Disclaimer: i own nothing but the challenge idea

summary: just as the demons plans to invade is about to commence a sudden intervention happens and the cast of slightly damned both minor and important are brought to a mysterious room by beings who call themselves the entities,who claimed that they had to watch an entire series called Mobile Suit Gundam, the reason for this is that the demons plans are revealed to everyone in the room and the entities decided to intervene in the hopes of teaching both demon and angel human or otherwise alike that war is never the answer by making them watch Mobile Suit Gundam, and so they watch with mixed reactions and feelings as they learn from the adventures of the characters in the show and learn to better themselves and maby find some love and learn to give it, so sit back and relax this is going to be good

rules of the challenge: 1. for starters being a fanfic challenge you have to make the fanfic if you're up for the job 2. The series lines from Mobile Suit Gundam must be the English dub version and finally 3. That if you decide to do make this challenge that you do it to the best of your abilities

thank you