Alright everyone, here's a new story for you. I'm writing this on a whim because I feel like it. Not sure if it'll take off or not, so let me know what you think.

Summary: Beaten down his whole life, Harry Potter was used to being alone. One faithful day the Darkness within awakens and his life changes forever. What will the world do when faced with the darkest force to ever blight the planet? Will it strive to repent for it's sins or will it dig it's own grave? Only the Chosen one can decide their fate.

Cliches: Harem story, maximum of Six women. Dark/Evil Harry. Godlike Harry Ron/Ginny/Dumbles/OoTF/Gryffindor bashing. Lot's of Blood. Lot's of Gore. Lemons. Limes. And lot's of Character Death. This'll be a very dark fic, so please proceed with caution and know that this is a story about evil, because good it dumb.

Pairings: Only three confirmed as of now, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Daphne Greengrass.

Crossover Elements: (Ie, I'll be taking bits and pieces from multiple fandoms but it wont be a true crossover) Dead Space. The Darkness. Bloodborne. Dark Souls. Hellsing Ultimate, and any others that come to mind.

Warnings: Gore/Language/Bashing

Fear the Coming Darkness

Chapter 1: Awakening


Harry's eyes snapped open at that. For the last few days, he had heard whispering in his sleep, and it was causing him to be restless. He didn't know what the cause was and it's not like he could ask anyone for help. The only people he had to ask were the Dursley's and they either wouldn't care or see it as good enough reason to lock him in the loony bin.

Harry sat up and glanced around his room, he couldn't help the sigh that escaped his lips as he scanned the dark, dank, empty room. The Dursley's were nothing if not accommodating. Running a hand over his head, Harry let out another sigh and laid back on his bed. He allowed himself to forget the loathsome conditions of the room around him and thought back to the previous school year.

It had been his third year, and boy did he endure quite a few adventures throughout the year. Though unlike previous school years, this one did have a high note, he now knew that he had a Godfather. Though even that was spoiled by the fact that the man was considered a felon by Wizarding Britain.

That meant that Harry had to be kept locked up in Durskaban, while Sirius Black was on the run. That also meant that Harry got to endure the Dursley's tender care for another summer.

Harry shifted in bed, and winced. A spasm of pain shot through his shoulder where his whale of a cousin Dudley had spent the better part of the morning punching him repeatedly. By now the shoulder was swollen and had darkened splotches on it. Shaking off the pain, Harry tried to think of something else. For a moment, Harry wondered what his friends were doing right now. He wondered if they were enjoying their summers. He wished he was with them right now. He could be playing Chess with Ron or having Hermione fuss about his lack of studying or something like that. Hell he would've taken Ginny's incoherent stuttering and inability to form a coherent sentence around him over the hell of the Dursley household.

His thoughts quickly turned to the events of the day and he felt very fortunate to only have the bruises on his shoulder. Something had happened to his Uncle Vernon today that had left the man seething all day. He spoke in hushed whispers to his Aunt, and whenever his eyes drifted past Harry they would light up with an unimaginable fury. Whatever it was that had happened, Harry guessed that his uncle blamed him for it.

Luckily for Harry, Vernon hadn't done anything to him, and for that, Harry was grateful. This hadn't been the first time Vernon has suffered an embarrassment at work and blamed Harry for it. He usually raged on about how Harry had caused Vernon to be distracted or something like that, and that's why it was Harry's fault. It didn't make much sense to Harry but then again, it didn't have too. It only needed to make sense to Vernon.

It was with these thoughts that Harry drifted back to sleep.

An unknown time later, Harry was awoken by a creaking floor board. He was a very light sleeper so he quickly sat up in bed. He barely had time to blink the sleepiness from his eyes when his face was met by a wooden baseball bat.

Harry let out a cry of pain as his hands shot to his now broken nose.

"WAKE UP FREAK! IT'S TIME FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT!" Harry heard Vernon scream at him. Right then, Harry felt the bat connect with his ribs and he let out a scream. Two of his ribs broke instantly under the force of the hit.

