Chapter 1

"Brandon, it wasn't true. What I said about Wyatt. It wasn't true." Callie shook her head frantically as she watched the officer push Brandon into the back seat of the police car. She locked eyes with his before they shut the car door.

Callie spun on her heels as a hand rested on her shoulder. Her eyebrows rose when she found Vico before her. She gritted her teeth furiously as she spoke to him. "You've caused enough trouble tonight. What the hell do you want?"

"I know. I'm sorry." He smiled apologetically. "I found Mariana crying down by the water. She asked me to get you, something about a fight with Zach."

Callie didn't hesitate. She ran down the rest of the steps and to the pathway that led to the beach. "Mariana? Mariana?"

"Looking for someone?"

Callie froze at the familiar, deep voice that assaulted her ears. She turned around slowly, her heart racing in her chest when her eyes met Liam. She spun back around, but he latched onto her wrist, gripping it tightly. She gritted her teeth. "Let go of me."

"Come on, I just want to have a little fun." Liam smirked, revealing dimples on either side of his mouth.

"Let go of me." Callie repeated, trying to sound as strong as she could despite the fact that her heart was pounding in her chest. Her eyes scanned the beach for any sign of help, but nobody was around. She reached into her bag for her cellphone, but he grabbed the purse and pitched it into the water. She swallowed down the fear that was pumping through her veins as she watched her purse disappear into the breaking waves.

"I've missed you, Cal."

"Can't say the same about you." Callie snarled. She attempted to yank her wrist away, but Liam's grip tightened. "You're hurting me."

"Let's take this someplace where we won't be interrupted."

Callie tugged her arm back and made a dash for the building. Liam twisted her wrist abruptly. She inhaled sharply at the sound of the crack, followed by a shooting pain. Tears welled in her eyes, but she forced them back, refusing to show Liam her pain.

He pulled her against him; her back against his chest and his arm around her neck. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. She could feel his hot breath against her skin, making her nauseous with disgust. "I can always find that whiny, faggot brother of yours and teach him a lesson."

Callie's heart stopped at the mention of her brother. She struggled against Liam furiously. "Don't you dare talk about him that way."

"I'm the one in control here." He growled in her ear, tightening his hold on her neck. Liam dragged her towards the woods, squeezing her injured wrist any time she tried to escape his deathly grip. Callie felt a spark of hope when she saw a figure in the woods. She opened her mouth to scream for help, but as they approached the figure she saw it was Vico. Realization hit her; they planned this. Vico knew Mariana wasn't outside crying. He sent Callie out to Liam.

"Wh-what are you doing? What's going on?"

"I met Liam at Wyatt's party and we became good friends. He's just helping me with my revenge on your foster brother, or should I call him your boyfriend?" Vico mocked as he circled around Callie.

"Revenge? On Brandon? Setting me up and getting him arrested wasn't enough?" Callie asked bitterly.

"You want to know the best way to hurt him?" Vico asked as he loomed above Callie. "To hurt you."

Callie gasped as Vico backhanded her across the face; the sound echoed through the dark woods. Liam shoved her to ground and Vico collided his foot with her abdomen. She winced before pressing her hands in the dirt in attempt to stand. This time Liam's foot came down on her ribs, producing a sickening crack. Callie let out a whimper. "Stop."

"You thought you could replace me?" Liam growled. He pushed Callie onto her back and straddled her. His hand slipped beneath her dress.

Callie tensed and thrashed beneath him. "St-stop! Get off!"

Liam tore at Callie's dress, ripping the collar. Callie pushed at Liam's chest with her uninjured wrist, but he didn't budge. He was easily twice her size. She reached up to claw at his face, but he made quick work of pinning her arms above her head. He slid his other hand beneath her dress again and slipped off her black, lacy underwear. He tossed them to Vico who stood behind them just watching. "Here's a souvenir to show Brandon."

Callie felt hot tears trickle down her cheeks. She couldn't hold them back any longer. How was this happening again? She swore to herself that she would never let this happen again. "Please stop."

"Don't act like you're not enjoying this." Liam tore her dress further, pulling it off her trembling body. "Just relax."

Callie lashed out, kicking her legs. "Help! Somebody hel..."

Liam punched her jaw. "Don't scream you stupid whore."

