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The Island: Chapter 1

Sonic's POV

I coughed, trying to get as much water out of my system as was possible. Even though the air around me was warm, I was still shivering as my fur and clothes were completely drenched.

"Come on." I groaned and dragged someone along with me away from the water and further up the shore, my hold on the hedgehog's top and arm weak as my every fiber was exhausted and trembled from the effort, my muscles burning.

Unwillingly I let him drop down on the sand while I fell on my hands and knees besides him, panting and coughing. I looked over to the dark hedgehog and checked for any sign of life.

There was a pulse and he was breathing. He was still with me.

I fell down on the sand on my back next to him and looked up to the orange sky. The sun was setting, the day slowly turning into night. Deciding that it wouldn't be so bad to give in, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be taken away by my exhaustion.

- Three Days Earlier -

"A vacation?" I asked, staring at my little brother as if he had just grown a second head.

We were both sitting at the kitchen table and we were enjoying a nice breakfast until my bro suddenly decided to bring this up.

"Yeah! You've been fighting Eggman for a long time with no breaks and we all agree that you deserve a little bit of a vacation." The twin-tailed kitsune, Tails, told me with a smile before practically shoving a brochure in my face.

I took it in my hands and briefly read it before looking back at him again.

"I can't do this." I said and left the brochure on the table in front of me for me to check out.

"Why not?" Tails asked, looked a bit disappointed as he only wanted to help me.

"Isn't it obvious? I can't just leave you alone for that long! You're only fourteen!" I responded, a bit surprise that it wasn't as obvious to him as it was to me.

That's what I thought at first, but than he started chuckling a little and I figured that he had probably thought about that too.

"Don't worry about me! I can stay with Cream and miss Vanilla!" He said, shutting me up before I could ask what was so funny.

"That is... Okay..." I answered, still uncertain.

"So you're going?!" The kitsune asked in glee.

"No, what about Eggman?" I brought another matter up.

"You don't have to worry about him! We can hold him off on our own while you're away! You'll have the time of your life I swear!" Once again Tails managed to reassure me that I had nothing to worry about.

I hate to say it, but he brings up some pretty good points. They have handled Eggman without my help before. It's given me the freetime to travel before and now I could do it again, except this time I didn't need to stick to our continent.

"Fine." I relented with a soft sigh, to which Tails smiled in absolute glee.

He was obviously happy to see me agree to his idea. It just seemed natural to me. I was his caretaker, I was practically his parent, of course Tails, like any other kid, couldn't wait to have a few days away from his elder so he could have some fun.

Every kid sometimes wanted their parents away for some time, mostly because they wanted to do things they weren't allowed to just for fun. Although I highly doubt Vanilla would allow any of his future shenanigans.

Well, either way, looks like I'm going.

- Eight Hours Ago -

I looked up to the small plane in confusion standing there on the airstrip, ready to take off.

'So this is what's going to take me to my destination? I expected it to be... bigger.' I thought as I looked the contraption over.

I had expected something a little larger as I thought more people would be coming along, but so far the only people present were me, the pilot and this small group of guys dressed in fancy suits with briefcases and a few sturdy looking dudes, the typical businessmen and women with their bodyguards. They were probably on their way to the same hotel I was to close some deal or whatever.

Was this really it? Was I traveling first class or something? I hope not, I wouldn't want anyone to pay so much for me.

I looked back down at the brochure I held. Something was off, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I sighed and stuffed it back in my pocket again. It was Tails and our friends who gave me this opportunity to go on this trip. Surely I could trust this. I guess it's just a feeling that I had.


That question could only be answered by facing my doubts. I boarded the small aircraft after my luggage was taken care off and got comfortable in one of the seats close to the window, figuring I would be here for quite a while.

I was contemplating if this was really the right decision when I heard someone else board the plane, following the group of fancy people.

I was surprised to see just who it was that decided to join me on this vacation.

"Shadow!" I called out to him.

Said hedgehog jumped in surprise as I startled him and looked back at me. He picked a seat at the window in the opposite row after a simple wave.

"Hey." He greeted me as he sat down. He seemed a bit flustered.

In fact, Shadow has always seemed flustered and a bit awkward around me for well over a year now and it seemed to get worse each time we met. It took some serious getting used to seeing that usually stoic attitude of his melting away and even disappear completely around me.

