Total Drama Survival Age Chapter 1: Arid Island Part 3

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"Welcome back to Total Dram-" Chris' introduction is prematurely interrupted by a shouting contest between a certain broadcaster and a now irritated tomboy.

"What was that?" Dalphyna screeched in absolute fury. Sadye winced for a moment before shaking her head and turning a steeled gaze into Dalphyna.

"I said that you need to back off or else I'm make you. You keep glaring at Rebecca as if it's her fault. It was an accident!" Many of the contestants threw odd glances at Rebecca, as they hadn't seen what happened on her arrival.

"Why don't you-"

"Shut up?! Great idea. Glad I thought of it. Now zip it unless you want me to eliminate all of you RIGHT NOW!" Everyone stayed quiet which caused Chris to smile in delight. "That's better. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. WELCOME BACK TO TOTAL! DRAMA! SURVIVAL AGE! Last time our last contestants arrived, in irritating fashion, to our wonderful little island." Chris gestured and the camera spread to show that he was on top of the Confessional outhouse, which was surprisingly sturdy, with all the other contestant looking up at him. The island behind had a simple brand of green trees with little to no variety.

"It's a great island. I know. I know. Anyway, now that all of the contestants are here it's time for me to throw out a BOMBSHELL! Are you ready?!" Chris was met with a strangled silence. He pouted before giving a shrug. " Chef! Drumroll please!?" All the contestants turned their heads to the right to see Chef wearing a...musicians outfit? Hanging from his chest was a giant drum and he had two batons, one for each hand which he periodically banged on the giant drum in a half hearted fashion.

"I don't get paid enough for this." Chris narrowed his eyes at Chef.

"With that performance it's a wonder that I even pay you at ALL!" Chef glared harshly at Chris.

"You don't." Chris blinks at Chef's sardonic reply and opened his mouth, as if to retort before looking at the camera and promptly shutting up. He shooed Chef away which caused him to roll his eyes and walk off screen.

"Back to the important stuff, I'm sure all of you are wondering about how this competition is gonna go. Are there gonna be idols like Revenge of the Island or a singing requirement like Total Drama World Tour? Those are some of the questions going through your mind, correct." Most of the contestants gave reluctant nods while some simply didn't care.

"Well luckily for most of you and our viewing audience you don't have to sing." Many gave a sigh of relief at this realization. "However, one aspect of Total Drama World Tour is going to stay. We're having a grand total of not 1, not 2 but three teams this season! But, that's not all. This season we are going to remove one of the most integral parts of Total Drama history just for fun! This season, there will be NO MERGE!" Chris smiled sadistically while all the contestants had different reactions. Some just gave shrugged while others went wide eyed and started to curse. "Now now now. I get it, you're all confused and amazed at my brilliance." Numerous contestants rolled their eyes at Chris. "But, for those that aren't as much of a genius as I am here are some rules so you can understand. Today's challenge is simple, you're goal is to find one of the three teams. Each of them are located somewhere in that forest area. The way you join is that you must get to one of the team campuses before the captains of the teams accept eight members. If they have eight members than TOOO BAD! You gotta go search for another team and hope they aren't full of members."

Many of the contestants groaned at what seemed like a very boring challenge. "Shut it! There are no other rules, the challenge will last for 3 hours. If you haven't been accepted by a team at that point….yeah. That's kinda pathetic. And you'll be eliminated. Would suck to be on the team that has only seven members to start." Zane raised his hand, causing Chris to roll his eyes before giving off a groan. "Yes, Zane?" Zane raised a single eyebrow at Chris' response before asking his question(s).

"If we don't have a merge than how will we decide who gets the cool 5 Million? Who exactly are these 'team captains'? And, most importantly, where is all of our stuff?" Many of the contestants started murmuring, some of them commending Zane on such smart questions. Chris' eyebrow twitched and he stomped on the confessional, shaking it and causing everyone to stay silent.