Callie let out a choked sob when she felt Liam's fingers violating her. "St-stop! Get off me!"

"You want her first?" Liam asked, turning his head towards Vico.

Stef walked into the house with a sigh, Brandon trailing behind her. Lena sprung from her spot on the couch with wide, frantic eyes. "I've been trying to call you."

Stef reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone; six missed calls and three text messages from Lena. "It's on silent, I haven't checked it. Is everything okay?"

"Have you heard from Callie?" Lena asked worriedly.

Stef burrowed her eyebrows. "No. She's not home?"

"No. I had to stay longer so Timothy drove the kids home. I thought Callie was with them, but the kids thought she was with me or Wyatt. I've tried calling her and Wyatt and neither have answered." Lena explained. "I think she would have told one of us or even the kids if she was going somewhere with Wyatt and I saw him not long before I left and he was alone."

Brandon felt uneasiness swimming in the pit of his stomach. He knew Callie would have notified someone about her whereabouts.

"You don't think she ran away again, right?" Stef asked, but somehow she already knew that answer.

Lena shook her head. "All of her things are in her room. I don't think she would do that again anyway."

Stef quickly typed her password into her phone. "I'm tracking her phone."

Lena watched as her wife's face contorted into confusion. "What?"

"It's not registering. Either she turned off the GPS or the phone is broken." Stef felt panic rise in her chest. Something wasn't right; she could feel it. "I'm going to call Mike."

Lena followed her wife into the kitchen. Brandon ran a hand over his hair and trailed outside to the front porch. He sat down on the stairs, burying his face in his hands. He couldn't help but worry about Callie. He knew something was wrong. He pulled out his phone and called her with the hope that she did just turn off the GPS. "C'mon Callie, pick up."

Brandon lifted his head when he saw a figure collapse on the sidewalk. It was dark, but he knew those dark curls belonged to Callie. He jumped up off the porch, sprinting towards the sidewalk. A gasp escaped his lips when his eyes fell on the brunette. Her hair was no longer in a bun. Her dress was torn and bloody. Bruises and cuts littered her body. Her right eye was black and swollen along with her jaw. Blood trickled down her legs. Her face was stained with tears and her eyes were wide with terror.

"Oh god, Callie. What happened?" He whispered, squatting down to her level. He reached out to touch her shoulder, but pulled his hand back when she flinched. "We need to get you to a hospital."

"N-no." She choked out. Her body was trembling uncontrollably as tears dripped down her face. She attempted to get up, but fell back onto the pavement. She yelped, feeling the pain increase from the impact.

"Shh, it's okay." Brandon spoke softly. "I'm going to pick you up and take you inside, okay?"

Callie hesitated before nodding. She tensed at Brandon's touch, but reminded herself that he would never hurt her.

Brandon's heart broke at the sound of her whimper when he scooped her in his arms. He cringed when he noticed the trail of bite marks starting at her neck and disappearing into her torn dress. He was hoping she didn't go through what it looked like. He took her inside, calling out to his moms who he heard talking in the kitchen. "Moms!"

Lena and Stef quickly made their way into the living room, their eyes growing wide at the sight before them. Stef peeled her eyes off the broken girl in Brandon's arms to look at her son. Anxiety churned in the pit of her stomach. "What's going on? What happened?"

"I don't know. I was sitting outside and all of sudden I saw her fall on the sidewalk."

"Callie, love, what happened?" Stef asked in a soothing voice as she quietly approached the girl in her son's arms. Callie let out a pained moan, but didn't respond. "We need to get her to a hospital now."

"N-no pl…" She began but broke into a violent cough.

Stef and Brandon both exchanged worried glances when they saw the blood dribbling down Callie's chin. Stef turned to Lena. "Call 911."

Lena nodded and darted into the kitchen to grab the phone. The next six minutes and twenty two seconds felt like a lifetime. Sirens blared outside the Adams Foster's home. Brandon met the paramedics at the door, slipping Callie onto the stretcher. She was struggling to keep her eyes open now, drifting in and out of a delirious haze. "Callie, stay awake."

Callie's husky voice came out as nothing more than a whisper. "Brandon."

"Shh, keep your eyes open." He encouraged soothingly.

"I still..." She began but her voice trailed off as she succumbed to the darkness.

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