"Why is it that whenever I'm offered a chance to raise my family up, you're freaky ass is there to bring us down?" Vernon hissed as Harry rolled off the bed and fell to the floor, writhing in agony.

"What did I do?" Harry cried out as he opened his eyes to glance up at his uncle. Harry could feel blood pouring from his nose, and it hurt to breath.

"You… You little shit… I was this close to getting that promotion at work. Everything was perfect, but then it went to someone else. So I went to my boss and asked why? Do you know what he told me, boy?" Vernon asked as he knelt down next to Harry.

Harry shook his head as he stared up at his uncle in fear.

"He told me that you were bullying his son. He told me that you were the one that had broken his boy's arm. That was the reason why I was passed up for promotion. That is the reason I will keep getting passed up for promotion..." Vernon hissed with nothing but rage and contempt in his eyes.

Harry could only stare in shock. He knew exactly what Vernon was talking about. A few weeks prior, Harry had been taking a walk, thinking about the previous school year's events, when he came across a small boy playing in his front yard. This boy couldn't have been older then six. Right as Harry passed him on the sidewalk, Dudley and his gang came rushing up to Harry from across the street, eager to pick a fight. Normally, Harry would've just outrun them but he had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the group thundering towards him.

A few words were exchanged and it ended with Harry being thrown to the ground, he just happened to land on the small boy whom had been watching the exchange not knowing what to do. Harry wasn't all that heavy but the boy had landed at an awkward angle and had broken his arm.

Before Harry could apologize to the child, and make Dudley pay, a woman came out of the boy's house. She spotted her child crying with the small group of boys huddling around another boy. For a few moments Harry had been relieved and thought Dudley was going to get what was coming to him, but instead one of Dudley's idiot friends had a stroke of genius and shouted at Harry demanding to know what the hell was wrong with him.

The woman quickly came to her child's aide and demanded answers from the boys. Dudley got Harry in a headlock while Dudley's friend told the woman that they were just minding their own business when they spotted Harry picking on this little boy. Dudley and his other friend quickly picked up on the lie and agreed saying that Harry had pushed the child down and was the reason for his injury.

Harry tried to say it was a lie but it was obvious that this woman had heard the lies spread by his aunt that he was a malcontent. The woman seethed and glared daggers into Harry, as he tried to break free from Dudley's grasp and explain what really happened.

"I'll take this no good hooligan home and make sure my parents know what he did. You wont be seeing him out and about for a long time." Dudley assured the woman as he and his friends drug Harry away.

Harry was so shocked that these morons had managed to come up with a convincing lie like that, that he wasn't able to even call them out on it. I mean in retrospect, lightning has to strike eventually but given Dudley's track record it was just stunning to think that something like that could have happened.

The Three boys drug Harry into a back alley and kicked the shit out of him. Then they took him home where Dudley told Petunia and Vernon the 'heroic' tale of how he had saved a child from Harry's bullying.

This earned Harry a black eye from Vernon and a slap from Petunia. He then got to spend two nights back in the cupboard under the stairs. From that point onward, Harry wasn't allowed outside except for his chores.

It was only now that Harry realized that, that child was actually Vernon's boss's son. The thought, filled him with dread as he realized that there was no way of explaining this, that Vernon would care to believe. Harry instantly began to fear for his life, the look in Vernon's eyes was manic.

"Yes, you remember now you little Freak. It's because of you, that I'm now stuck where I am. You ruined any chances of me moving up in the world, so now, I'm gonna ruin you." And with that, Vernon rose to his feet, Harry quickly tried to crawl away, but Vernon delivered a strike to one of Harry's legs.

Harry let out a cry of pain and looked around the room for his wand. It had to be around here somewhere. His eyes fell on the cracked, and faded night stand next to his bed. He quickly tried to crawl towards it.

Vernon stared down at the boy, then looked at the table, he stepped past Harry and grabbed Harry's wand from the table.

"You see this freak! This is what you and you're so called magic mean to me!" Vernon growled as he took Harry's wand in both hands and snapped it in two.

