Merry Christmas

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a Happy New Year

Chapter .2.

Jack looks in the direction of his family. Not that he could see them. But he could feel the shock coming off them. But he also felt the anger coming off who he assumed was his Gramps. It was coming off him in waves nearly making Jake wince. That was not going to be good if his Gramps let his temper get away from him.

He felt the auras of his family. His Dad's and Mum's aura's were filled with shock, surprise and a little bit of happiness and relief. But there was also a tiny bit of anger there too.

Trixie and Spud's aura was filled with shock, surprise and anger. With confusion mixed in. Jack could tell the confusion was not just for him it was for Rose too. He knew a confrontation was likely to go down with them sooner then everyone else. He hoped it was after celebrating Hayley's graduation.

Fu's aura was the same as the others but was also filled with confusion. But Jake was happy to feel some happiness in Fu's emotions. Maybe Fu would actually help things then again that wasn't Fu's strong point.

Sun Parks aura was the better of all the others to Jack. She was shocked but also calm. He knew she was the most likely to actually accept him back. She would be good to mediate the confrontation that was very likely to happen soon. Hopefully after Hayley's Graduation Celebration.

Jack hoped Hayley would take him being here well. But he knew he had a lot to answer too with Hayley her questions would be things he most likely couldn't and wouldn't answer to at this time. But he expected to feel resentment in her aura when he finally 'saw' her. He also knew there was likely to be other bad emotions in her aura. And he wouldn't blame her. If…no when she yelled at him he would stand there and take it. He deserved it after all.

'Your Grandfather looks furious', Rose thinks to him

'I expected that Rosie. He is proud and what I did bought shame on the family in his eyes', Jake thinks back to her

'It wasn't your fault! You have suffered enough!' Rose thinks back

'But he doesn't know that. And he will not know what has happened to me', Jack thinks firmly

'But Jak…', Rose starts

'No Rosie. They can't know for their protection. Let them yell at me when they do because I know at least Mum, Trixie, Spud and Hayley will. Dad might. Gramps will probably bottle it up too it explodes out of him. Your can't interfere Rosie. I deserve it', Jake thinks too her

'You and I will have to have a talk about what you deserve and about you taking all the blame you are shouldering on yourself', Rose tells him

'Whatever you say my lovely wife', Jake thinks to her

"Hello Mum, Dad, Gramps, Fu, Trixie, Spud, Sun. Do you mind if Rose and I sit with you?" Jack asks as Rose and he make their way closer to them

"Why? How? When? Why?" Susan stutters

"I am here for Hayley's graduation. You didn't think I would miss my little sisters big day did you? She is valedictorian isn't she? A well-deserved honour to her", Jack asks amused

They could all hear something in his voice…was the pride they heard? And how did he know?

But Jack knew they would have expected him not to be here today. He didn't blame them after all he hadn't spoken to them in 11 years. So he knew he would have a long road of regaining their trust and friendship back. And it was unlikely his Gramps would ever forgive him.

"Well son it is just been so long…", Jonathan starts off

"Don't worry Dad I know what you mean. Lets talk about it later. Today is Hayley's big day and we should all be celebrating and showing her how proud we are off her", Jake replies softly as Rose and he take seats near his family

He could hear them talking. They would know his hearing was sharper than before. And their whispering felt like yelling to him.

His Gramps words hurt but he did expect them. After all he gave up the title of American Dragon. The first American Dragon. And made his sister become it. Well he and Rose knew he didn't have a chose in giving up the title. The bastard Dark Dragon had made sure he would give up the title. Then took put his revenge on him.

Jake DID want to tell his family what really happened. But he didn't think it was safe to do so. After all the Dark Dragon was still around. He didn't want to give the bastard the excuse to come after his family. Even though that was why Jake and his family were here to keep them safe and maybe repair their bonds of family.

But he didn't expect it too be easy. He expected it to be a hard and long road ahead. Especially with his idol his Gramps. Now that was going to be an uphill steep road and a slow one at that…

"I can't believe he is here", Susan whispers looking at her now man of a son.

