouting for help.

"Help please! can anyone hear me?"

Shepard takes a breath as deep as her ribs will allow and calls out what can only be described as a wailing groan.

She tries again and manages one wheezing word "Here!"

Its just loud enough to get a response.

"Hello? Is some one there?"

"Over" wheeze "here"

"I can here you! Im coming!"

The sounds of foot steps getting closer and metal scraping is like music to Shepards ears. Then a man in his mid twenties wearing a bloodied and ripped C-sec uniform comes in to view.

"Oh god! your pinned under so much debris i don't know how to get you out!"

"Stop" wheeze "the" wheeze "bleeding"

"Okay, okay, i can do that."

With that he looks around before moving away, and her ears register the sound of ripping and then a popping noise. Before a small amount of relief is coursing through her body.

Medi-gel. Thank god he had medi-gel, its now easier to breath and concentrate.

"Thanks" deep breath "I'm Shepard"

"Shepard? THE Shepard?!"

sigh "Yea"

"Oh my god! you did it! what ever you did blew up have the citadel but from the looks of it the Reapers are just floating dead out there!"

"Thank god"

And then Shepard passes out. Dreams of blue eyes wrinkled at the corners on a beautiful smiling face, are all she knows.