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Fear the coming Darkness

Chapter 4: She's Mine

-Three Days Later-

Harry sat in the kitchen eating breakfast with Hermione's mother Emma, her father Dan, and Hermione, herself. Harry knew Hermione had told them what had happened and the Granger's were kind enough to open their home to him. Harry was immensely grateful and spent every day since then trying to repay them. He cooked, he cleaned, he ensured that everything was spotless in an attempt to show his gratitude. After his first night, the Granger's awoke to a morning breakfast Harry had made for them. They were all grateful and even acknowledged his skills as a cook which brought a smile to Harry's face.

His attempts to keep them happy, were met with awkward acceptance. It was obvious that the Granger's didn't want him to feel like he needed to work in order to stay with them, but they also seemed to recognize that he was trying to keep busy, as well as give himself peace of mind, so they tried their best to clean up after themselves knowing that Harry would be quick behind them to pick up whatever they missed.

Emma and Dan, treated him kindly and spoke with him often. Neither breached subjects about his relatives, though it was easy to tell, they were thinking about it.

Hermione, was the most adamant about spending time with him. Her natural caring instincts often drove her to try and help others even if she didn't fully understand the problem. Harry knew that Hermione knew there was more to the story, she just didn't know all of it. He hadn't shown her his new wand, or told her about his new powers yet, but he knew she was starting to notice that he didn't sleep anymore.

As the 'adrenaline' of the last few days wore off and his rush of gaining vengeance against the Dursley's dissipated, Harry was able to finally relax and learn more about himself. Instead of rushing through various memories of Voldemort or the Darkness he instead chose to focus on single moments. He learned through them and began to understand his new powers and what he could achieve with them.

One thing that he finally took notice of, was that he no longer needed to sleep. During the day, he would tire as a regular person would, but as soon as the sun went down or he walked into a dark enough shadow, he would feel invigorated and alive, just as if he had, had a comfortable nights sleep. This meant that Harry hadn't slept in over a week, and he only really noticed this his first night at the Granger's house when they offered to let him sleep on the couch.

He found he couldn't sleep at night, he was just filled with too much energy. He could take naps during the day, but he was unable to drift asleep at night. This wasn't too bothering as he could just shut his eyes and drift through his memories while pretending to be asleep, but he was beginning to suspect that Hermione was taking notice of his actions.

It was almost like she knew something was wrong but she couldn't place it. So she kept close to him. She helped him work through his summer homework, and the two spent time together studying. Hermione even seemed surprised when he agreed to sit and read with her, since he had never done so at Hogwarts. This was mostly due to being an embarrassed little teen, unable to interact with a girl one on one. But here, now, away from Hogwarts, he found it so easy to just be himself around Hermione. He didn't even bother hiding how smart he was, which surprised him. Usually it was her that finished other people's sentences, often quoting texts or studies to emphasize her point. Though with his own knowledge plus Voldemort's he quickly turned the tables on her and began doing it to her. He'd even tried mimicking her way of doing it just to emphasize that he was intentionally parroting her.

She quickly caught on and began to swat at him with her books whenever he was getting mouthy. It made Harry feel a lot better to have her around and to be able to be himself, and he started to wonder to himself if Hermione might want to go out with him. I mean he'd never even broached the subject with anyone but if there was one person he could see himself asking out, and her saying yes, it'd be Hermione. The idea occupied his mind some nights and he wondered if maybe when Hogwarts rolled around, he should ask her out.

It was definitely food for thought.

Over the last few days, Harry had learned more about the powers he possessed. He focused a lot of his time learning about his ability to see the past of other people. This ability was called Dark Viewing and the ability seemed to be tied to two things. He could see what brought a person shame, or see what the Darkness viewed as evil in that person's life. This ability basically allowed him to see what a person had done wrong in their life, he just had to focus on them. While he hated doing so, he found himself using this power on Hermione's parents. He didn't want too, but they were close by and so long as they were within a dozen or so meters he could test the power without them realizing it.

It seems that Emma had a bit of a klepto streak to her as she had an unconscious habit of taking things that didn't belong to her. It was always harmless. A pen here, a button there, but she always felt guilty about it. The worst thing she had ever done in her life, left Harry red in the face and unable to look her in the eyes, and that was a foursome she had, had when she was nineteen with three anonymous dudes that she barely remembered. The act itself was completely consensual, at least at the time, though Emma deeply regretted it, and viewed it as her greatest embarrassment.

Seeing the act in graphic detail had left Harry red in the face, and locked in the bathroom, desperately splashing water on his face to get the redness to go away.