Years of taking care of Tails, he was fourteen now, gave me an eye for certain things. I remember when Tails had his first little crush when he was only seven years old and that time Amy still thought she was in love with me. They acted the exact same way Shadow has been acting around me lately, though he wasn't quite as obvious yet.

So, of course, I had some notion on what was going on with him, but Rouge had given me the advice to stay quiet about it and let Shadow gather the courage to begin about it himself, stating that it would do him some good. It confirmed what I had been suspecting.

"So Rouge send you away on vacation aswell, huh?" I asked, moving a seat closer to him.

"Yes, she told me that I needed some time to relax since the Commander barely gives me any time off. So she gave me this plane ticket and key to this fancy hotel to stay in for two weeks. No idea why she didn't just come along." He simply responded, turning towards me a little in his seat.

"That's great, you should use that time to kick back and relax." I said, to which Shadow nodded as he agreed with me.

We heard a voice come through the intercom, telling us that we were about to take flight.

"Looks like we'll be the only ones going on this trip for fun." I stated, referring to the the small group of people sitting more towards the front of the plane, to which Shadow nodded again.

"I think I've heard them talk about making this big deal about the future of technology or something farfetched. I'm not too sure." The hedgehog responded and got comfortable in his seat, ready to face hours of flying.

"Well, so long as that technology doesn't lead to killer machines being send back in time to finish me off, than I'm okay with it." I stated with a smile, stretching my arms behind my head. It's gonna take a while before I get up again.

As Shadow let out an amused huff, I knew that Rouge at last made him catch up on popular movie franchises.

"Good thing you've had some practice." He responded and flashed me a look before grabbing a book from the luggage he had with him.

As the plane took off into the sky, we allowed ourselves to relax as we forgot about how few people were around and simply enjoyed the flight and company of a friendly face.

Hours passed, Shadow had fallen asleep with that book on his lap and a small empty bag of peanuts on the tray of the seat next to him aswell as a can of soda, his guard completely down for once.

I was close to following him to slumberland in my original seat, actually. My eyelids were heavy and it was difficul for me to stay awake from being this inactive for so long. Alas, sometimes running couldn't be my single mode of transportation.

But then something shocking stopped me from falling asleep.

An explosion.

Shadow and I were immediately wide awake. We briefly glanced at eachother in shock and concern before jumping up from our seats. Out of the windows on the right side we could see smoke and fire, one of the engines had caught fire from the mysterious blast.

On our way to the cockpit we found the six other passengers lifeless in their seat, foam and saliva running down the corners of their mouths and their eyes rolled back in their skull.

"Shadow..." I turned to look at him while the whole plane rumbled and shook.

"They were poisoned." Shadow gasped, the cause of death for these people aswell as their bodyguards obvious.

The sudden explosion, the poisoning. It didn't take long to connect the dots and one look at Shadow told me he had figured it out aswell.

Someone had been looking to take these people out and wanted to cover their tracks by crashing the plane. We would just be collateral damage.

With a grip on my shirt, Shadow pulled me along to the cockpit, only to find it empty, its door having been ripped clean off its hinches by the blast.

We were the only ones left.

"Sonic, we need to get out of here now!" Shadow yelled over to me, trying to be heard over the deafening sounds all around us as he stated the obvious before searching for parachutes. I quickly followed his example, but there were none.

Just then another blast send us flying out of the cockpit. Luckily we were spared the injuries.

"Sonic?" Shadow called my name as I got up, pulling him along with me as he had landed right on top of me.

I ran towards the door and opened it. The dark hedgehog did not have the time to question my actions as I tightened my grip around his wrist and jumped out, pulling the hedgehog out along with me.

I could heard Shadow call my name in terror as I jumped without a second thought or even a small reminder of my aquaphobia, just barely audible. I pulled him close to my chest, trying to keep him safe as we plummeted down below towards the ocean.

The plane had come down low enough, we should survive.

But as Shadow was below me, though not on purpose, he felt most of our impact with the water and didn't immediatly get air when we sank into the ocean, causing him to pass out and leave me to fight my fear against water just to keep him near the surface and afloat.

I had to get us both to the island that I could see faintly in the distance. I had to.