'Hello' indicates thoughts

"Hello" indicates speech

"HELLO" indicates Shadow speaking

Hello indicate spell/true name

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Chapter 2

"Huh" was all I could say as I woke up again in Unlimited Blade Works 'seems it wasn't a dream, well I might as well see what else is here' then I looked down and noticed that I really was seven again. as I started walking through the strange world I noticed that while the ground was covered in grass, the sky was occupied with gears. After hours of walking I finally found something, It was the grail but it looked like a chalice. I reached out towards it with my aura and the moment it made contact it shined and split into two one was white while the other was black. The white grail merged with me, while the black grail began to glow and then changed into a copy of me.

She looked just like me except her hair was greyish white, was dead pale, her eyes are pure red, and her clothing was a pure black dress with glowing red lines along it from top to bottom which exposed the top of her cleavage, however what really stood out was pulsing red lines on on her exposed skin except her head"Hello their I am simplicity your inner darkness, though think you should turn around and greet the carrier of the other grail fragment". Then after she said that I turned around and there were two girls, one had long purple hair with broken pure purple eyes, while the other look identical expect she looked similar to my inner darkness.

"Where are we and who are you?" was what the purple haired girl asked with a fearful look. I choose to answer as I hugged her "My name is Pyrrha, we are in my soul, who are you?" She answered "I'm Sakura, also why are you hugging me?". Then oddly enough her darkness answered "She is holding you because she sees the abuse, let me explain what is going on..." Sakura's shadow told us about Zouken Matou's true nature, the tohsaka family and how she was abandoned, the grail wars, the 5 true magics, and also how fair magi were willing to go, even Avenger and his curse.

The only response I could give was " You are truly strong, and your family is despicable" after which I told them about Remnant, dust, the maidens and my past. "Oh! looks like your waking up" was what my darkness said. Right when I blinked I saw a white ceiling meaning I was in a hospital and there in front of me was Kiritsugu Emiya. What he said next didn't surprise me he asked "Can you tell me your name?" so I answered "My name is Pyrrha, Mr." although I should have see this coming "Pyrrha would you rather go to a orphanage or be adopted by me?" so I answered "I would rather be adopted by you then a stranger".

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the Harem is:

Jaune Arc- Saber

Arturia Pendragon-Rider

Sakura Matou

Luviageta Edelfelt