He had grown taller. More Musclier. He held his head high. His eyes looked different. Susan just knew there was something different about his eyes. But she couldn't tell what it was. But her instincts were telling her something had changed not only about his eyes but his whole being. And why was he actually here? He couldn't just be here for Hayley's graduation. Something was off. She was going to find out what and tell Jake off for what he did. But it could wait for Hayley to enjoy today. She just hoped Hayley would be ok with Jake being here.

"Why would Jake come home now? It can't be just for Hayley's graduation", Fu states staring at Jake and Rose who were sitting a couple of rows in front of them.

There was magic coming off them. Fu could feel it. But couldn't tell what it was yet. Maybe he could get Jake to tell him. After all Fu wasn't really angry with Jake. Just confused and a little hurt about what happened all those years ago.

"He should not be here. He doesn't belong here. A shame on our family", Lao Shi grumbles

Lao Shi glared at his so-called Grandson. Lao Shi believed he didn't belong here. To him Jake wasn't part of his family anymore. He was a stain on the family. He didn't care what excused Jake would give them. Nothing would change his mind about Jake or make him accept him back into their lives. He didn't even deserve to see Hayley graduate and ruin her special day which Lao Shi was sure he would. As Jake had ruined everything else.

"Dad! He isn't a shame on our family", Susan whispers hoping Jake hadn't heard

If he did Susan was worried he would run again.

"He had dishonoured us. We are a shame on the Dragon Council. Only Hayley has bought our name back. If the Council finds out he's here then we will be a laughing stock of the Council again", Leo Shi growls glaring at Jake

"How did he find Rose? After having wished for her to have a normal life?" Trixie asks confused

"How did Rose remember?" Spud asks looking confused

"The flow of magic works in mysterious ways", Sun Park tells them wisely

Suddenly the Ceremony begins and they all quietened down as they watched and waited for Hayley to come on…

Hayley was nervous this was her big day. A day she was leaving High School as valedictorian. It was also the day she would become the American Dragon FULL time.

Years ago she had dreamed of taking the title of American Dragon from her brother and showing him how it was meant to be done.

But then when he disappeared and she was suddenly thrusted into the role. She didn't really expect it to be so hard. And so demanding. She was barely left alone by the magical creatures and she was always needed.

She was also soon training not just under Sun Park but her strict Grandfather. Who had gotten more strict when her brother dishonoured the family.

That was something she had to bare the burden off too. When she went to World Dragon Summit she found herself a laughing stock. Everyone was talking behind her back at how much a disgrace her family was. All because of her brother.

That was when she started to resent her brother. He had ruined everything. She realised that getting the American Dragon title like she did was really the wrong way. She had been no where near ready for it. Or to handle everything that came with it.
She had to constantly prove herself to the Council to show she would actual do the job and not run out of the responsibilities like her so-called brother did. She had also heard the Council badmouthing her family name. She was doing everything to fix her families honour.

Having the title and responsibilities had taken up her childhood and her teenage years. She couldn't do things other people her age were doing because she had a job too do. And she was expected now to do the best at her training, dragon duties and her schooling.

It was tiring doing all of it. But she did. But it didn't stop her from resenting her brother for running out on the family. On her. Leaving her not to have a childhood or normal teenage years.

But she did deep, deep down miss her brother. But she didn't know how she would ever handle seeing him again. She didn't even think she wanted to see him again. Not that it was likely to happen. As it had been nearly 11 years and no word from him. So it was not like he would just suddenly appear was it?

She was broken out of her thoughts by her name being called.

"Hayley Long!" the Principal called

Hayley puts a smile on her face and walks on stage to the cheering. She shakes the hand of her Principal taking her diploma. She looks for her family in the crowd and what she sees nearly makes her drop her diploma.

There standing and cheering two rows from her family was a familiar figure. He was older and his appearance was a big different. But she still recognised him.

There standing up, clapping and smiling proudly at her was her big brother…Jake Long, the former American Dragon…

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