"No!" Harry cried out as he struggled to his feet. Vernon threw the two pieces to the ground right in front of Harry, and the boy quickly snatched the two pieces and tried to place them together.

Harry felt his anger begin to grow and his eyes shot up to his so called uncle. Nothing could be said however, as Vernon's giant meaty boot slammed right into Harry's face, and then all he knew was blackness.

-A Short While Later-

"Gah!" Harry cried out, as he felt himself dropped onto hard pavement.

His eyes darted about, he was outside, and he could see that the sky was still dark, so morning hadn't come yet.

"Here's two thousand pounds, make sure I never see this little fucker again, and you can do whatever you want with the bird." Harry heard Vernon say. He glanced around and spotted Vernon, with Hedwig's cage siting next to him, standing in front of two unscrupulous looking thugs.

"You want us to hurt him first?" One asked as he took the cash from Vernon and began to count it.

"Yes. Do whatever you want with him, just make sure he dies. That's all I care about." Vernon hissed before turning and stopping towards Harry, whom stared up at his Uncle in disbelief.

"Goodbye Freak." Vernon snarled as he stomped on Harry's gut. Harry felt all of the air rush out of his lungs as his Uncle gave him one last parting kick to the ribs before heading over to his car, getting in, and driving away.

"Two grand. Nice." One of them stated as he walked over to Harry.

"Please..." Harry tried to say as the two men approached.

"Sorry kid. Payments been made. We've got a reputation to uphold. It's nothing personal." The other stated with a smile as he drew a gun and aimed it at Hedwig's cage. The owl was currently squawking and hooting up a storm, fully aware that her human was in danger.

"No!" Harry screamed as the gun went off, and Hedwig went silent.

Harry was stunned for several long moments as he stared at the corpse of his friend. Harry could only stare in disbelief at Hedwig's body. His eyes never left her as he was dragged to his feet and held up by one of the men and the other proceeded to beat the living hell out of him.

The first few punches did nothing as Harry could only stare in disbelief. Then the fourth punch hit and a few of his teeth were ejected from his mouth. Then the fifth came and a sharp pain tore through his left eye, as the socket cracked.

It was then that the man started hammering Harry's ribs.

"Rage..." Harry heard in his head as he cried out in pain.

"Death..." The voice sounded again as Harry felt more of his ribs break under the bulky hitman's rapid punches.

"Slaughter them!" The voice shouted clear as day, right as Harry received a sharp right cross to the face.

Blood poured from one of his fractured eye-sockets, from his nose, from his mouth, and from a large gash on his forehead.

The man that had been holding Harry steady as a punching bag, released him, and allowed him to fall to the floor. Both men stood side by side, and stared down at Harry.

"Man, I can't fuckin' do this anymore. This kid can't be older then twelve, just fucking shoot him and get it over with." The one that had been holding Harry up said with a shake of his head.

The other crook just shrugged and pulled out his pistol. He aimed it down at Harry's chest and fired six shots into it. Harry's eyes widened and his vision began to fade. "Sorry kid, it's just business." The one that had held him stated with a sad smile. He then took out a camera and took a photo of Harry's body, presumably as proof for Vernon that Harry was dead.

"Is this really it? Is this how I die? Alone? Killed by thugs my uncle paid off? No… I don't wanna die. Why? Why does it always happen to me? Why can't I ever get a brake!" Harry thought to himself as he bled out. One of the two men was now pouring something on him, the scent of gasoline filled the air.

"Harry..." Harry heard that voice call out to him.

"What? Who's there?" Harry wondered as he felt darkness close in around him and the cold fingers of death grasp at his soul.

"Aw, poor Harry. Left alone by his friends to die..." The voice chided.

"Who are you?"Harry asked.

"Poor little Harry Potter. Left alone to die." The voice chided again. Right about now, Harry was starting to get angry. This shit was beginning to be too much. It wasn't enough that he was dying, now he had a disembodied voice mocking him.

"Fuck off." Harry barked in his mind, earning a cackle of humor from the voice.

As it spoke, the voice gained clarify, and Harry began to understand why it always unnerved him. The voice was the exact sound you'd expect from some sort of undead abomination. It was masculine, and a mix between a growl and a whisper, but it was loud enough to hear and understand.

"Time to die, Harry." The voice giggled, sounding almost like it was happy about that.

"No..." Harrycried out in his mind as a burning pain ripped through his body. Fire quickly consumed him as the two thugs began to walk away.

"No stopping it now, Harry." The voice chuckled out, enjoying his misery and anguish.

"No… I don't wanna die here… I can't die here..." Harry thought to himself as his world faded to black, and the cold fingers of death wrapped around him. And in that silence, and ultimate pain, something within the Boy-Who-Lived, snapped.

"NO!" Harry screamed out defiantly, causing both the thugs to turn back and stare in disbelief.

In that moment of desperation Harry's magic shot out to anything around him, anything that could possibly save him. It didn't matter what it was, Harry needed it. He didn't want to die. He refused to die like this. His magic channeled through everything, the air, the ground, through his own being time and again, trying desperately to create some miracle to save him from death.

As his magic drove into himself again it ran into something. Something powerful. Something dark and evil beyond measure. His magic grabbed onto this power, it didn't care what it was, it would use it to survive. Harry's magic took this dark power and absorbed it, using it to fuel itself.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The voice shouted triumphantly, and in that moment, Harry felt power surge through him.

His eyes suddenly shot open as pain flooded his senses. He sat up, his eyes taking in the flames that consumed his body.

The smoke that poured from his flesh began to turn black as the skin repaired itself at an impossible rate. Flesh that had been burned down to the muscle quickly healed, and the bullets lodged in his chest popped out.

Harry felt his bones pop back into place, and he felt his skin heal. Never before had he felt so much pain, but he couldn't escape it, it just continued to enrapture him until his body was fully healed. Hell, Harry even felt his teeth regrow in his mouth. Every moment felt like a lifetime as the pain of a fiery death was washed away.

It only took thirty seconds for Harry to fully heal, and when it was done, the only pain that remained was a burning pain on his forehead where his famous scar was located.

The two thugs could only stare in disbelief at the boy they had just killed. His sudden revival had shaken both men to their cores. He would have died from the beating alone, add onto that, the shooting, and the burning and there was no way he should still be standing. Yet here he was, covered in burned clothes, and fully healed.

The pain in Harry's scar kept growing more and more intense as he felt something reach out and grasp his very soul. All Harry could do was scream in agony as the pain tore through his being, he thought it would never end. He saw visions flash through his mind, the deaths of countless people. Slaughter. Rape. Mayhem. Murder. The worst things that could possibly be imagined were currently flashing through his mind. The images grew faster and he saw moments of men in dark cloaks wearing skull-like masks standing before him. He saw Hogwarts and the teachers, though many looked younger and some he didn't recognize. He saw an orphanage and people glaring at him. And then… he saw his mother. He saw her standing before a crib sheilding it with her body. He saw the love in her eyes, and then… he saw her fall in a flash of green. Then he saw himself… as a baby. Then, in another flash of green, the visions ended.

Harry found himself on his hands and knees. It only took him a few moments to realize what he had just seen. That was Voldemort's life. All of it. From beginning to end, he had just seen it all. But why?

"Hehehehe" Harry heard the voice chuckle. It was much cleared then it had been before.

"You, you did this. Why… why did I see Voldemort's life. Why did you show me those things? What the fuck are you!?" Harry asked as he pulled himself to his feet.

"Poor little, Tommy. So scared of Death. Had he waited just a few more years… we could have had so much fun together..." The voice almost sounded sad as it said that.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Harry wondered, still confused beyond all hell.

"I was with Tommy, but he not could wait, and so he cast me off where I waited until you found me. So much sadness and anger little Harry, we can make it all better." The dark voice stated.

"Make it better? How?" Harry asked, as shadows materialized around him. He turned his head and spotted a dark mass of nothing but shadow's growing from his back and out of it, emerged several dozen writhing, black, tentacles. Two of these tentacles held distinction, they both had snake like heads, each armed with a mouth, filled with massive, razor sharp teeth. Their eyes glowed a bright killing curse green, and their upper bodies held lights glowing within them, also the same greenish color.

The two snake-like tentacles moved in front of him and looked him in the eyes.

"We can make it all better Harry. You don't have to feel alone anymore. We will always be there for you." Harry heard the voice state. Harry himself was stunned as he stared at the dark creatures before him. He reached out to touch one of the serpents, feeling it's cold leathery skin beneath his fingertips. He knew he should have been terrified of these monstrous things, but for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to be afraid of them. He was about to speak when a bullet tore through his shoulder.

Harry let out a growl of pain, and his eyes snapped towards one of the thugs. Both looked terrified, and had guns leveled at him, their eyes wide in disbelief. Harry felt the bullet wound heal in a mere moment. Suddenly… he felt stronger then he ever had. He felt strong enough to do whatever he wanted.

"Darkness is your ally, Harry. Kill them." The voice growled and Harry felt his eyes lock onto the two men that had very nearly ended his life.

For only the briefest of moments, Harry hesitated. Killing wasn't in his nature. It wasn't who he was. He despised the act, he thought killers were terrible people. He was a good person.

Then, all of a sudden, images flashed into his mind. Everything these two men had just done to him came flooding into the forefront of his mind, and just like that, Harry was angry.

Then he was moving. As Harry marched towards the two men, they both began firing their guns. Their bullets hit him in the chest, shots the should have killed him, did nothing but increase his anger further.

"Through you… I will display my power..." The voice growled out as one of the tentacles shot forward and pierced one of the thug's chest.

"Through you… I am born..." The darkness intoned as one of the serpent tentacles show forward faster then a bolt of lightning and tore the other man's face off.

"You are mine now, Harry." The voice whispered in approval as the two men died.

Harry finished approaching the two now corpses. One had gaping hole where his heart should be. The other, was missing his face. Harry could see his brains, see the top of his throat. All the bloody fleshy parts of his skull.

Harry found himself grinning at the scene. He felt excitement at seeing their corpses. He knew he should be appalled but he couldn't bring himself to feel anything other then glee at the sight of the two dead bodies.

Suddenly, one of the serpents shot forward and buried it's head in the faceless man's chest. When it pulled back, it held the man's heard in it's mouth. Harry stared at the fleshy organ with immense interest. He reached out and ran his fingers along with slick bloody exterior of the organ, and then a moment later the serpent devoured the heard, swallowing whole.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with me?" Harry asked aloud as he stared down at the blood on his fingers.

"Pain and fear and death have shattered who you were. It is time to be born anew." The Darkness whispered to him.

"So I went crazy? That doesn't sound right. Then again… I am talking to myself." Harry noted as he stared off. After a few more moments he glanced around and took in his surroundings. He was in some sort of junk yard. There was no one to be seen, anywhere around him.

For a few moments, Harry glanced around, until his eyes fell on Hedwig's cage. He found himself walking towards it, once close, he knelt down and a look of sadness appeared on his face.

Harry just stared at the dead bird for several long moments as memories of his time with her entered into his mind. The clarify with which his memories were appearing was almost startling. It was like he had a perfect memory all of a sudden.

"Sorry girl. You didn't deserve this. I'll make that fat bastard pay. I'll make them all pay." Harry stated as picked up the cage. He fully intended to find a nice place to bury his precious bird. A few tears stung at his eyes as he carried the cage out of the junkyard. Eventually he found a nice wooded area and he dug a small grave for his friend.

"Thank you Hedwig. For everything." Harry muttered in sadness. A few quiet moments passed before he noticed the two snake-like tentacles looking at him expectantly. He stared back, not knowing what they wanted. Then, almost as if they read his mind, and image appeared in his head. This image was of Vernon Dursley, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

Harry instantly felt his hatred swell, he suddenly wanted to kill again, and he knew just who it would be.

-To Be Continued-

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