Alone she stood in the black void. A void that was silent, dark, cold, and lonely. The world she had come to love so much was gone and now she was alone in this place. Dropping to her knees she left out a cry, one that was so silent she, herself couldn't hear it. No matter how much she cried, no matter how much she screamed, she couldn't hear anything. She was trapped in the soundless and dark void.

Marinette's eyes snapped open as the world around her came rushing back. Taking a breath she was greeted by a blinding white light, one that made her wince in pain. Closing her eyes again she held them shut trying to ease the pain in her skull. One moment she was in a dark void and now she was greeted by a blinding light.

Rolling her head to the side she tried to hide her eyes in her pillow. When the pain settled a little she slowly opened her eyes again. Blinking a few times she tried to clear her clouded vision. When the colors started to come back and the world started to focus she noticed her mother and father at her side. Both had happy smiles on their faces, eyes wide with joy but filled with tears. They were saying something to her but she couldn't hear them.

Their mouths kept moving, as if they were saying the same thing over and over again, yet she still couldn't hear them. Worry started to flood her body, wondering if she had lost her hearing during the night. Closing her eyes once again she lifted her hand up to her forehead, leaving out a grumble as she did so.

"Marinette?" A low voice asked. She knew they were asking for her but it sounded as if they were talking through three sets of plastic bags. "Marinette?" The voice asked again a little more clearly. Forcing open her eyes she lifted her gaze back to her parents. Again their mouths moved but she couldn't catch a word they were saying.

"Stop… The light…" Marinette whispered roughly as she covered her eyes with her hand. She felt a slight pull on the back of her hand but she ignored it, wanting to shield her eyes from that blasted light. A soft click sounded around the room and soon she could hear a soft beeping noise echoing around the room. Pulling her hand away from her face she was happy to be greeted with warm lighting from a rising sun. At least that's what she thought.

Letting her hand rest on her chest she moved her head back into its first position. Blinking a few times she tried to clear the sleep from her eyes. It was then she realized she wasn't at home but in a hospital. Blinking in confusion she started to glance around the room, her eyes darting from corner to corner. She didn't understand what had happened, why she was there.

"What?" She asked as she glanced down at her hand, seeing the IV. Her heart started to pound as panic started to rise in her chest. What had happened that put her in the hospital? Just then all sound seemed to snap back, voices from people in the hallway flooding her ears. Her parents happy cries of joy as their daughter woke up.

"Marinette!" Her mother cried out as she took her daughters cold hand into her own warm one. "Mari." She choked out as tears fell from her cheeks and onto the white sheets. Marinette stared at her for a moment, wondering why her mother looked so worn out and broken.

Worry filled her but instead of asking questions she sent them a gentle smile. She had thought this would ease their tears but it had the opposite effect. Both of her parents burst into more tears and she was left lying in bed, tired, in pain, and confused. "Mama, Papa…" She whispered as a frown pushed itself onto her lips.

"We were so worried." Her father blabbered as he cried. Mari left out a soft chuckle before it turned into a coughing fit. Her throat felt raw, so dry like she hadn't drank anything in days. Her parents were quick to help her sit up and soon it stopped, but it left her feeling dizzy and a little disoriented.

"Good evening Marinette." A voice spoke from her right. Turning her head ever so slightly she watched as a man with a white jacket walked over to her, notepad in hand as he wrote a few things down. "I'm happy to see you awake." He said with a smile. Right away Marinette knew he wasn't an ordinary doctor. He held his head far to high to work with people of her class, even his smile screamed rich. "Do you remember what happened?" He questioned as he stopped at her side.

"What, happened?" She asked back, confusion clear on her face. She felt something being passed to her and she dropped her gaze down to the glass of water in front of her. Her father sent her a smile and she took it, slowly taking a sip. The cold water burnt her throat but it also felt so amazing. "I don't know what you mean." She said, her voice a little better now that she drank something.

"What is the last thing you remember?" He asked as he wrote down some notes. Mari paused taking a moment to think back. Handing the glass back to her father who then sat it on the table. She swallowed as she tried to remember, closing her eyes.

