"Do- Do you think he'll like me?"

"He'll love you. I promise."

"Don't promise things you can't keep Adrien."

"I can promise this, Mari. My father will adore you."

"..." Marinette left out a sigh as she stared out the car window. Thankfully on the day of meeting Adrien's father, Adrien decided to pick her up himself. She felt at ease with the fact she didn't have to walk to his house alone, to be left with her thoughts. Even a little happy she didn't have to knock and awkwardly wait for someone to answer. "I just... Hope he likes me." She whispered, bowing her head as she thought about the worst outcomes.

"He already loves you Mari. He knows you're talented. That you can make clothes and design things! He's even tried your treats! There is no way he can hate you!" Adrien chimed as he put an arm around her. Marinette gave him a worried glance, biting her lip. She was worried all this could change. Maybe he'll say she isn't good enough for his son, that she couldn't be with him because she wasn't rich or beautiful.

"I just... Want him to like me." Marinette sighed as she closed her eyes.

"He will." Adrien whispered as he kissed her temple. Marinette slowly lifted her gaze back on him, a small smile coming to her perfect pink lips. Adrien smiled back, placing his forehead against her own. "He will love you." He stated as he closed his eyes. Marinette stared at him, hope shining in her eyes before she closed them.

"Alright, I trust you." She whispered back to him. When the car came to a stop Adrien pulled away, a smile on his face as the driver opened his door. Stepping out he offered Mari his hand. She softly took as he helped her out of the car. His hand letting her own go and moving to rest on her lower back as they walked. Marinette couldn't help but feel stiff as they walked through the gate. She couldn't help how her stomach twisted at the thought of meeting Adrien's dad. "I'm about to meet Gabriel Agreste. The one man I look up to in this world. His work is amazing and I'm about to meet him, on top of that I'm dating his son." Marinette realized, her cheeks burning at the realization.

"You really are a big fan of his aren't you?" Adrien chuckled as he walked with her up to the large double doors of their mansion. Marinette swallowed the lump in her throat as she nodded. "But don't worry so much. You've met a few times before. I think he already likes you." Adrien tried to calm her down.

"Really? You think so?" She asked, the doors before them opening. Adrien nodded his head, walking with her inside the mansion.

"Adrien, Marinette." Nathalie said with a short bow as the two entered.

"Uh, Marinette. This is Nathalie. She's my fathers assistant." Adrien said as he put out his hand. Marinette gave the other a small smile as she bowed to her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Uh, that is if we haven't met before... I mean.. I'm sorry, I don't remember much..." Marinette admitted as she rubbed the back of her head. Nathalie gave her a small smile in response, one that showed she pittied the poor girls state.

"Yes, we have met a few times now. You have made a good first impression, both times now." She chuckled softly. Marinette beamed at her words, a large smile coming to her face. "Now, this way. Mr. Agreste is waiting for you two in his office." She said as she turned, walking for the office. Adrien gave Mari a smile as he walked with her, making sure to keep her close.

"Your house is very big." Marinette said as she lifted her gaze up to the large painting of Adrien and his father. Her eyes were shining at seeing her two favorite people together like that. As she stared at it she wondered if she would have one done with Adrien. Would their family also be drawn with such elegance?

"Mari?" Adrien asked as he motioned for them to continue. Marinette blushed as she pulled her eyes off of the painting walking with him as she glanced back at it once again. Turning fully back she pushed her lips together, thinking of how they would look together. Adrien standing proud behind her as she sat in a chair, dressed in an elegant gown she had made, their three children by their sides. No, that wasn't Adrien's style. He would be more for a family photo than some old painting like that.

"Sorry. I liked the painting." Mari said as she gave the other a smile. Adrien took a moment, blinking a few times before chuckling at her comment.

"Of course~ To me it makes me feel like a narcissist. To you, you think it's some elegant art that showcases my best side, right?" Adrien asked with a smirk. Marinette nodded, stars in her eyes. Adrien blinked again before a small smile came to his lips. Pulling her closer he kissed her temple. "Then how about this. If father likes you we can get one done, just for you~" he said as he booped her nose. Mari giggled at the little action, nodding her head happily.

"That sounds like a great plan~" She chimed. Adrien's heart exploded with love as he stared down at her, hearts in his eyes. Everything she did was absolutely adorable to him. Even the way she giggled, how he nose wrinkled when she laughed, her shining blue eyes, her silky hair, everything about her was portrait worthy to him. To keep her forever beautiful, to keep her in his life.

"Here you are." Nathalie said as she stopped, moving both her hands to motion to the doors. Marinette turned her gaze to the doors, her heart starting the pound in her chest. Once again the fear of his father not liking her was started to creep back up on her. It's shadow looming over her as a wide smile came across it's wide lips. However, all that vanished when she felt Adrien's hand on her own. He gave it a gentle squeeze and she turned her gaze up to him. The two shared a smile before walking up to the door, Adrien being the one to knock.

"Come in." A voice spoke from the other side. Both teens took a deep breath, ready to face the final boss together. Opening the door they walked in, light smiles on both their faces. "Adrien." his father spoke in a proper tone. "It's a pleasure to see you again Marinette. I hope you're in good health. How are your memories?" He asked rather curious.

"They're coming back slowly, I'm remembering a little at a time." Marinette smiled. "I'm working on it and Adrien is a big help~" she chimed, looking up to Adrien with such a pure smile.

