Okay so let me give you guys a bit of some backstory and some clarifications for this story. If you have any more questions please ask away!

So, in the first Incredibles Violet is 14 years old, in this story, she's 18. She's no longer living with her parents and is going to college. She still fights crime and is still a bad ass but has to make a lot of time for school because she is majoring in nursing. This story is going to be about how she and Syndrome meet unexpectedly and ultimately fall in love.

Here are my clarifications:

Violet is 18, meaning she is legally an adult and is at the age of consent

Violet suffers from depression along with anxiety

There is no Stockholm syndrome in this story

Each and every chapter will be named after an Elvis Presley song or a Frank Sinatra song since this story is taking place in the 60's-70's

Syndrome is very much alive and will be explained how sometime in the story

This story isn't just romance but action as well

Violet and Syndrome's relationship will be kept as realistic as possible (besides the super powers and stuff)

Characters from the movie will make appearances throughout the story for specific reasons

I will try to update as much as I can and I promise I will finish this story

And finally and most importantly I do NOT own any of the characters from the film, they are owned by Pixar and Disney. I only own my OC's.

Chapter One - That's All Right

My hand began to hurt as I was taking notes for statistics. The class was pretty full today since finals were just around the corner. I found it a little amusing that now all of a sudden people were caring about their grade in this class when they haven't been the entire semester. As our teacher was finishing the problem on the board, I decided to take a little break from writing. My hand was sore from all of the notes I had taken so far. Hopefully, when the teacher is done he'll let us go for the day. I had no homework tonight and I wanted to make sure that I get to spend a little free time at home asleep. Ah, sleep. Something I had to be very flexible with after high school. "And that concludes class for today. Please read over chapters 13 and 14 tonight and the next time I see you all we will be working on the review. Have a nice day!" I sighed as I finished copying the problem and close my notebook. I got up from my seat and grabbed the rest of my things and headed out the door.

I unlocked the front door and walked into my shared apartment. "Is anyone home?" I called out as I closed the door behind me. I locked it while setting my keys down onto the table. No one answered so I guess I'm home alone. I shared my apartment with two other girls that go to the same university I go to. There was Mary who's a dark redhead just like mom. She came from New York with a personality that is as fiery as her hair. She is also very motherly too which was comforting sometimes. And then there's Olivia. She's originally from Mexico but moved to Metroville when she was about five. She's very much a social butterfly and loves to cook. That comes in handy sometimes when finals come around because the more stressed she is, the more she cooks.

I began to walk to my own room and sighed as I fell onto my twin sized bed. Today was kind of long and statistics didn't help. I looked over at the clock; 1:30 pm. Well, I couldn't just go to bed now, it was way too early for that. I sat up and stretched a little. Although, it wouldn't hurt to have a little cat nap. I took my hair out of its ponytail and brushed it out a bit. Out of habit, I smelled the ends of my hair. "Hmmm." I was a little disappointed. I had switched shampoos to make my hair smell better, but I guess the smell already disappeared. "Well, I better take a shower now before anyone gets home," I said to myself. I stood up and walked over to the closet and opened it up. I had a small stack of towels that I had packed with me when I moved here. I grabbed the first two and headed into the bathroom.

I started to take off my clothes all while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. As I was down to my undergarments, I couldn't help but stare at my reflection of my figure. I have always been thin, even as a little kid. The girls at my high school would often snicker at this and would occasionally point at me while trying to cover their mouths. That's why I resorted to baggy clothing. It covered over my a-cup chest and my string bean arms and my noodle legs. Even though now I do have some muscle from all the crime fighting, I still am skinny. I didn't think being skinny was an issue or a big deal, boy did high school prove me wrong. I turned sideways and checked all angles of my dimension. My hair at this point went down to my butt and swayed a bit. I liked my hair, even if I did get teased for having it covering my face most of the time. But I did push it back at the end of my freshmen year. But when I pushed back the hair I also found clothes that did fit me better and were brighter colors. Gosh, that first year was rough.

I started to trace a few of the scars I had earned over the past four years. Crime obviously wasn't going to fight itself, so when it was needed I would step in and do my part. My stomach had become much more toned as well as my legs, but still thin. I lightly grabbed my upper thigh lower butt. I sighed as I remembered something Tony Rydinger once joked about. According to him, I didn't have "much to grab" since I was so "skinny winny". He joked about that, once. I let go and finished undressing. He wasn't a bad kid or anything, he treated me good and we got along well. We kissed, we laughed, we had a good time with each other. The end of senior year was when we both realized that it was time to move on. He had gotten accepted to a school up in Massachusetts and wasn't planning on staying in Metroville for the rest of his life. I understood and wasn't heartbroken by his decision. We said our goodbyes and I haven't seen him or spoken to him in about a year. We had a good run and that's all that matters.

I turned on the shower and waited until the water was warm enough to step under. Once it was ready I stepped in and closed the curtain behind me. I sighed as the water was soothing to my upper shoulders. Stress was getting me all tensed up and causing some mild shoulder pain in my lecture classes. I brushed back my hair and let the water get my hair completely wet. I bent over and grabbed the shampoo bottle and squeezed some into my hand. As much as I would love to relax in the shower and waste all of the hot water, showering time was busy time.

- 45 minutes later -

I sat down on the bed and continued to dry my hair with the other towel I brought. As I was drying my hair I heard the phone ring. I put the towel down and walked over to the kitchen and picked up the phone. "Hello?" I asked curious to who it was. "Vi, sweetie?" I heard my mom say. "Hey mom, why'd you call me so early?" I asked confused. Mom usually called every other day and when she did it was around nine. "I need your help." She said hesitantly. "What's wrong? Is everything okay at home?" I asked. Even though I was about twenty-five minutes away from home, I didn't get to visit too much. "Yes, everything is just fine, but I need a huge favor." I sighed in relief at her answer. "Okay, what is it?" She cleared her throat before requesting whatever she had to, "Would you be willing to watch over Dash and Jack-Jack for the weekend? Your father and I will be heading out for a meeting." I cocked my head. "A meeting?" I asked puzzled. "Yes, the government is calling for a handful of supers in an important meeting. I can't give you the location sweetheart but we'll be back on Sunday night." I nodded my head in understanding. "Are you sure this isn't some sort of- I don't know- trap?" I asked her a little anxious. "Don't worry Vi, Agent Dicker is overseeing everything that is being done." I sighed in relief once again. Agent Dicker had been working with dad for years, he's basically a friend of the family. "Okay, sure I'll do it. When do I have to come over?" I asked. "Oh thank you so much, sweetie. Can you come over Friday morning?" I had to quickly think what classes I had left to take finals for. "Oh, I actually have an exam for psychology at nine o'clock, but I can come over right after I'm done," I answered her. "Perfect. Okay, thank you so much, honey. I'll see you on Friday, okay?" I smiled lightly and nodded. "Okay, bye mom. Love you." I said finally. "Love you too sweetie. Bye." I then placed the phone back down.