Using the ability on Dan revealed that he had a deep dislike of one of his coworkers. Some guy at the Granger's dental office was attracted to Emma, and spent time watching her. It was mostly harmless and she seemed to like the guy which was why Dan couldn't just fire him. So instead he filled his time with musing about ways he could embarrass the guy or in some cases Dan would fantasize about killing the guy. The worst thing Dan had ever done in his life was during his time in the military, when in basic training he got into a sparring match with one of his rivals and he beat the guy so severely he put him into a coma for nearly a week. Dan regretted that ever since and spent a lot of time in anger management classes getting his emotions straightened out.

Learning these things was quite interesting for Harry and though a part of him was curious about it, he desperately tried to avoid using the ability on Hermione. Knowing a person's deepest darkest secrets often altered your perceptions of them, and the Dark Viewing ability was so keen, that the images would play as if he was there himself.

Aside from that, Harry focused more on his Occlumency training, which could be done without anyone knowing. He had already built up several defenses in his mind, he just needed a Legilimens user to test them.

On his second day with the Granger's, Dan and Emma took a trip. They didn't tell anyone where they were going, but Harry knew they were going to have a word with the Dursley's.

They returned looking displeased, and Harry knew they hadn't gotten an answer from the door. Once they returned home, Dan phoned the police and gave them a report of what Hermione had told them from what Harry had told her.

They hadn't heard anything back yet, but that was soon to change.

"I'll get it." Dan stated as he heard a knock at the door.

"This food is delicious Harry. Have you ever considered going into a culinary field when you finish school? I don't know if magicals have that or not." Emma inquired.

Harry blushed at the praise and shrugged, Hermione sat between the two, smiling at seeing Harry get some well deserved acknowledgment for something other then not getting killed when he was little.

"Are you sure?" They all heard Dan say from the front door. This drew the attention from those at the kitchen table and Emma rose to her feet. Right about then, Dan entered into the room with two uniformed officers.

"Dan, what's going on?" Emma asked.

"Harry Potter?" One of the officers inquired.

"Yes, that's me." Harry replied as he rose to his feet.

"There's been an incident at Privet Drive. We're heard from the Granger's that your Uncle, Vernon Dursley kicked you out of his house a week ago. Your neighbors at Privet Drive claim that they haven't seen you in over a week, is this true?" The officer asked.

"Um… yeah. My Uncle… he blamed me for something that happened to him at work… I don't really know what it was about, but he just go so angry one night and threw me out on the streets. That was over a week ago, sir." Harry answered.

The officer gave him a hard look, but Harry's size and scrawny appearance, gave off the impression of a meek young child. After a moment the officer sighed and ran his hand over his head. "I don't know how to say this son, so I'm just gonna say it. A few days ago, your uncle, and his sister kidnapped two boys from your neighborhood and drove themselves over the cliffs along the sea. Before doing so, it's believed that the two murdered your cousin and aunt. I'm sorry son." The officer stated. It was obvious this guy had no training in how to deliver bad news. The Granger's were all mortified by this, they all quickly turned their attention to Harry who's eyes had glossed over.

There was silence throughout the room as everyone waited for Harry's reaction. It finally came in the form of a hollow chuckle.

"Harry?" Hermione asked with a worried expression as she heard the ghostly laugh escape from his lips.

"Wow… what does it say when something so terrible, is probably the best news I've been given all year?" Harry inquired with another giggle.

The officers shared a look, both had read the reports the Granger's had filed in regards to the Dursley's. Child abuse being the biggest one. If this kid was happy to hear they were gone, then that probably meant the allegations were true. Not for one second did the officers think that Harry had anything to do with it. I mean with Marge and Vernon driving themselves into the sea, it was a pretty clear cut murder suicide pact for the cops. Plus, Harry was almost always seen by his neighbors, often doing the gardening for Petunia, so if the neighbors said they hadn't seen him, it led credibility to his story.

Harry spent the next hour or so, answering questions for the officers. Hermione stuck by his side, holding his hand throughout it all. They asked him many things, questions about the Dursley's abuses, the cupboard under the stairs, his being kicked out, and where he had been for the last week or so.

His answers were given almost in a daze. To those around him, he seemed to be in a weird state. Stuck between confused and happy. Everyone understood the happiness. The monsters were gone, and he didn't have to be afraid of them anymore.

On the inside, Harry was positively grinning with joy. The Dursley's were gone and he had basically gotten away with murder.

After a while, the officers left. Mr and Mrs Granger gave Harry plenty of space, but Hermione clung to his side all night. She sat awake with him on the couch, as Harry just stared off into space. In her mind, she could only guess at what he was feeling. Though her biggest guess was that he felt free. Free from the Dursley's, free from the abuse, and free from the hell of his childhood.

Two day's later, Child protective services arrived. They wanted to talk with Harry, and since they couldn't locate any other relatives, there was talk of placing him into foster care. The Granger's were insistent that Harry could stay with them. They had the means to look out for him, and because he spent a lot of time at a boarding school, he wouldn't be much of a strain on them. The agent assigned to Harry was hesitant to just say go ahead. There were many protocols to follow, though the second Harry and her were in a private area, Harry drew his stolen wand from Knockturn Alley, the one without a trace on it, and cast the Imperious Curse, on the agent.