"That's good. I'm happy to see you back in action, I know my son was very worried about you." Gabriel said as he stood up. Marinette stood straight up as she watched him walk around his desk and over to them. He left out a hum as he stepped to her side, putting an hand on her shoulder and leading her with him back to his desk. "You're young and up to date with the newest fashion trends are you not? You are a young designer trying to get your start, am I right?" he asked as he stopped right in front of his desk. Mari nodded her head slowly.

"Yes sir. I've been working really hard on new designs and my sewing." Marinette blushed. Gabriel hummed as he pulled a book closer to them, opening it to show some models. "What-"

"These are some models showing off some of my latest designs. What ones do you think will sell better than others?" He asked in a serious tone. Marinette blinked a few times before smiling, pointing out a few outfits.

"This, this, this, and this. I think they will sell like hotcakes in winter~" Marinette smiled brightly up to him. When she got a light smile in return she didn't know how to react. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing? Was he smiling because she was wrong or because she was right? Why was he smiling!?

"Perfect. Thank you. I'm happy my son picked out such a lovely woman with such a great eye." Gabriel said as he turned walking her back over to his son. "I guess, I should give you my blessings then." He said as he handed her over to his son. Both teens stared up to him with large eyes before looking at each other. Smiles becoming wide as they hugged. Adrien picking Marinette up and spinning her as he held her close.

"Thank you father!" Adrien smiled, as he stopped spinning, setting his lover down. His father gave a short nod in response.

"Now how about some lunch? I cleared my schedule to meet your girlfriend, we should get to know each other better." Gabriel said in a calm tone. "We can go out to eat and talk over lunch. However, we need you to dress a little more proper. Adrien, go get dressed. I'll have Nathalie grab something for Marinette. There must be something in my private collection that will fit her." he said as he walked to his desk pressing the intercom. "Nathalie please come get Marinette and take her to my private collection. We will be attending lunch and she must fit the part." He said into the object.

"Very well sir." Nathalie said. Adrien gave Marinette a sorry smile but the other didn't seem fazed by this at all.

"Isn't this exciting~ We get to go out to lunch and I get to try something on from your fathers private collection." Marinette bit her lip as excitement bubbled inside her. She was like a kid in a candy store. She went from nothing to dating Adrien, becoming the hopefully soon to be daughter in law of Gabriel, and is now wearing Gabriel Agreste's own private collection! This was everything she wanted and more!

"The best part is that father's joining us." Adrien said softly. So softly Marinette hardly heard him. She turned her gaze up to him, giving him a light smile.

"Of course. He's trying his best, isn't he? To make sure your soon to be girlfriend is the right fit for you." Marinette stated. Adrien nodded as he bent down, kissing her forehead.

"Soon to be? I think the chances are higher than that." Adrien chuckled. Marinette giggled as the door opened, causing both parties to turn around. Nathalie stood in the door way, motioning for Mari to follow her. "Here's your ride. Make sure to pick something that matches black." He whispered to her. Marinette nodded as she pulled away from him, following after Nathalie.

"Son." Gabriel said as the door shut behind the two. Adrien turned to face his father, his eyebrows knitting together in slight worry. "You picked a lovely woman, your mother would be proud." He said with a smile. Adrien's eyes went wide as a smile came to his face. Walking closer to his father he hugged him, smiling brightly.

"Thank you father." He said as his father slowly but surely hugged him back. After a minute the two parted, Adrien still smiling. "Thank you." He said again, turning and walking out of the room. His father stood near his desk, a light smile still on his face.

"No... Thank you Marinette." He whispered as he turned to his desk, leaving out a soft sigh.


"W-wow, Marinette, you look-" Adrien cut himself off as he stared at the girl before him. His cheeks burned a dark shade of red, his face feeling as if it was on fire. Marinette stood before him cheeks a blaze as she stared down at the floor, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. She wore an elegant gown, one that was as red as the color love itself. It tied around her neck, hugging her in all the right spots, and ever so slightly touched the marble floors below her. She wore black heals and her lips were a beautiful crimson color.

"T-thank you. I thought it was a bit much but.." Marinette's voice trilled off as she lifted her head, her hair falling over her shoulders. Everything about her in this moment was perfect. Her gown, her hair, her lips, her shining blue eyes. Adrien's heart was pounding in his chest as he stared at her in awe. He hadn't thought Nathalie would go all out on this. "You, you look amazing too." She pointed out.

"Uh?" Adrien asked as he glanced down at his black tux. Blinking a few times he smiled, walking up to Marinette and softly taking her hand into his own. "You look even better, princess." he whispered as he leaned down. Marinette stared at him, her eyes shining as he got closer to her, their lips ever so slightly touching.

"Ah!" Marinette called out as she pulled away, covering her lips as she turned her gaze to the floor. Her face burned red as she remembered they weren't the only two in the room. "S-sorry. I just!" Marinette tried to say as she pointed back to Nathalie and Gabriel. Adrien sighed as he gave his father and his assistant a displeased look. Because of them his love had become shy and wouldn't kiss him. Now how was he to live through lunch without his kiss meter being full?

"Don't be." Adrien said as he brought his hands up, waving them a little. "You're embarrassed, it's cute~" he chuckled. Marinette turned her gaze back to him, an unsure look in her eyes. However, once she seen his smile she felt a little at peace. Smiling she stepped closer to him, kissing his cheek.

"There. Hows that?" She asked with a soft giggle. Adrien blinked, hearts in his eyes as he looked down at her. Taking her hand into his own he pulled her with him.

"Come on princess, let's go get lunch~" He chirped, a bright smile on his face. Marinette just smiled softly, following after him. For the second time she had fallen in love with her Playful partner. Hopefully this time she remembers every moment.

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