"The names for the 3 teams are Team Topher, Team Don and Team Blainley. If you don't know who those people are…..well than you've been living under a rug for the past five years. Your stuff will be delivered to your team grounds by helicopter a couple minutes after you get accepted onto a team. Or you get eliminated, whichever comes first. And as for the cool 5 mill? That's completely dependant on YOUR TEAM!" Conor blinked.

"What does that exactly mean?" Chris rubbed his eyes in exasperation before responding.

"It meeaaaaaaaanssssss, that the objective of each team is to win all the challenges so that the other two teams eventually vote off all their members. When there is one team left than the remaining members of that team will take a vote. They will either choose the option to share the money with the rest of their team equally or to betray them and compete for the whole 5 million dollar prize. Oh, and EVERY member of the last team has to vote to share the money for that choice to go through. If just one of your teammates betrays you in the end….well….let's just say I have an amazing backup plan whe- I mean, if that happens." Everyone's eyes involuntarily wandered. They gazed warily at one another dozen's of thoughts swirling in their mind, with only one common denominator.

Who can I trust? Everyone thought, creating an atmosphere of awkward tension. Chris smirked at the scene before laughing.

"Oh yeah. This is going to be a great season!"

*Theme Song*

(Question: Should I write out the Theme Song scenes for this season? I'm thinking about it but wanna get your thoughts.)

(Will and Mackenzie):

While every other contestant split into pairs or groups there was one contestant who immediately started walking into the forest area. Will was currently rubbing his chin in anger while muttering to himself. He winced, both in pain from his sore jaw line and in embarrassment at what had happened. He tried to shake the pain away but stopped at the sound of a bush rustling. In a swift motion he turned around and brought his hands into a fighting position, expecting a small animal but blinked at the person if front of him holding there hands out in mercy and fear.

"Oh. It's you." Mackenzie frowned at Will's cold tone. She clutched her head

"Well hello to you to." Will rolled his eyes and began to walk towards the forest. Mackenzie sighed before making to follow him. "Hey, hold up. Sorry that I was a bit snappish. I did-" She was going to continue but Will held his hand up and glanced back at her.

"Look...Mackenzie is it?" Mackenzie nodded. "I'm sure you're a 'nice' girl, but I don't want to talk with you, I have no intention of talking with you and I don't need to talk with you. So don't assume that I'm going to do so." Mackenzie's jaw dropped at how standoffish and crash Will was.

"Well Drew," Will raised an eyebrow at the use of his stage name for his movie Terminal Payback. "I don't know if you're aware or not but everyone's going in pairs of twos or threes. So I thought it would be beneficial if we went together." Will rolled his eyes at her logic.

"I work best alone. Besides, I don't hang out with fangirls." With that last insult he turned his back on her and left.

(Taylor and Valerie):

"So, what do you two think?" Taylor glanced at Valerie. The two had been walking through the forest for a couple minutes now. Taylor had tried to go with Conor but he had told her that he had something important to do. Confused, but respectful of his wishes Taylor had asked Valerie to pair with her, They had gotten along fairly well but Taylor couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive towards Valerie. Now she knew why.

"You want to flirt with the every guy on the show? That's your strategy? Seriously? So you're gonna be the female Alejandro?" Valerie shivered in disgust and swiftly shook her head.

"NO! Alejandro was a lecherous prick. He got what was coming to him in the TDWT finale. Perfect Karma." Taylor shrugged in response.

"Maybe. Anyway, I don't think that's going to really work here. Everyone has SEEN the previous seasons. They'll know if you try to manipulate them." Valerie gave Taylor a small glare in which Taylor held her hands out in the gesture of innocence. "Hey, I'm just trying to take what you said seriously."

"I'm not gonna manipulate anyone. That's not my style. I'm just going to give the quick shake of the hips and a wink to our competitors. If one of them develops a crush on me than it may distract them." Taylor unconsciously shifted her gaze to Valerie's large...proportions before looking away and pouting.