He gave her simple orders to work hard to help him stay with the Granger's and she quickly departed.

-Three more Day passed-

Harry sat on the couch staring at the ceiling. More time had passed, and he learned more through his memories. He was just now beginning to grasp just how powerful he could be through the darkness and what he could do with a bit of guidance. Things came to him, so easily now and he found himself curious about testing magic from other worlds and times that the Darkness or it's various hosts had utilized.

He'd need to wait until he got to Hogwarts or for the few times when he was left alone away from the Granger's in order to train. Currently Emma and Dan were at work, so it was just him and Hermione. It was around noon, and Harry wondered if Hermione was awake yet.

He wandered upstairs and headed down the hall towards her room, he made it halfway there when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Hermione darted out. The two ran right into each other, both letting out surprised yelps.

Harry landed on top of her and both of them let out pained groans. Harry had to blink a few times to regain his focus, and when he did, he felt wet. His shirt felt damp, almost like… that thought ended in his mind when his eyes drifted down towards his own chest and passed Hermione's body beneath his. He felt his gaze come to a screeching halt when he took notice of her wet skin and exposed breasts.

"Ha-Harry..." Hermione stuttered out. Her eyes wide, as she let out an internal curse.

"Mione… why are you naked… and wet?" Harry asked as he tore his eyes from her chest and locked eyes with her.

"Shower… I forgot a towel..." Hermione muttered in reply. Her eyes still wide, and her face starting to redden as Harry hovered over her.

Harry blinked a few times, he then squeezed his eyes shut and got to his feet, taking care not to accidentally touch something he shouldn't. He then averted his shut eyes and held out his hand to help her too her feet. He felt her damp hand grip his and he pulled her to her feet. She held onto it for only the slightest moment before releasing and dashing for her room.

In that moment, Harry was focused so intently on her, that his Dark Viewing ability activated, and he was drawn into a recent shame of hers.

He found himself standing outside the shower, staring in at Hermione's nude body. Water ran down it, and Harry felt his whole body go rigid. His eyes fell to her hands as they drifted across her body. He watched, almost mesmerized as she leaned against the shower wall and a hand descended between her legs.

At that moment, Harry felt dirty. Dirty for seeing this. Dirty for looking into this moment. This was something she was ashamed of, and she was his best friend. He shouldn't be watching these things. So, utilizing all of his strength of will, he forced himself to look away from the scene, though not before hearing Hermione moan out a name.


Harry Potter stood stock still in the hallway for several long moments before walking over to Hermione's door and sitting outside of it.

The only thing he could think about was why he had seen that moment. Obviously it had been what had just happened. She had been masturbating in the shower, which was probably the reason why she forgot to bring a towel in the first place. Hermione often bathed before going to bed, so that made sense. She probably thought she could get some privacy in the shower, so he wouldn't hear her.

The question was… why was she ashamed?

Harry just sat there for several moments. Angry at himself for having seen that, and confused by what it meant. His Dark viewing ability only showed the bad things people did, and what they were ashamed of. There wasn't anything wrong with masturbation, which would mean she'd have to have been ashamed of it, in order for him to see it.

The only reason he could think of for her to be ashamed was because of him. She was thinking about him, while she pleasured herself, and she was ashamed of that.

A few second went by before Harry heard someone take a deep breath from the other side of the door. He glanced up at it, just as the door opened and a fully clothed Hermione started out only to come to a sudden stop when she spotted him sitting before her.

"Harry?" Hermione asked with a bit of surprise.

"Sorry about before. I didn't mean to stare like that it's just..." Harry trailed off, not knowing how to finish that statement.

Hermione let out a sigh at that and sat next to him. "It's alright Harry. I understand that boys will be boys. You couldn't help yourself. It's a natural reaction." Hermione tried to write it off.

"Still… it was rude of me to gawk like that. So… I'm sorry." Harry repeated, earning a small smile from Hermione.

"It's alright, Harry. I forgive you. It's not like you knew what was going to happen. Besides, I'm sure mine aren't the first pair of breasts you've ever seen, and it's not like you accidentally groped me or anything." Hermione tried to make light of the situation, though all she truly managed to do was make Harry think back to any time he had actually seen a woman naked before and the only image's that came to mind were the young ten year old that Dudley had stolen her shirt from, and the woman that looked like Hermione that had been brutalized.

"No… you're actually the first I've seen." Harry admitted after a moment.

Hermione blushed at that, and brushed some of her wet hair behind her ear.

"Oh, sorry about that." Hermione muttered.

"What? Why? You were positively stu..." Harry began to answer back almost reflexively, as his gaze turned to hers. He had stopped when he noticed the shocked look on her face.

"Harry..." Hermione began, her eyes filling with something, almost as if she was unsure of something.

"Stunning. You were/are stunning, Mione. I know how that must sound coming from a bloke who's never seen a naked woman before, but from what little I did see… just… wow." Harry found himself admitting. Hermione's face was now beat red and a nervous smile played at her lips.

"You're just saying that." Hermione stated, though it was obvious she was happy to hear that he approved of what he saw, and happy about something else too.

Hermione had always had insecurities about her appearance and always thought of herself as being, at best, plain. In her own mind, the only remarkable thing about her physically were her teeth, and that was only due to all of the bullying she had received due to her two not having grown into her front teeth yet, causing others to mock her will words like 'Beaver' and 'Bucktooth'. To hear someone she admired and admittedly had feelings for, call her stunning, did wonders for Hermione Granger's self-confidence.

"Damn… alright, I wanted to do this sometime while we were at Hogwarts but if I wait until then, it'll just feel moot. Hermione, do you wanna go out with me?" Harry asked with a hopeful smile, earning a bit of a surprised look from Hermione, that then turned pensive.

Hermione bit her lip and looked really tempted to accept, the red of her face was a clear indication of her embarrassment. Though she wanted to accept, she needed to be sure that this wasn't just a fling idea or anything, so through her embarrassment she tried to ask her own question.

"You're not just asking that because… well… with what you saw… and I know how boys can be…." Hermione tried to clarify herself but she couldn't meet his eyes. She really hoped that his asking her out had come from the heart, not just his raging hormones.

"Hermione Jean Granger. I have liked you, and I mean 'liked you', liked you, since that whole, time traveling debacle last year. I was planning on asking you out during fourth year. After that whole thing with the Dursley's, you were the first person I thought about, and this last week I've spent with you has been one of the best of my life. Seeing you naked has nothing to do with me wanting to go out with you." Harry stated very clearly and with conviction. This earned her gaze and she locked eyes with him, getting lost in the emerald green orbs that reflected his feelings so well.

"Though I wont deny, I'll be thinking about what I saw for quite a while." He added after a moment earning a playful shove from her, and they both started to laugh.

"Very well, Harry Potter. You've convinced me. I will gladly accept a date with you." Hermione stated with a smile.

The two sat next to one another both smiling off into space for several long moments. It was Harry who spoke first when he started to channel James Potter.

"Dear Diary, I went for a walk and stumbled upon the most sublime looking creature." Harry began to recite, earning a playful shove from Hermione, whom tried to muster a glare at him.

"Stop it." She playfully warned. Both started to laugh at that. The two remained sitting there for several more minutes, both just enjoying each others company. It was Hermione whom chose to rise first, and when she did, she turned and offered Harry her hands. He accepted the offer as she pulled him to his feet and the two headed downstairs to enjoy some lunch.

Both were happy, there moods elevated by the days events. Things were a bit awkward, but neither tried to put much stock into it. Both more focused on the prospect of an upcoming date, and what that could mean for the two of them.

-Two Days Later-

Harry was currently busy pacing in the living room. He could hear the Granger's hustling and bustling upstairs, and he knew it wouldn't be long before they emerged from their rooms and departed. He was anxious for them to leave, so that he'd finally have the opportunity to practice magic.

Dan had purchased tickets to some sort of play in London, several weeks ago, and the Granger's were really looking forward to going, Dan had offered to try and find a way to get Harry a ticket but he politely declined, stating that the family should have some time to themselves, and that he could use that time to relax and just unwind. While the ladies weren't sure and wanted him to come anyway, Dan accepted Harry's words and now they were busy getting ready to leave.

This would be the first time since he arrived that they would all be out of the house for an extended period and Harry could work on his spell repertoire.

After a few moments the Grangers all came down and readied to leave, Dan and Emma were first out the door, though Hermione lingered and gaze him a look, he returned it with a smile, so she'd know that he was alright with them getting out of house for a while and leaving him to have to time alone.

She seemed to accept his look and gaze him a wave before departing with her parents. Harry sat in silence for several moments after they left. He waited a full five minutes to be sure that they wouldn't suddenly come back for something that they might have forgotten. Once he was relatively sure they weren't coming back, he quickly fished out his Knockturn wand and set to work on practicing spells.

Harry focused most of his time practicing his Transfiguration spells, since it wouldn't do any damage to the Granger's things and it could be easily fixed by canceling the spells.

For hours, Harry practiced different spells, finally able to utilize magic to it's fullest extent. He felt so alive when using magic. The only thing that could make his stay with the Grangers better was if he could use magic whenever he wanted. If he could just do that, it would have been perfect.

Before he even realized it, night had fallen. He found himself surprised to see that so much time had passed, he glanced at the clock in the Granger's living room and noticed that it was nearly ten. The Granger's would be on their way back by now.

With a sigh, Harry got to work restoring the room to it's rightful design. He made sure every piece of furniture was exactly where it was supposed to be, he even used some cleaning spells to make the place spic-and-span, so that the Granger's would think he cleaned it up for them. Once that was all done, he settled onto the couch and waited. He knew it'd probably be a half hour to an hour before they were home, so he decided he'd pretend to be asleep until then.

Ten minutes passed before the sound of a gunshot tore through Harry's mind. He bolted upright on the couch and stared off into space.

"What the hell?" Harry thought to himself.

"Please! Don't!" A female voice echoed in his mind, followed by another gunshot.

Harry recognized the voice. It was Emma Granger's voice.

"What the fuck? Mrs. Granger?" Harry asked as he stood up and looked around. He was positive it had been her voice, and it sounded like it was coming from right next to him.

He glanced around the darkened living room, his eyes alight with emerald flame. "What is going on?"

"They're dying Harry." The Darkness whispered and Harry's eyes widened to size of saucers.

"What? How? Where are they!?" Harry shouted as he heard Emma's voice again cry out, this time he could he screaming crying behind it, those cries belonged to Hermione, and the sound of it made his blood run cold. Suddenly another gunshot tore through his mind.

Then another.

And then another.

And then, there was just Hermione's cries…

Harry felt his heart breaking in two as he heard her dreadful sorrow and fear. Then suddenly they were silenced by a gunshot.

Harry stood in silence for several seconds, the echo of the gunshot, tearing through his mind.

"It's too late Harry." The Darkness whispered in a low melodic snarl. Almost like it was angry, yet at the same time, sad.

"No..." Harry said with a shake of his head, as suddenly an image flashed into his mind, it was of a gas station in the night. Then another image followed of a dead clerk behind the counter, his brains blown out and the register open.

Then another image of the Granger's car outside refueling, and men running from the station. The men spotted them and ran towards them. The images continued and Harry saw as the lead man, held up his gun and shot Dan in the head as he got close. Then shot into the car where Hermione and Emma were.

"No, no, no, no, no..." Harry stated to stated with repetition as the bodies of the Grangers flashed through his mind. He felt sorrow build within him, but it was instantly squashed when the image of Hermione laying on the ground next to the open door of her families car, as blood pooled around her, appeared in his mind.

Without thinking, without any direction whatsoever, Magic took over, it bent to Harry's will and with a loud crack, Harry felt himself slam hard into asphalt. The shock of the impact shook him out of his stupor and he quickly shot to his feet. He glanced around and found himself standing before the same station he had seen in his vision.

Feeling a cold chill wash over him, Harry gazed at the fuel pumps. The Granger's car wasn't there, but he could see two bodies laying nearby.

For a moment, Harry was paralyzed. Then, he was moving. Running faster then he ever had, running faster then a normal person could move.

In an instant he was by the pump and standing over Dan. The kind Granger Patriarch had been shot in the head, the look of surprise still plastered on his face. Harry glanced to the other body and found Emma, with several gunshot wounds to her torso.

Harry felt tears well in his eyes as he stared at the bodies of two of the kindest people he had ever met. They had selflessly taken him in and even though it was only for a few weeks, they had shown him kindest he had never known from anyone other then the Weasely's.

"I'm sorry. If I'd just been here… I could have… I..." Harry thought to himself, though his thoughts ended when he spotted the pool of blood that sat alone without a body. He saw a trail of blood leading away from the pump and towards the station.

"Hermione!" Harry shouted as he dashed towards the station. He moved swiftly and nearly tore the door off it's hinges when he made it there. What he saw would haunt him for many nights to come. Laying before the counter, was Hermione, she was un-moving, and bleeding heavily. Her skirt and longsleave shirt were both stained with blood and she laying face down.

"Mione." Harry cried out as he dashed to her side. Once there he scooped her into his arms and to his joy, he saw her blink. Her skin was deathly pale, and blood flowed from two gunshot wounds, one to the leg and the other to the stomach.

Harry could see bits of intestines spilling out of her wound, dirt and debris caked to the exposed organs. The sight made Harry want to barf, but he kept the bile down and pressed his hand to her wound, trying to stem the blood flow.

"Ha-Harry…?" Hermione whispered, a mixture of disbelief and relief on her face.

"It's alright. I'm here. You're gonna be alright. You're gonna be okay, just hang in there." Harry replied quickly as he searched Voldemort's memories for any healing spells he knew.

"I'm sorry, we... didn't get out date Harry. I… was really… looking forward to it." Hermione stated with a half-hearted attempt at a smile.

"Don't say stuff like that. I'm gonna fix you up. Make it all better." Harry replied quickly, as he scanned the store shelves for any form of alcohol he could use to disinfect the wound.

"It's alright, Harry. It doesn't hurt anymore." Hermione whispered as he voice stated to fade out.

"No, no… Mione! Hermione Granger! You are not dying here!" Harry snapped his eyes alight with green flames as he tried to shake her back into consciousness.

The act only partially worked as it caused her eyes to gain a bit of focus but it was obvious she wouldn't last more then a few more moments.

As Harry stared down at her and racked him mind for a solution, the lights of the store began to dim and from his back, the Darkness emerged.

Seeing the serpents glide out from behind him, Harry locked eyes with them.

"Please! Save her! Please… I'll do anything… just don't let her die." Harry pleased with the serpents there unholy green eyes stared back at him the whole time, not hint of any emotion to them.

"She is dead already Harry. No healing magic could stop what has already happened." The darkness replied in what sounded like a sorrowful tone, or at least a sad as it could manage.

"No… she's still alive… she's..." Harry stopped as his eyes returned to Hermione's only to find them closed.

"No! No! Hermione! Hermione, wake up! Wake up!" Harry cried out as he shook her again only this time her eyes didn't open. Harry felt tears flow from his eyes as he stared down at his friend.

For several moments he sat in silence. For several moments this silence spread, and if Harry had been more aware he would have felt it spread to the entirety of Europe.

For several long moments, everything, everywhere, became silent.

Harry felt himself trembling as images of all the time he had spent with Hermione these last few weeks had flashed through his mind. He felt his heart breaking as the images tore through his skull. With even realizing it, he had pulled her lifeless body into an embrace. For several long seconds he held her.

Harry wasn't aware of anything. All of his senses were numbed to the point where the only thing he could feel was Hermione's body going cold in his arms.

"Oh shit." A voice from nearby said, as two guys cautiously opened the station doors and spotted Harry in the darkness with the vicious dark serpents hovering over him and Hermione's body in his arms.

In an instant, Harry was shaking, and then, before he knew it, he was screaming.

His scream shattered the windows of the station, and the car that had the two men had driven here in. Both passerby's were thrown to the ground as their eardrums burst from that magic filled cry.

The two guys, whom had nothing at all to do with anything that had happened here today, could only watch in horror as Green light built within Harry's body and then, in their final moments, the two could only scream as green flame exploded from his body and detonated the gas station.

It was several long moments later when Harry finally stopped screaming, and when he did, he found himself sitting in a raging inferno. The Darkness tentacles staring down at him.

Harry rose to his feet, Hermione's body, untouched by the flames still cradled in his arms. The station itself had been detonated by the explosion of green flames and now, burning gas was fueling an inferno around him. The green flames had turned the two men's bodies to ash. The burning station had done the same to the Granger's erasing any evidence of them having ever been there.

The only two things untouched by fire was Harry and Hermione in his arms.

Harry marched out of the Fire and continued for several minutes away from the flame. Once he was far enough away he dropped to his knees and set Hermione's body on the ground.

He stared down at her for several moments his eyes, cold and lifeless. It took only a moment, before his Dark Viewing ability activated and he saw the whole event play out. Instead of seeing it in images, he saw the robbers, how they killed the clerk, took his money then spotted the Grangers, killed them and stole their car.

The three robbers had covered their faces, but that didn't hinder Harry in the least. He could feel them. He could feel them moving away from him, even now. His eyes turned towards the west. Away from London and down the road.

His gaze, now filled with unholy fury, returned to Hermione.

"I'm sorry, Mione. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I love you. I hope you knew that. You were, and will always be, my best friend." Harry whispered, as he leaned down and kissed her. It was a gentle kiss, the first he had ever given. It filled him with such incomprehensible sadness and anger, to look upon his best friend's dead body, yet even as pale as a ghost, under the light of the full moon, he still found her beautiful.

"I'll find the people who did this. They wont hurt anyone ever again. I promise you that. Goodbye..." Harry whispered as he rose to his feet. He stared down at her for several moments before he turned and marched off towards the road.

"Without death… there can be no peace. Nor can there be, rebirth." The Darkness growled. Harry made no sign that he had heard it, his focus entirely on the west.

Then, he was moving. To someone watching, it would appear as if he were simply walking, while teleporting. Harry was Apparating forward as far as he could see, in the darkness of the night, his magic was infinite so he Apparated again and again and again, never breaking into a run and always focused on the feeling of those he was hunting.

He was locked on now. No force on this Earth would stop him from getting justice for those he loved. Those responsible were about to feel the wrath of Evil incarnate. Harry had within his mind, all of the evil ever perpetrated. There was no dark act he was unaware of. Meaning, when it came to torturing someone, there was no one who could outdo Harry Potter. He held the minds and memories of the most evil creatures to ever live, and now, he was going to unleash that power onto those that dared to kill his best friend.