"I was having a breakdown. It's my first day of school tomorrow. I don't want to make a bad impression." She stated. Opening her eyes again she watched him take more notes. "Why, did something happen to me?" She questioned him back. He paused his notes and left out a soft sigh.

"It seems that you lost your memories of the accident along with the last year of your life." He said with a frown. Taking a step closer he moved down taking her chin softly into his hands and turning her head to the side. "The blow you took to your head must have caused some memory loss. We were expecting it but it seemed very unlikely with how you hit it. But it seems you must have a small case of amnesia." He said as he left her go.

"Amnesia?" she asked in confusion. The doctor nodded and she dropped her gaze back to the bed. She was for sure tomorrow was the first day of school, she had no knowledge of ever going. "I didn't… Walk in front of a car did I? Or fall down an open manhole? I'm such a klutz." She said as she brought a hand back to her forehead, now noticing the bandages around her head.

"Marinette, you were found with Adrien. In the basement of a construction zone…" Her mother said in a soft voice. Mari turned to her in confusion, softly rubbing the bandages around her head.

"Adrien? Whose that? A dog or something? Sounds like a dog name, maybe a cat?" She questioned out loud. Tilting her head she thought about the name, moving her hand down to tap on her chin. "Adrien…" She thought out loud.

"Don't rush it, your memory will come back in due time. For now relax and try to readjust to the world." The doctor said with a smile. "You only lost a year or so, so we can start working on treatments. It shouldn't be hard to restore your memory, depending on the trauma you went through." He stated. Mari slowly nodded her head as the doctor took notes. "Now Mr and Mrs Dupain Cheng, let us talk about some treatments and let Marinette rest for a short while, shall we?" He asked her parents. The two shared a worried glance but agreed, standing and kissing their daughter's head.

"We'll return shortly. Okay pumpkin?" Her father said as he walked around her bed. Her mother kissed her head before following her husband. Marinette nodded as she watched them leave, the door softly shutting behind them. Taking this moment alone with only herself as company, she took a deep breath and tried to recall what happened. That was till a soft knock echoed around the room. Her gaze shot to the door as it slowly opened.

"Hey girl." A soft voice spoke from the doorway. Watching, she waited as a small group of kids walked into her room, small smiles on their faces as they walked closer to Mari. Some looked happy others looked worried, it was like a mix of emotions could be seen all at once. "You doing okay? We hear you finally woke up." she said in a happy tone. As she stopped next to the bed the other kids stopped behind her.

"Yes?" Marinette asked more than said. She wasn't too sure how to respond to the question. She was alive but her head was thumping in pain. The group waited quietly behind her, waiting for their leader to do something. This was a little awkward and unsettling for Mari but she tried to ignore it. "Question… Where's mama and papa?The doctor asked them to talk to him but…" Marinette's voice trilled off at her own words. "I'm sorry… I feel like I was hit by a car. I can't remember a thing." She laughed. The others gave each other worried glances.

"You, don't remember?" She asked Mari with a confused yet worried look. Marinette slowly nodded her head as she touched the bandages on her head. "You were… Wait, what's the last thing you remember?" she asked.

"Me? Oh well of course you're talking about me. Who else is in this hospital room with bandages around their head." Marinette snorted. "I was having a meltdown because tomorrow is the first day of the new school year. Chole is in my class this year again and I wasn't to happy knowing I can't escape her." She admitted. "No matter what I can't seem to be lucky enough to forget her, will I?" Marinette smiled sadly. "The doctor said I lost my memories of the last year… So please forgive me if I can't remember your names. At least, yet. But I promise to try and meet you all again and become even better friends!" She called out as she watched the group, begging for them to agree with her.

"I see, so a whole year is it?" the girl smiled before walking over and sitting on the side of Mari's bed. Taking her hand into her own she gave her a bright smile. "Well then, let's start with me! I'm Alya, Aka your best friend~" She smiled proudly.

