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Finally watched RWBY, now my mind is swimming with ideas for an OC fic, enjoy.


"Grr…" A girl with shaggy shoulder length hair grumbled a bit as she looked out the window.

She was dressed rather oddly, she was wearing a black fur bikini top, fur skit, fur boots, fur gauntlet and spiky shoulder pads and strapped to her back was something large, the size of a person but wrapped up to hid the look, her right and left arms were covered in strange black tribal tattoos, and her neck was adorned with a bone and feather necklace, she looked like she had come right out of the jungle…well actually she had.

Her name is Leona Lionheart, she comes from a very small tribe of all women, they leave deep in a jungle, the tribe only recently making contact with the rest of the world, and as a result one of them is being sent to Beacon to learn about society for her tribe, and thus Leona was selected.

Leona's POV

This Flying Machine, a so-called Airship, was something strange, we have nothing like it back in the jungle. They people around me were strange too, so loud, so vibrant I don't understand how they can claim to want to hunt yet stand out so much.

I was entrusted by the tribe to learn about this world, so I will but so far I see no reason for us to integrate with this strange world, they may have strange technologies, but this makes them lax…weak.

"Hmm…" I looked over at two girls that were being exceptionally loud.

The one was short, younger than most here. She had short black hair with red highlights and was wearing a red hood and cloak like outfit, the other was older, busty and blonde wearing a leather jacket and such.

"I don't wanna be special, I wanna be a normal girl with normal knees." The red one said.

"Jeez what's with you get excited." The blonde groaned.

"I am excited, it's just getting moved ahead two years…I don't want people to think I'm special." She sighed.

I looked at a strange screen that displayed funny pictures, a voice talked about a thief named Torchwick and how he had been accused of robbery.

Why would they release such a criminal with little punishment, they should have removed his thumbs…?

And then it talked about riots by strange animal people, I don't understand this place at all.

"Ouf, oh so sorry." The little red girl bumped into me.

"…" I just looked at her and sneered a bit.

"Wow you're tall." She gulped a bit.

"No…you are short." I blinked.

"What a weird outfit." The blonde said.

"I should say the same, you people all dress so strangely here." I remarked.

"Where are you from?" Little Red asked "Are you going to Beacon too?"

"That school yes?" I pointed out the glass "Yes, I am an exchange student, are you familiar with the Amazons of the Giant's Jungle."

"Oh I heard about that on the news."

"I am here to learn about you." I pointed at the two "Your human society to see how you live, and learn…too see if your people should be respected or not."

"Wow, sounds neat." The blonde said "I'm Yang, this is my sister Ruby."

"Odd names." I remarked "I am Leona."

The flying ship stopped and we docked, stepping off, passed a person vomiting into a can.

"That…is a man." I remarked "You all live together?"

"Hmm, yeah." Yang nodded "Why?"

"Where I come from there are no men." I told them "I had never actually spoken till one until they came to us about this program and the Tribal Mothers selected me as the transfer."

I stepped off with them.

"Where I come from we don't have these luxuries, we live in community off the land, everyone hunts or gathers, we don't take things so lightly or have so many advances…it's strange." I commented.

"Wait if you have no men where you not born an Amazon?" Yang asked while Ruby looked about nervously.

"No I was born an Amazon, sometimes men wander into our territory." I said "Like the animals we hunt they are used for all their resources before being disposed of, although apparently, your society would prefer we not do the latter as it is…how you say…A savage act."

"Well don't worry." Yang smiled "Stick with us and you'll learn all you need to know about our world. Oh look my friends see ya!"

"Yang!" Ruby cried out as the blonde ran off "Wait where do we go, do we go to our dorms? Do we even have dorms?!"

"Are your kind always so flighty?" I wondered out loud before Ruby spun around and crashed into a cart, knocking cases to the floor.

"I don't know what I'm doing." The girl groaned.

"What are you doing?!"

Another girl walked up, this one was slightly taller than Ruby, had long white hair, a scar on one eye and was wearing a short white dress.

She doesn't appear very strong, why come to a battle school?

"Oh sorry!" Ruby jumped up.

"Sorry?!" the girl scoffed "Do you know how much damage you could have ceased."

"Umm, Uhh." Ruby picked up a case.

"Just give me that!" the girl yanked the case away and opening it to show many vials "This is Dust, mined and purified in the Schnee quarry."

"Is that supposed to be important?" I asked picking Ruby up by her collar.

"Are you stupid of course it is!" the girl scoffed at me "Uneducated swine."

"Ehh?" I growled and reached back toward my back "Wanna say that again?"

"This is Dust, Water, Fire, Lightning, Energy!" she shook a bottle around.

"Ah…ACHOO!" Ruby sneezed as some of the particles got in her nose.

Ruby somehow ended up breathing fire, blasting the annoying girl with the flames.

"I wasn't aware your kind could do that." I blinked "Maybe we are more different than we thought."

"UNBELIVABLE!" the girl snapped.

"I'm really sorry!" Ruby begged twiddling her thumbs.

"You dunce, what are you even doing here. Aren't you a little young to be attending Beacon?"

"Grr." I looked down at the girl "You've got a bad attitude, where I come from people who act like this get taken…care of."

"Calm down." Ruby told me "I umm…"

"This isn't some ordinary combat school." The girl said "It's not just sparring and practice. We're here to fight monsters so watch where you're going!"


"I said I was sorry alright Princess." Ruby glared a bit.

"Hehehe, now we're having fun." The smiled a bit with anticipation.

"Actually it's Heiress." A girl with a bow in her hair walked up.

She was thin, wearing black and white, dressed somewhat formally but also casual. She was reading, not paying us much mind.

"She's Weiss Schnee." The new girl pointed and held up one of the Dust vials "She's the Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest energy producers in the world."

"Finally some proper recognition." Weiss smirked.

"The same company that's become infamous for controversial labor forces and business practices." The girl sighed.

"I don't get it." I told Ruby.

"It sounds complicated." She sighed.

"Ugh!" Weiss grabbed the vial and stormed off.

"Haa…I wonder if I'm the only one having a rough first day?" Ruby wondered.

"Oh, so this isn't normal?" I tilted my head.

"No…not at all." She sighed laying on the ground.

"Why are we laying down?" I asked "Is this a normal thing for your culture?"

"No." she sighed rolling over to look away from me.

"Perhaps I should explore more on my own." I stood up "I will speak with you again soon one called Ruby."

"Yeah whatever." She half waved as I walked off.

I wandered around for a bit before ending up in some auditorium for an assembly, it seemed like a sort of tribal meeting that we would have back home.

I saw Weiss yelling at Ruby and Yang about something, I stood in the area but remined silent, then the teachers spoke, I recognized the man in the white hair, Mister Ozpin, as the one who came to my village to get someone to try his school.

"I'll keep this brief." He said "You have all traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and once finished you plan to dedicate yourselves to protecting the people…but I look among you and all I see is wasted energy with no real purpose."

"Tsk." I growled a bit "This is the attitude of men?"

"You assume knowledge will free you of this lack of direction but your time here will prove knowledge can only take you so far. The other steps will be up to you."

The woman with the light blonde hair stepped up and told us where we'd be spending the night and that tomorrow our "Initiation" would begin, I wondered if it would be like the ignition back in the jungle, or something different.


Sleeping in a large room with so many people was not unfamiliar to me, but these men, I saw them looking at me with those eyes…disgusting. I recognized some faces, Ruby and Yang, Weiss and the girl with the bow, some girl with red hair…I had seen her on an banner on my way in, perhaps she was some sort of important idol, she certainly could have been an warrior in my tribe on looks alone.

Then they started talking…and getting loud.

"Grr." I stood behind Ruby.

"Ah Leona!"

"Moon." I pointed out "Where I come from that means sleep, and I know enough to know it means the same here, so quiet…sleep."

"Yes!" the girl stood up straight and ran off.

Tomorrow would be the start of my time here, but for now I would rest, reflecting on what I had learned about this world so far.

It's a strange place…but I also find it interesting. I'm not sure if it's right for my people, but I want to learn more about it.


Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.

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