-Two Hours Later-

"How much did you get?"

"Twelve hundred. Not bad for there first run, though the kid, Francis, he's a bit of a wildcat. Doesn't seem to have any problem blowing people's brains out. We were spotted at the station by a small family of three. He shot all three of them, even shot up the car. One of them was a girl, teenager. Kids got no remorse, so I'd be careful what you do with him." Was the reply given. The two men talking were sitting in a garage on the edge of a small town to the west of London.

The building itself was an automotive repair shop, but in actuality it was a gang stronghold. Thirty people moved about within the building, six of which were hard at work tearing the Granger's car apart to sell it for scrap.

"Anything on the family?" The Gang leader asked.

"Not much. Granger family I think. Got it from there ID's. The only interesting thing I found was that the teenager had a stick in her purse." The thief replied.

"A stick?"

"Yep, a stick, about a foot long, piece of wood. It was such an odd thing to find. Whatever though. They seemed like average people, probably didn't need to kill them, we had masks on but the wildcat has an itchy trigger finger." The thief replied.

"Right, well… I'll be sure to take that into account when..." The gang leader was cut off at that moment by screams coming from the other room.

Every man in the room turned to the door leading into the other room. Some quickly grabbed guns, or armed themselves with pipes. Screams persisted from the other room, until finally the door slammed open and one of their guys burst into the room.

"What the fuck is going on out there?" The Gang leader demanded as the frightened gangster darted towards the exit only to find the door locked and the window unbreakable for some reason.

"We need to get out of here! It's a monster, a fucking monster! We need to go! Someone shoot out the window! HURRY!" The terrified gangster screamed as he pulled and tugged at the exit to the garage.

A loud growl suddenly sounded from the other room, and all eyes turned towards the doorway leading into the garage. The lights were out in the other room, and only complete darkness remained.

"What the fuck is going on?" One of the men asked as he trained his pistol onto the darkened hallway.

Right then a terrified scream sounded and another of their friends burst from the shadows. He made it a foot or two from the door, when a pitch black tentacle shot out and speared him through the chest.

The crowd of some dozen men in the garage stared in horror as their fellow gangster screamed and cried out in agony as he was dragged back into the other room by the dark tentacle. His screams were heard for several moments after he vanished into blackness, then there was nothing.

"Shoot whatever the fuck comes through that door." Their boss ordered, and many of the men checked their guns to ensure a round was chambered, and they were ready to fight.

A few moments passed as before a dark shadow emerged from the blackened hallway. Every man armed with a gun immediately opened fire. Bullet tore into the dark figure and blood sprays could be scene as each round hit it's mark and tore through it's body.

The firing continued until they all ran out of ammo, and when that happened they found that the shadow had in fact been a young man. No more then fifteen, with dark tentacles writhing from his back. His body was riddled with bullet holes and blood poured from his wounds, yet he remained standing.

"Yeah… this is exactly what she felt. Blood pouring from her body. The pain of a bullet in her gut." Harry growled out as his emerald eyes locked on the gangsters whom could only stare dumbfounded.

Right about then, all of his wounds began to heal and the bullets exited his body and fell to the ground. The Gangsters stared in disbelief as his body fully healed. He was still covered in blood but it seemed that after only a few moments, all of the damage they had done, was gone. Even the hole where a bullet had punched through his eye, had been fully healed, and now the blazing emerald orb was locked on them and filled with such malice it brought some men to their knees in fear.

Harry stared at them for a long moment, before waving his arm, sending the garage door flying off it's hinges.

"Run." He said with a smile, and like that every man shit himself and ran out the door.

Harry followed out into the night, his wand in hand. With a simple wave he summoned them all back to him, they flew through the air and landed in a pile before him. Some groaned in pain, others cried out in terror as they found Harry standing over them.

"Run." He demanded again, as a much more sinister smile crawled across his face.

The dozen men tried to do so, only for Harry to summon them all back to him again. This process repeated once more before one of the serpent shot out and took a mans face off. The Gangsters all tried to run again, and again they were pulled back and another one died, hit with the sickly green light of Killing Curse.

Harry's menacing grin grew more and more vicious as he tortured them. He was about to kill another when a mighty howl tore through the air.

All of them turned their heads in the direction of wolfish howl. It was loud and powerful and Harry could feel magic tear through the air.

He stood in silence for several moments as the men crawled away from him. His eyes were on a road nearby where he could see a white glow approaching.

Whatever it was, it was moving fast.

By then, one of the men shot to his feet and dashed for his car. Just as he made it, he heard a vicious snarl and suddenly something slammed into the roof of his car, flattening the body and popping all four tires at once.