"Well Valerie. It's safe to say you have a LOT of experience distracting people." Taylor's eyes widened at her own lack of tact but Valerie just gave an amused snort.

"Val, Taylor. You can call me Val. And yes, yes I do. It's part of my charm. Just because they look doesn't me they can touch." Taylor smiled at Valerie's statement. Her smile became stiff at Valerie's next comment. "Though I may have to reconsider for that Conor guy. He was kinda cute."

"Yeah…" Valerie stared intensely at Taylor which caused her to trail off from whatever comment she was about to make. "What?" Valerie shrugged with a smirk.


Confessional Camera:
And a friendemy was born!)

Valerie Olivia Lovelock: "Hmn. This may get interesting. Looks like I've made myself a friendemy when it comes to Taylor. I like the girl but I can tell than whenever I mention Conor she starts to shut down. I'll avoid it for now but I'm not gonna give him up too easily.

Conor Fox: "For those wondering, I really wish I went with Taylor. I decided that I should try and make some more allies. However…."

(Zane, Conor and Dalphyna):

"And ANOTHER thing! Who does Chris think he is? He can't tell me to shut up. I'm the big star of this show!" Zane gave off an automatic nod without even looking to the right in Dalphyna's direction. He simply moved a stray tree branch out of his way. Conor on the other hand couldn't help but release a groan as he walked a couple of paces behind the duo. Dalphyna, predictably ignored him. Conor's eye twitched before he made his first comment.

"You do know that we are all 'stars' of the show, right?" Dalphyna turned around to glare at Conor while Zane gave a weak, nearly imperceptible sigh. Here we go again. He thought in annoyance. Dalphyna huffed incredulously.

"Pft. You, a star? Please. I was the first contestant on this season which means that I'm the star." Conor blinked at her.

"By your logic, Beth was the star of Total Drama Island. And we ALL know that isn't true." Dalphyna's cheeks burned at the comparison of her to that geek. Zane turned his head away to hide his smile.

"I'm nothing like that braces wearing abomination!" Conor rolled his eyes before facepalming.

"Yeah, I can clearly see that." Conor stated before muttering just loud enough so that Dalphyna and Zane could hear him. "You're a lot worse." Dalphyna glared at him with severe disdain before turning to Zane.

"Did you hear what he said?" Zane put on a blank face and shook his head as if he was coming out of a daze.

"No." He lied with perfect execution. "I was busy watching an exquisite beauty. I apologize for my ignorance." Dalphyna's frown disappeared at Zane's flattery. She refrained from squealing in glee and instead chose to jump into him and wrap her arms around his neck before smothering him with her 'valued' attention. Zane gave her a deceptive smile while Conor just shook his head and followed.

"This is gonna be a long three hours."

Confessional Camera:
Beth is better than Dalphyna…...actually. Everyone is better than Dalphyna.)

Conor Fox: "...Yeah. Those two are annoying. Zane is probably a decent guy but as long as he's hanging out with someone like Dalphyna then I'm probably gonna have to avoid him. The only reason I stuck around in the first place was because the more eyes, the easier it would be to find a team campus. "

Zane Duke Kyles: Bangs his head on the door in irritation. "It hasn't even been a day and I'm pretty sure that Dalphyna is possibly the most annoying person I've ever dealt with. But, she's worth it. With her on my side I have the perfect meat shield for any votes coming my way. All I got to do is keep a sense of tranquility with the other contestants and act sad when she's eliminated. They'll eat that act right up."

(Damian,Jerry and June):

Damian sighed. He was doing a lot of them as of late, but not without good reason. Currently he was walking through the forest in an uncomfortable silence. He led the pack with a bored yet intimidating prance. June was silently following along with an awkward aura while Jerry skipped. In the past forty five minutes they had went from dangerously loud shouting to polite conversation to silence to embarrassing displays of stuttering back to silence. To be quite honest it was a confusing time for all three of the contestants involved. In an attempt to break the tension Jerry started to 'beatbox.' Which was him making a bunch of weird noises in an attempt to sound cool. Damian rolled his eyes in annoyance while June began to chuckle at Jerry's actions.

