don Pedro and benedick and claudio was talking about work he wanted to do for this town when Conrad come in on his white horse and stop right in front of them and then got off his horse.

"Conrad is there something you want to say" Don john said staring at Conrad with a white envelope.

"yes, i have a letter from don john, your brother and it for me " Conrad said pull out the white envelope.

"for me ?" claudio said grabbing the envelope from Conrad and open it up.

dear claudio,

meet me at my house at midnight

sincerely, don john

"what dose don john want now ?" benedick said looking at claudio weirdly.

"he wants to talk to me i guess?" claudio said putting the envelope in his pocket.

benedick help don Pedro and claudio go to don john.

at don john house*

i knock on don john door and he open it he was where a brown suit with design on it and black pants with black combat boots and he had scotch in his right hand, then he lead me in.

"sit down somewhere ?" don john said pouring claudio some scotch and handing him the scotch.

claudio then grab the scotch from don john and then sat down in a chair then don john sat down also.

"what do you want ?" claudio said drinking his scotch then sat down his cup.

"do you think I'm attractive?" Don john said looking at claudio with a crazy grin.

"do ... i .. think ... you're... attractive?" claudio said looking into his eyes.

"yeah!do you or do you not "Don john said leaning towards claudio.

"i guess your attractive !" claudio said look at don john.

then don john put his drink down and then scooted up to claudio and then lean in and kiss him then he he stop.

"you kiss me?" claudio said with his mouth wide open.

then don john then pull him back in and kiss him as soon as Don john kiss him claudio kiss him back as there lips meet once more don john and claudio gets up and they lay down on don john bed and they started making out as he trail down claudio spine he reach for his ass he then move his hand around to his cock all you could hear was claudio moaning. i then pull down his pants as he stuck his cock inside of him claudio started to moan.

"Don john..." claudio said as he was sweating from head to toe.

don john when faster and faster and faster but when it hit the climax don john came inside claudio . a few minutes later don john was lay down as lay on top of him i turn towards him and he smiled.

"i love you claudio "Don john said.

"i love you too don john " claudio said.