"My best friend?" Mari asked. "It's a pleasure to meet you then~" She smiled back.

"Oh Mari, you're adorable." Alya chuckled as she tried to refrain from touching Mari to much, worried about hurting her. "Back here we have…" She started as she pointed to the kids behind her. "Nino, Ivan, Alex, Juleka, Rose, Max, Kim, Mylene, and Nathaniel. Please excused Chloe and Sabrina. Sabrina doesn't go anywhere without Chloe, and she said that she, and I quote, 'Doesn't want to smell of a hospital.'." Alya said as she rolled her eyes. Mari nodded her head, already knowing how Chloe is.

"Thank you, all of you, for coming to see me. It's nice to know all of you were thoughtful enough to come say hello, even if I don't remember you…" Marinette smiled kindly.

"So you don't remember anything?" A voice asked from the doorway. Everyone seemed surprised by said voice and whipped around to look at the golden haired boy in the doorway. Marinette blinked a few times, watching as the young boy walked into her room. A frown was on his face as he scanned over her sorry state. Yet, he didn't look in perfect shape either. He had a few bandages on him but nothing extreme like Mari.

"No, I'm sorry…" Marinette said, pausing to remember the golden haired boys name. However, she was unable to recall his name from the names Alya had told her. "Who are you again?" She asked rather bluntly. The tension in the air grew thick as the kids stood between her and him, backs straight and eyes clouded over in worry. Was she somehow connected to this boy in a way? Why did everyone become so tense when she asked that question, they hadn't when she asked them.

With this question Alya stood up, ushering the others for the door. The golden haired boy stepped aside and the class left, Alya shutting the door behind them as they left. The room fell quiet and the boy slowly walked up to Mari, worry shining in his eyes. However, even after seeing him up close she still couldn't recall his name.

"I'm Adrien." He said as he stopped at her side, rubbing the back of his head. A blush came to his cheeks, almost as if he was embarrassed by her question. To be honest he was rather cute, so shouldn't it be Marinette who was blushing?

"I recall hearing your name a few times since I woke up… I am only aware I was with you when the accident happened… But I don't remember your name or who you are… I'm sorry…" She whispered as she dropped her gaze down to the bed. "No one has told me what happened… I was hoping meeting you, you would tell me." She said slowly lifting her gaze back to him, tears burning in the corners of her eyes.

Adrien seemed to have a heartbroken look come to his face for a split moment before it changed to a pitiful look. He tried to hide it but Mari caught it, she knew there was something more to them, but she didn't know what it was. Stepping up to her bed he took a seat on the side, taking her cold hand into his own warm one. Lifting it up he kissed the back of it, making her cheeks heat up with a dark red blush.

"I am at your service, Princess." He said in a voice just above a whisper. His eyes ever so slightly looking up to her. Marinette felt her cheeks burn more as her heart pounded against her ribs. She pulled her hand away, holding it in her other before pressing them against her burning cheeks.

"Oh, you cute are! I mean, are you cute. No! I mean, oh I am idiot such." She stuttered out. Adrien laughed at her adorable word scramble, thankful she was still her old self. Even if she lost her memories of him.

"I guess I should say thank you." Adrien said with a soft smile. "You've always been the type to trip over your words when you talked to me. It's only as of late you started to settle down. However, I guess starting over is alright too." He said with a short nod. Marinette quietly nodded back, still hiding her burning cheeks. However, she was taken down when a sharp pain shot through her skull. Grabbing her head she left out a pained whimper.

"Marinette? Do you need a nurse? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have excited you so soon." Adrien apologized as he stood up. Bowing her head she shook it, rejecting his offer for a nurse. "I'm sorry…" He whispered. After a few seconds the pain passed and Mari slowly lifted her gaze up to him, a small smile on her lips.

"It's alright, it passed. You had nothing to do with it. It's normal to have pain if you smacked your head hard enough to lose your memories of the last year." She laughed lightly. Rubbing her light pink cheeks she looked up to him cutely.

"Here!" Adrien called out as he stood straight up. Mari tilted her head in confusion as he reached into his pocket, grabbing something and holding it out to her. In his hand was two little red stud earrings. Slowly she took them from him, her hand pausing in his own as she held them.

"They are pretty, thank you." She said as she pulled her hand away, a little hesitant. "Did you buy them for me?" She asked him. Adrien shook his head in response.

"Oh, no! You had them before we met. I think you got them just before school started. That morning we met… You've always had them in, you lost them in ba-" Adrien stopped at the word battle, pausing to rephrase. "When we were attacked. You lost them and after I was sent home I went back to find them. I've been keeping them safe till you woke up." Adrien lied. Mari nodded her head, a smile on her lips as she looked at the earrings.

"Sorry, I should be… Ya know… Get going. It's late and you need your rest." he said as he took a step back. Mari lifted her gaze up to him, almost begging him not to leave her side and to leave her alone. Adrien had never been so embarrassed in his life but just the thought of her being Ladybug was enough to make him stutter.

"Thank you." Marinette smiled happily to him. "Adrien." She spoke it so softly it made his heart stop. Her lips moving oh so perfectly to pronounce every syllable of his name. His heart was pounding in his chest as he backed his way to her door. Nodding he stiffly turned fully around and opened the door stepping out and speed walking away. Marinette just sat in her bed, giggling over the cuteness of the boy. Rather he was her boyfriend or not she was pleased with herself for picking out such a cutie.

Leaning back in her bed she rolled the earrings around in her hand. Picking one up she inspected it, rolling it around between her fingers as she watched the glimmer from the sunset outside shine off them. As much as she wanted to put them in she didn't, not wanting to get into trouble for wearing them if she needed to get some tests done.

"My lady." A voice spoke from the window to her left. Marinette whipped her head around in shock at the sudden voice. Sure this made her dizzy but she could care less seeing as there was a boy dressed as a black cat in her hospital room window. She watched as he climbed into her room, sitting on the windowsill of the open window.

"How did you?" She asked as she looked around the room. She had started to wonder if she was going crazy. Had he passed by her without her noticing or did he really climb the whole way up to the fifth floor by hand? He just shrugged as he jumped down, walking over to her like he was some big shot.

"I'm happy to see you awake." He chimed as he walked over, his hands outstretched as he made his way over to her. Marinette couldn't help but giggle at his actions. "You still haven't put them in?" He asked as he paused his walking, pointing to the earrings in her hand.

"I don't… I don't want the doctors to say I can't wear them or become upset with me for wearing them. I'm not sure what type of tests and scans they will be doing, so I shouldn't change anything on my body right now… I feel empty without them in but, I don't want to cause trouble for the doctors. I don't want them taken from me… Because they are important.. I think so at least…" She muttered as she turned to look up to the boy before her.

"I see. Oh right! I heard you talking earlier… You might not remember me, but my name is Chat, Chat Noir." He stated as he bowed to her. Marinette gave him a slight smile as she reached out, taking his hand into her own and pulling it closer to her. She then placed the earrings in his hand and folded it up, making sure the earrings wouldn't fall from in his hand.

"Chat Noir, I think.. You also know me… I feel like, a whole lot better than any of the others I met today. You're very trustworthy, I feel like I can trust you, even if I don't remember you. So till I can get my memories back, please, take care of them." She smiled. Chat nodded his head in shock, his eyes shining with love at her words.

He softly put out his hand, cupping her cheek as he rubbed it with his thumb. A sad look coming to his face as he stared down at her. That look told her that it wasn't just Adrien there on the day she lost her memories. She knew from this look that Chat was there as well.

"You wouldn't happen to be the kitty I was chasing after, before I got into this accident, would you?" She asked him, giving him a questioning look.

"Depends on what type of chase you mean, my lady? I've been chasing after you for a lot longer than you have me. If I could have you, I would have taken you a long time ago. I would have taken you away from all of this so, very long ago. You're so strong, so powerful, so wonderful, amazing, perfect in everyway! You're everything I want and more. And when you get your memories back, I will make sure my feelings don't ever go unnoticed again. I almost lost you once…" Chat said as he lowered his head onto her shoulder.

