January 31st.

Stupid Kyon...! It's been eight years today... eight years since you stayed in that closed space which I couldn't get you out from... I can remember it like if it were yesterday. When we came back and we waited for you to show up with us at the agora park; we didn't stop nervously looking at each other.

Every time these dates come around, they make me feel very nostalgic, I feel an immense need to go back to the closed space and stay there with you, but that can't happen...Despite how painful this is to me, I can't stop writing you a letter every January, in which those memories cloud my judgement and take me to those far away days... with all our friends and the adventures we lived, when we founded the SOS Brigade and we began to act up... okay, I admit it, when I began to act up, when with your boring gesture followed me and tried to avoid making Mikuru end up crying because of me (until this day, I regret that), or when you looked with disdain at how Koizumi followed all my indications without even thinking twice, or how Yuji acceded to my ridiculous requests as if they were anything... the reproaches you had against me or the simple advice you tried giving me... you must know that I always listened to you, but I had a reputation to defend, I couldn't simply obey the lowest ranking brigade member just like that, as much as I wanted to... don't take the last part so serious... you knew it and even then, you tried to make yourself important... pretentious ass.

And then, the closed spaces arrived... do you remember? If it wouldn't have been for your stupid idea to hug me that December day, I would've never had the crazy need to take you to those so curious moments... although I must admit that they were almost perfect, nothing was as special as when we took them to the real world... I believe that, without caring how cheesy it may sound, sharing the bed with you those few days was extremely agreeable... not only because of the obvious reasons, but because we could know each other much better... you can know a person better than you can imagine talking to him, or fighting with him... and of course, sleeping with him... we did all three things regularly so it wasn't a problem for us to get to know each other in such a deep way... perhaps way before that, I already felt it, but that time of our lives was without a doubt what reaffirmed my feelings, and surely the same happened to you, I also didn't like all your ways and manias, but I wasn't willing to try to change any of them in reality... I accepted you just the way you were, I wished with all my heart that you never stopped being the boring and judgmental guy that I had met in Spring some years behind, the same guy that thought more in the other brigade members, including me, before thinking on himself, the one that advised without ulterior motives as low as to get any type of advantage from what you told us or did for us... I don't know if you were very noble or very stupid... but you could have any of the girls in the brigade without any effort...

And even then... at the end you chose the person most different from you... I suppose the complement criteria applies, being both opposites, practically in every sense.

It's shameful to admit it, but I will... I'm very thankful things happened that way... I infinitely thank life for putting you in my life and allowing us to share something more than high school extracurricular activities.

I ignore when I began to love you... what I do know is that I will do it for the rest of the life I have left...

Damn wretch...!

I miss you so much!

"We are about to arrive, sir." The taxi driver indicates, I recognize the neighborhood without a problem from here.

After hearing him, I close the laptop on my lap... well, that has been, and by a lot, the cheesiest anniversary letter via email that Haruhi has sent me... come on, it was only two weeks in Mumbai, I didn't even leave the continent this time. Plus, you weren't home all this time either.

This has been a very cold January... even in the last days it has snowed, the neighborhood is buried under a snow layer that looks like a white immaculate dress, like a bride's.

The taxi turns around the agora park, I'm only at some hundred meters from home... I can feel the anxiety... I will finally see them again...

After thanking the taxi driver and paying the corresponding fare, I stand in front the house... my house, the small garden, today covered also with snow, has excavations at various spots, and while I go in I can see the well elaborated fortress in which the snow has made the place... the snow and one little person...

A snowball comes out projected towards me, but I'm too fast for that attack and tackled the shot with my suitcase. I turned towards the source of the attack.

"Get out my fortress!" The little voice behind a mound tells me. Not hearing my response, a dark brown hair surges covered with a thick wintery wool hat. Under it, a pair of enormous and precious amber eyes look at me with suspicion. That faked upset gesture is definitely what I needed after so much time out of the house.

"Aren't you coming to greet me?" I ask opening my arms.

The diminutive figure came out her hiding spot and with her clumsy steps caused by the heavy wintery clothes comes to my encounter. With her characteristic energy throws herself into my arms.

"What did you bring me?" The little girl in my arms asks after kissing my face repeatedly.

"Is that what you care about? Nothing about 'how was your trip, dad?'"

"Eh... How was your trip, dad...? What did you bring me?"

I irremediably laugh... my laugh lasts a little bit, a new snowball attacks me, but having my hands busy, I cannot do anything other than to receive it with my left temple.

"Yeah, what did you bring us?" The second person that just got out of another taxi asks, just like me, author of the second shot.

"For you, nothing," I respond while I get close to her. "There's only one gift for Ryoko. Perhaps for Nagato, eventually for Asahina... I even think I brought a key chain for Koizumi." Arriving at her side, I kiss her like it was the first time. "Although maybe... if you behave, I'll give you a special gift later."

