Total Drama Survival Age:

Hey guys. This is just a short introduction to reveal my new idea! After failing to really continue my last Total Drama SYOC story I took a HUGE break from writing fanfictions. But, I started getting the urge again, because I really wanted to see how this idea could play out. Looking for 23 OC's. One of the participants will be my own character. The only reason they are in is because the character I'm putting in is NECESSARY to the overall format of the show. Send all of your OC's in the DM's and make sure to comment your support on the idea.

Summary: After the success of Ridonculous Race a new series is put underway. Combining core aspects of The Ridonculous Race and Total Drama Pahkitew Island 24 contestants are put onto Arid Island and forced to survive. 3 teams are founded, one led by Topher, another led by Blainley and another by Don. These 3 former/wannabee/current host are all being given a chance to win and host Season 9 of Total Drama. The biggest change in this season is that there IS NO MERGE! The 5 Million Dollar prize will be split between the final members of the winning team.



Sexuality Preference:






Relationship Status:

Biggest Fear:


Personality(Go as in depth as you want):

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(Only if they have one):

Attraction(There 'Type'):

Description of his/her Look(Including his/her Race):

Everyday Clothes:

Swimming Clothes:




Biography(Any details that you don't want others to see PM me. For Example if this characters homeless and you want it to be a surprise):

Starting Strategy: