Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Fay Dunbar
Warnings: alternate universe; het;
Prompts: (Character) Ginny Weasley; (Scenario) Meet the parents; (Setting) The Leaky Cauldron; (Word) Drum; (Word) Gather; (Word) Scary

To Love a Lion
048. An Important Moment

When she stepped off the Hogwarts Express, Ginny Weasley didn't bother glancing around the platform for her parents or any of her siblings. She knew none of them were going to be there. Her parents were in France with Bill, Fleur, and Victoire for a few days, visiting Fleur's family while each of her older brothers had plans. Charlie was on the dragon preservation in Romania, Percy was with his new girlfriend, George was busy with the shop, and Ron was with Hermione in Australia.

Since her break up with Harry, Ginny wasn't sure what he was up to these days. Last she heard, he was living with Andromeda Tonks and taking care of his godson, Teddy Lupin.

"You all right?" Fay Dunbar asked, reaching out to lace their fingers together.

Turning, Ginny offered her girlfriend a smile. "Just thinking," she muttered.

Fay hummed, taking a few steps forward.

Ginny followed, smile still in place.

"I'm thinking we'll hit Diagon Alley, do some shopping, and meet my parents at the Cauldron," Fay suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Ginny replied, squeezing her girlfriend's hand. The thought of meeting Fay's parents was scary and imitating, but she was ready. This was the next big step in their relationship.

Smiling, Fay leaned over, pressing a kiss to her girlfriend's lips. "Let's go," she muttered.

The pair walked to the edge of the platform before apparating to Diagon Alley. Ginny smiled at the familiar sight of the alley. It was a welcome sight.

Fay laughed, reaching out to take Ginny's hand again. "Where should we start?" she asked.

"Gringotts," Ginny answered. She needed to withdraw some money before they could begin shopping.

With a skip in her step, Fay led the way to Gringotts. The afternoon passed quickly as they pair roamed the alley, purchasing a few last minute gifts and eating ice cream. As it neared dinnertime, Fay and Ginny headed to the Leaky Cauldron.

As they stepped inside, Ginny located Fay's parents. Mr. Dunbar had the same honey blonde hair while Mrs. Dunbar had the same cheekbones and gray eyes. If Ginny wasn't mistaken those were the Black family's signature gray eyes.

"Are you ready?" Fay asked, turning to look at her girlfriend. They stopped by the bar, across the pub from her parents.

Ginny nodded, unable to form words as she heard her heartbeat thumping in her ears, sounding like a drum. Her nerves were running on high as she fought to control her emotions and gather her courage.

Fay gently led her girlfriend to the table where Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar sat. "Mum, dad," she began with a smile, "this is my girlfriend, Ginny Weasley."

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