"Stop that!" Damian snapped which caused Jerry to shut his mouth and June to flinch. Damian gave off another sigh before addressing the two. "Sorry, I just wanna find one of the team campuses soon. I have no intention of losing this early." Jerry shrugged.

"No PROBLEM!" Damian put his hands over his ears at Jerry's jump in volume before glaring at him. He gave off a sheepish look.

"Sorry mAn. I cAn'T ConTROl MYSelF!" Damian facepalmed at Jerry's randomness.

Jerry's eye twitched. "Look, if you find me so annoying than why'd you ask us to come with you?!" Damian glanced at him.

"I didn't. You two started following me. Though I have no idea why considering neither of you have anything to say." Jerry winced at the accusing tone that laced Damian's voice. He started to voice his thoughts only for June to interrupt.

"I-ii-i-i-i-i-i-I followed…...because you two are the only contestants I've spoken to." Damian and Jerry gave her blank glances which did nothing to help her anxiety. 'What?"

"You didn't stutter." Both Damian and Jerry pointed out. June's eyes widened in shock and she continued on to stutter some unintelligible comments on making new friends. The two sighed and continue on there way with her falling behind.

(Mackenzie, ? and ?):

Mackenzie was currently hanging his head down in a crestfallen position. It had been around a hour since the challenge had started and she hadn't met anyone else during that time. She was trudging along through the forest without any real awareness of her surroundings. "Fangirl? FANGIRL?! I don't even like his movies for crying out loud!" She continued to prance forward until a new voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Whose movies are we talking about here?" Griff appeared next to Mackenzie as if he had been there the entire time. This caused Mackenzie to shout and backpedal in surprise.

"Um….where did you come from." Griff just stared at her.

"I've been here for a couple minutes now." Mackenzie stared at him and was about to comment on how that made no sense when Griff gave a kind, yet entertained laugh. "Kidding. I've been walking around this area for a bit and saw you. Got a little bored and decided to meet up with you. Hope it wasn't a problem." Mackenzie gave Griff a pleasant smile.

"Thanks. And to answer your question I was talking about that jerk Will Roberts. He called me a fangirl." She rolled her eyes at the memory while Griff's eyes widened.

"Will Roberts? THE Will Roberts? He's a part of this game?" Mackenzie blinked.

"Yeah. Didn't you notice him?" Griff scratched his head.

"Was he the knocked out contestant that didn't wake up till Chris started to talking?" Mackenzie nodded and Griff's mouth opened up in shock. "Really? NO WAY! I wish I could have talked with him, maybe get some acting tips." Mackenzie scoffed.

"Eh. No real reason for you to do that. His acting isn't all it's cracked to be."

"I resent that!" Mackenzie and Griff both looked up and saw the subject of their discussion seated on a tree branch.

" long have you been sitting there?" Will shrugged.

"Since the beginning. Didn't hear what you were muttering about, though you may wanna stop talking to yourself. It presents a bad image." His voice was filled with a sardonic tone. Mackenzie's eyes twitched before she took a deep breath and exhale. While she did this Griff decided to ask an all important question.

"Why are you up there?" Mackenzie glanced at him before looking at Will. They stared at him as he rubbed his chin in mock thought. Mackenzie got impatient enough to the point where she started tapping her foot on the soft dirt, which caused Will to smile at her. Mackenzie opened her mouth, filled with the intent to absolutely tear into Will before a deep growl rumbled through the treeline Both Mackenzie and Griff froze before slowly, almost comically, turning around. They froze at the mere sight of the beast before them, silence completely dominated the scene until a certain voice ruined it.

"That's, why I'm up here."

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