"I don't ever want to lose you again, Marinette." he stated softly.

"Thank you Chat." She said as she lifted her arms up, wrapping them around his neck and hugging him to her shoulder. Chat melted into her embrace his arms wrapping around her waist as he nuzzled her. "Please, Chat… Don't leave me alone…" Marinette said as she started to shake. "I don't understand what's happening, I don't remember anything…" She choked out. Hot tears spilled from her eyes, rolling down her cheeks and dripping into his blond hair.

"I want to remember… I want to remember you, Adrien, Alya… I want to remember everyone and everything I did in the last year." Her voice cracked causing Chat to tighten his hold around her waist. "I feel things for some people and nothing for others, I know, I know them but I can't remember them and it's scary…" Marinette said as she lowered her head so she was lying it against Chat's. Chat stayed snuggled on her lap, giving her a light purr in order to make her feel better. "I want to remember you most of all." She whispered against his ear.

"Why?" He simply asked, scared of what she might respond back with. Did she want to remember how many times he had failed her? How many times he's done something stupid and caused mayhem? Did she want to remember how many times she's gotten hurt because of him? How many times they got their butts handed to them because of his mistakes? What was so special about him that made her want to remember him more than Adrien? Adrien was a perfect child, a boy all girls screamed over. Yet, Chat was the superhero. He was funny and kind, but enjoyed being in the spotlight, but also liked being by her side more than anything.

He wasn't a leader like Adrien, he just wanted to be a follower to Ladybug. He enjoyed the spotlight yes, but he liked being with her and following her anywhere. He loved Ladybug, he wanted to protect her, yet he couldn't.

"Because, you're different. Alya is my best friend. I know that deep in my heart. I know I like Adrien, I don't know what we had, if we had anything at all outside of the classroom… The way they acted it was like I had forgotten my boyfriend or something… But it's all so different with you. I'm happy, I can just be me. I don't have to act, I can just…" Marinette stopped as she thought over her words. Chat slowly pulled away from her, his green eyes filled with tears as he stared up to her. Mari blinked warm tears rolling down her cheeks as she tried not to cry.

"Like me? How about adore me? Have a crush on me? Anything I can be even a little hopeful about?" Chat asked giving her a toothy smile. Mari giggled at his words, raising a hand and wiping her eyes. Sniffling she moved her free hand down, softly resting it on Chat's cheek before moving it down to stroke his chin, like you would do with a real cat.

"You're such a good kitty, aren't you?" She asked with a small smile. Chat chuckled at her words, his ears twitching as he purred. "Thank you." She said to him. Chat hummed happily his purrs growing louder before he heard something. He could hear someone coming to her room, his ears twitching as he pulled away. Turning to the door he stood up, smiling at her before giving her a two finger salute.

"I gotta go, my lady. I'll stop by and see you later tonight, okay? Don't push yourself and try not to remember too much at a time, okay?" He asked as he backed up to the window. Marinette nodded happily as he turned, climbing back onto the windowsill and getting ready to jump. "Then farewell~" he chimed as he leaped off the edge.

Just as he vanished from sight the doctor walked back into the room with her parents. She turned to them, giving them a bright smile. For the first time since she woke up she gave her first true smile. Her parents seemed to become excited to see this. Walking over to her they gave her soft hugs, being careful of her injuries and IV.

"You'll be able to come home tonight sweetheart. However, the doctors want to start you in therapy, to help till your memories come back. We are still going to help you at home, but this will be monitored and safer for you. Till they know how these memories will affect you." Her dad said with a smile.

"We aren't sure when they will come back, it could be tomorrow, a few days, next week, a month, a year." The doctor stopped before he said anymore. Everyone who was in the room knew there was a chance she could never remember the last year, but they were hoping they were wrong.

"I understand." Marinette stated as she nodded her head. In her heart she knew she couldn't push herself. Yet, a part of her longed to know who Chat really was and why she trusted him so much.

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