The man was thrown to the ground by the impact. He quickly recovered and he felt his jaw drop at what he was looking at. Hovering above him, standing on top of his flattened car was a wolf. The biggest wolf he had ever seen.

This creature was beautiful. This wolf was all white with bluish mist flowing off of it. When standing it was easily a solid two fee taller then a man. It's all white fur flowed elegantly in a breeze that seemed to come from nowhere. The wolf's eyes were mesmerizingly beautiful. They were a glowing red, and unholy dark color, like looking into a bottomless abyss. It was striking compared to the wolf's pure silver gray fur.

The elegant creature hovered over him, staring down at the gangster for several long moments. Then suddenly, it bore it teeth.

A mouth filled with massive razor sharp, flesh rending teeth. Before he could even scream, the wolf shot forward, it's jaws easily wrapping around his head. In a single motion it took off the gangsters head. By then, the rest of the men were on their feet running.

The wolf let out an ear-splitting howl and pursued them, it moved so fast, that to the human eye it seemed to disappear.

Harry watched, enraptured by the wolf's beauty as it tore through the remaining gangster, ripping them to shreds. Harry watched, uncaring as blood and gore splattered it's fur, or as it howled and screamed as it tore through them with an unknown fury.

All Harry could think, was that the wolf was beautiful.

It had only taken ten second. Ten whole seconds for the wolf to finish tearing through the remaining gangster, when it did, it turned it's attention to Harry. Without fear or hesitation in trotted up to him.

Harry couldn't bring himself to be afraid of the giant beast, he was too mesmerized by the stark red of it's eyes and the raw emotions they held. The anger, the rage, and fury, and… the love…

Love… he could clearly see affection in the wolf's eyes… an affection that brought a face into his mind as the wolf reached him and pressed it's head to his nuzzling against him and whining as if to tell him something.

For a moment Harry was lost, he had absolutely no clue what was going on. And then… it clicked. The Darkness drew forward memories in his mind. Memories of another place, and another world, where a previous host had created the first Werewolves. True Werewolves. Beasts of pure white, almost otherworldly beauty. Beasts of unimaginable power. This thing before him was a true Werewolf.

"How..." He found himself stuttering out as the wolf pulled back and locked eyes with him.

Even as he stared into the wolf's blood red eyes, he could only see a pair of brown eyes staring back at him.

He knew it wasn't possible, and yet… he couldn't escape the thought. The wolf pressed forward and pressed against him. Harry saw the mist of it's body grow and consume itself and then, he felt a pair of arms wrapped around him. It was in that moment that Harry knew he was right.

"Harry… Are you okay?"

He felt tears in his eyes as he stared into her glowing red eyes.

"Mione..." He whispered as a joyous sob escaped his lips and he wrapped his arms around her. There before him, was his best friend, Hermione Granger. Her eyes were red, and her hair a startling silvery white.

"Harry..." She whispered out, her arms still wrapped around him.

Harry didn't reply, he just let out another joyous sob and pulled her tighter into an embrace. It was obvious she was confused but she was more worried about him then anything else. The scent of his blood still filled her nose. All things had happened so quickly that she had yet to even realize most of what had happened. All she knew was that Harry was in danger. Nothing else had even seemed to register with Hermione yet. Not her parent's death. Not her own death. Not her being a werewolf. All she knew, all she cared about at this moment was that Harry had been hurt and she needed to protect him.

The two held each other for a long time. Harry thanking the heavens above and the hells below for whatever had saved Hermione, while Hermione just held him close keeping him safe in her embrace which now held the strength of a great beast.

Hermione may have been in too much shock to realize what was happening around her, but that wouldn't last long. She'd soon come to realize what she was, and Harry would to and the role he had played in her creation.

Little did either of them know at that moment, but they now shared a bond, one greater then any normal people could share. It was the bond of master and servant. Hermione was his now, in all ways. A creature of darkness born from the power of the night and moon. This was the true strength of evil, to turn good people into monsters and grant those monsters great power. Just as Harry Potter had died and been reborn, so too had Hermione. She wasn't the last monster that Harry would create, but she would always be the most loyal. His monster, until the end of time.

-To Be Continued-

Alright there you go, hope you like it. Hermione's a werewolf now and if you need a reference for her powers, It's the Captain from Hellsing Ultimate, so she'll be insanely strong, fast, ect, ect. Please let me know how you like it, and yes, Harry's ladies are all gonna turn into monsters. Hermione's a true werewolf, and she's bound to Harry's will now. Just as death shattered Harry's sense of self, Hermione's death did the same, and yet her rebirth has tired her to harry's will. So she'll be just as dark and evil as he is.

Harry's mates in this story will be the exact opposite of Riley's from Broken Angel. In that story, they serve to ground Riley and hold her partially in the light. In this story, they will held Drag Harry into the darkness and keep him there. So let me know what you think. Ta!