Well, here it is. A little bit of pretext, these drabbles take place in an AU where twelve year-old Kanan, infatuated with kendo after Chika and Mari introduce her to several different anime, begs her grandfather to let her attend kendo lessons. She coincidentally attends lessons at the Sonoda dojo, run by Umi's older sister (whom I've named Sora, explanation as to why will come), and assisted by Sonoda Umi and Kousaka Honoka post-μ's breakup.

Kanan attends these lessons for three years, and over those three years, starts to develop an (initially) school girl crush on the two former μ's members. At her final lesson before she starts high school, she makes a bet with the two girls that if she wins in a duel against the two, they need to agree to date her.

These drabbles will not be posted in a chronological order, so they'll be jumping across the timeline periodically. I will also be using elements from the manga/novels and the anime (more the manga/novels for μ's and more the anime for Aqours), and a few things that are specific to the characters' seiyuu as well.

Enjoy this first one! This "chapter" takes place after the duel with Honoka and Umi. Kanan is a second year at Uranohoshi (age sixteen) but, like in the anime, hasn't been attending classes. Umi and Honoka are twenty and nineteen respectively.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way shape or form, possess any rights to the characters or the world in which these fics take place in. Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine! are owned by ASCII Media Works, Lantis, Sunrise, and Sakurako Kimino. This is a fan made work, made purely for my enjoyment.

"So I guess you've got yourself two girlfriends now, Umi-chan!"

The twenty-one-year-old's head quickly snapped to her orange haired friend, their sixteen-year-old junior's doing the same, the both letting out a loud, "What!?" in shock at Honoka's exclamation.

A sly grin developed on the girl's face as she looked at Kanan. "And the second one's a high school girl too," she drawled out, "how scandalous of you, Umi-chan!"

Kanan stared, eyes wide and full of confusion, as Honoka walked up to Umi and slung her arm over the blue haired archer's shoulders. Umi's cheeks were a faint red as she looked between her and her (apparently?) girlfriend. Kanan even felt a heat from her own cheeks too, despite the confusion and the overwhelming desire to run. Did Umi know about the kiss (or really, the kisses, Kanan had to remind herself)? Was Honoka actually holding Umi to the promise- Hell, did she and Umi actually agree on upholding the promise?

…And her seniors were already dating each other?

"H-Honokaaaaaa," Umi whined, glaring at the girl in question. The blue eyed girl simply giggled in response, taking of her practice helmet to kiss her girlfriend's cheek.

"Oh warm up, Umi-chan~ We already talked about taking Kanan-chan in after the whole "crying at the dojo and our apartment" situation months ago."

…Wait. "Say that again?"

Fuck, did she say that out loud.

Honoka looked at her while Umi's eyes looked away from her, the blush becoming ever more prevalent on her (beautifully, if Kanan had to say) flawless cheeks. "After you left our apartment that night, I told Umi about the kiss you gave me and about that bet you made last year." She paused for a moment and smiled softly at the violet eyed girl. "We knew you had a crush on us- well, at least on me, especially after that kiss. So we talked and decided, hey, why not?"

At that she turned and went to put her training gear away, looking over her shoulder to shoot Kanan another grin. "After all, why else would I have kissed you the other day?"

…'Has Honoka always been this… handsome?'