"Naughty." Haruhi responds while takes Ryoko in her arms to greet her.

"Are dad and mom talking about sex?"

Haruhi opens her eyes excessively and looks at me... damn it, she's only six years old and I think she's faster, smarter and stronger than Haruhi and I together... we must be more careful...

By the way, this is Ryoko Suzumiya... she was born during our first year in college, for motives I don't feel like talking about today, Haruhi and I mutually agreed to keep her last name instead of mine when we got married... damn it, the wedding... I've gotten married almost a dozen times through as many religious or civil ritual exists... I had a catholic wedding, a protestant one, a Shinto, a Jewish, a Muslim, a Hindi, even a hippie (hallucinating, by the way, and yes, due to the reasons you're imagining...), due to Haruhi thinking it wasn't fair to devote ourselves to only one God...

What happened with me that day? Well... feeling the end near, Haruhi-Ni made me swear I'd take care of my own Haruhi... once I did it, she, herself took me out of the closed space. She sent me exactly back to school... I desperately ran all the way to the house in the park, until I felt the muscles in my legs would collapse... and then, I continued running until I arrived at where she was.

As you can imagine, it wasn't a difficult task for Nagato to unite forces with Haruhi to restore our space/time and recover our lives and families. We thought for a while to go back to our homes... but at the end we opted to stay together in our house and spend the three month trial our parents had given us. We passed them and we stayed there... when we finished high school, we both obtained good part time jobs which were very well paid and we were also admitted into Toudai... even today, I still have my suspicions that a certain Agency was behind both events... not so much to help Haruhi, because without a doubt she could get in... oh well. Haruhi had to quit her job a little after, since she became pregnant with Ryoko, although she retook it some months after giving birth, of course, without ever getting behind in school...

So many things have happened in the eight years that separate the present from that so extravagant adventure we had...

A petite figure comes out the main entrance of our home, letting the music that plays on the radio come out and floating with it the calm night. Nagato, dressed in a pretty lavender dress looks almost the same as previous years, although she's aged a little. She stays at some meters from us. And she looks at us with her usual lack of expression.

"How did Ryoko behave?" I ask.

"Her behavior in general can be considered adequate." She responds. As soon as we decided to name her Ryoko, Nagato offered watching her, obligation that until today, she happily executes.

"Did you finish your homework?" Haruhi asks the girl.

"Yes." She responds without a doubt, Haruhi turned towards Nagato.

"Completed in a ninety-five-point six percent."

With that said, Haruhi shoots a dangerous look at the little girl, putting her down on the ground.

"I'll finish after dinner..." Yes, homework, she's a kindergarten girl, but you'd be surprised... "Aunt Yuki!" She calls while we see Nagato walk towards the street. She immediately turns. "Will you stay for dinner?"

Nagato stays observing Ryoko for some seconds without moving and then turns towards us.

"I brought Thai food." Haruhi triumphant indicates raising one of the bags she's carrying. "Enough for six people... barely for the four of us."

The alien thought for some seconds and at the end, turns around to come back with us. On the way, Ryoko raises her arms so she can pick her up and Nagato does that. They then go ahead of us to the house, while Haruhi and I stayed outside.

I know the song that plays on the radio... it was a hit in the nineties, when I was a boy... as soon as I caught up with the beat, I took Haruhi by the waist and I began to dance with her while I recited part of the song I remembered:

I am everything you want
I am everything you need
I am everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
I say all the right things
At exactly the right time
But I mean nothing to you and I don't know why
And I don't know why
I don't know

"Are you sure about that last part?" She asks while she balances with the last chords of the song.

"Of course."

"Not even." With that said she takes my hand to go in the house.

Despite the intensity that past adventure had, the learning experiences received could've been learned without such a crazy panorama... I mean, we learned that love is not always enjoyable, that a frank ignorance is as dangerous as a bad intention, and that everything happens for a reason. And that luckily, that was far from being the last adventure we had to go through. For now, however, I don't think I will narrate another one, but without a doubt I'll let you know about our crazy stories in the near future. The only thing I can tell you is that the SOS Brigade is still active, and not just that... it extended its horizons and range of action, the aliens, time travelers, espers and sliders became an everyday occurrence and new things crossed our paths... but for today, I only feel like having an abundant dinner, taking a bath, putting my daughter to sleep and giving my wife her present...

To be continued...




Recurrent Dream.


Author Notes: Well, that was cool. Once I had the idea of translate this work by myself, but I'm totally glad I did not do it then, the reasons are simple: I definitely couldn't do this amazing work and I'm sure I have already dropped it, and I haven't know Luf5, that now is not only a great translator but a good friend who result to have more in common with me that I could even imagine. Well, now the holydays are here, and is time for us for a break, with the first work done, I really like to read what do you think about the whole thing, so I'll be waiting for your reviews. See you next year and happy holydays!

P. S.: The song is "Everything you want" by Vertical Horizon.

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