This wasn't the type of situation Ladybug had ever thought she would be in. Typically when her and Chat fought against an Akumatized person it was a rather short lived battle. However, this time the Akumatized human wasn't going down without a fight. It had started without a warning, but Ladybug and Chat had jumped into action to stop it. The battle started about an hour ago in the park, but once it started endangering others they were quick to lead the Akuma out to a construction zone. Both had thought it was a bright idea, it was away from people and later in the day so no workers would be present. To them it was the best place to finish this battle, but that wasn't the case.

The two were backed into a corner, they were trying to keep it outside of the construction zone itself but they couldn't keep it contained. It was turning into a disaster and the freshly built buildings were taking some pretty hard hits. New foundation was cracked, Wooden beams were now laying flat, heavy machinery was damaged, and both hero's were winded to the point they were taking turns fighting.

At the moment Chat was the one giving the final blows. Finally the Akumatized person was getting worn out and they could see the home stretch. Ladybug threw her yo-yo as the butterfly left the object it was in, excited when it hit the Akuma to purify it. However, her excitement was short lived when she seen Chat flying at her. Typically she was quick enough and moved out of the way in time, but this time she just froze up. Her body didn't know how to react, she was so focused on the Akuma she had missed the fact Chat was flying right at her.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, both knowing there was no way to stop the blow that was to come. Chat rolled in the air, out stretching his arms so he was able to shield Ladybug. When they collided Chat pulled her closer to him, his left hand holding the back of her head as he tucked his head against her left shoulder. His right arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her close to him as Chat smacked against the ground. To be honest he hardly felt the pain when he first hit the ground, his adrenaline was fired up and he was focused on keeping his lady safe.

The two rolled across the dirt, tucked against each other as they tried to get as little injury's as possible. Chat had tried his best to protect Ladybug but when they collided with the brick wall that stopped them, he knew she was hurt. The two still clung to each other, even after a few minutes had passed. The pain had started to catch up to them and Chat slowly pulled himself away from Ladybug. He bit his tongue as his back ached from the hit he took, his green eyes closing for only a moment before he remembered the hit Ladybug had just taken. As if the world had caught up to them his eyes shot open, looking down to his love bug in terror as she laid still.

"My lady?" Chat asked as he tried to clear his head from the tumble. Ladybug slowly opened her eyes, a spaced out look in her eyes as she stared up at him. "Ladybug?" Chat asked again, pulling away a little to give her more room the breath. It was then he felt a warmth running over his left hand and dripping onto the ground below them. A terrified feeling rushed through his body as he pulled his hand away, a crimson red liquid dripping from his hand and onto the ground. At first he had thought it was his own blood but when he seen the red stain on the wall and the pool of blood forming on the ground he realized what had happened.

Right away his hand pressed to the wound on the back of Ladybug's head. He put as much pressure as he could onto the wound, trying to stop the blood flow. Tears stung at the corner of his eyes as he tried to keep his companion awake. "Chat?" His named came from her lips like a sweet red apple being plucked oh so carefully off it's tree branch. He loved when she said his name, but right now all he felt was sadness. She left out a soft whimper as she squeezed her eyes shut, the pain finally hitting her smaller frame.

Chat left out soft pants, his mind scattering in every direction possible. He didn't know what to do, his eyes shot around looking for something to cover her wound but when he seen nothing he panicked more. Even in his panicked state he tried to remain still, not wanting to hurt her anymore than she was. He closed his eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks as he tried to think. He needed to save her, he needed to make sure she would be alright. While trying to think of a way to save his love bug he failed to see the green light that took over his body.

"Adrien?" Ladybug asked more than said, her eyes a little more focused on the boy before her. Adrien's eyes shot open as he stared down to her in surprise, he never thought he would hear his name come from such sweet lips. For a moment he was happy, a small smile came to his lips as a small cry shook his body. His stomach twisted in worry as he watched her blink rapidly, knowing she was fighting to stay awake.

"You can't fall asleep on me Ladybug." Adrien whispered, adjusting his hand on the back of her head. He knew she was out of it when she didn't even wince at the pain. "Ladybug you can't sleep! Listen to me. You can not fall asleep. Not till I can get help. You can not close your eyes." He cried, blinking as more tears rolled down his cheeks and onto his companions face. Once again Ladybugs eyes drifted shut and he turned to see the Akumatized person they had finished fighting on his phone. Adrien wasn't sure what he was saying but he was assuming he was asking for help.

His eyes shot back to Ladybug who was trying to force her eyes to stay open, he could see her struggle and it only made his heart hurt worse. A red light blinded him for a moment before he realized it was Marinette in his arms and not Ladybug. When the shock hit him he felt what was left of his heart crumble. Not only was he about to lose Ladybug but he was also going to lose Marinette. More tears fell as he rested his forehead against her's, praying for someone, anyone to help her.

"Marinette, listen to me. You can not sleep here, not here. Please Marinette, not here, not now." He cried. Still she didn't budge, her eyes finally staying closed. He held her closer as he cried, repeating the same line over and over again. He placed his hand on her chest, her shallow breathing moving her chest up and down as her heart pounded against her ribs. Adrien felt a little better knowing she was still breathing and alive, yet the pain in his chest wouldn't ease up. He had already lost his mother, he wasn't going to lose the girl he loved too.

"It's okay kitty..." Marinette muttered as she cracked open one of her eyes. She slowly lifted her hand up, resting it on his cheek as he cried. Even when she was slowly drifting to sleep she still rubbed small circles on his cheek. She was the one hurt and in a pool of her own blood and yet she's the one trying to calm him down. Her eyes shut once again, yet her thumb didn't stop moving. "I'm okay, Adrien. I'll be alright..." She muttered, her thumb slowing before her hand fell from his cheek and onto her stomach. Adrien held her close as he finally left out a cry, holding her to him as her blood dripped off the back of his hand.

Everything after that was a blur to Adrien. When help arrived he didn't hear them running over to them, he never heard their sirens coming, he didn't even feel when they were pulling him away from Marinette. All he could do was beg them to save her, telling them she had hurt her head, that she needed help. Two men worked on saving Marinette as two others ran over to help with Adrien. One minute he was with Marinette, holding her in his arms as she bled and the next he was in the hospital begging the doctors to help her. Everything was going so fast once help arrived, it was like a blur of events before he was left sitting alone in his hospital bed.

It all felt like some terrible dream, some horrible nightmare he would have to wake up from. How people looked at them when a teenage girl was rushed in, covered in her own blood as a boy was rushed in closely behind her. All he could do was beg for them to help her, that money wasn't a problem, that no matter what she had to live. He was frantic and was having a whirlwind of emotions hitting him all at once.

Now when it all calmed down and he was in his own hospital room he realized how real it was. How his body hurt, how he was lucky for getting away with such minor bumps and bruises compared to her. He laid his face in his hands as he waited to hear anything on her safety. He felt useless just sitting in the nothing but white room, waiting for someone to tell him if she lived or not. He only lifted his head when he heard someone enter his hospital room, but it only got more real when he seen his father standing in the door way.

"Come Adrien, we're going home."

"Yes, father..."

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