Italics indicate thinking

Bold is for attacks

Leona's POV

The next morning we had to assemble outside for some kind of initiation ritual, this culture is strange with how they do things. Rituals for education…it's certainly odd.

"Now then I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams." The woman with the blonde hair, Goodwitch, said "Well allow us to put an end to the confusion, each of you will be given teammates today."

I see, they work in teams, like a hunting party?

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here." Ozpin explained "So it's in your best interests to find someone you can work well with."

So long as I'm not partnered with a man I don't care.

"With all that being said, the first person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the next four years." He finished.

What an interesting partnering system, it's about adjusting on the fly, do they always take such rough measures, it can't maximize efficiency. But still…with the addition of me they have an odd number of players, someone won't get a partner.

"Once you find a partner make your way to the northern end of the forest, there will be opposition along the way, but do not hesitate to destroy the obstacles in your path." The man said "You will be monitored and graded but the instructors will not intervene, so if you die, that's on you. There is an abandoned temple at the end of the forest, that contains several relics, a pair should choose one and return to the top of the cliff, you will be graded appropriately from there."

"Any Questions."

So it's a Search mission…this sounds fun.

"Umm yeah so-." The barfing boy with the blonde hair, Jaune, spoke up but was ignored.

I see so they ignore the voices of the weak here…

"Now then take your positions."

"Hmm." I rolled my neck "This looks interesting, I love the thrill of the hunt."

The transport system was some sort of spring loaded launch pad, I had never seen anything like it but it certainly got you air time, although you were responsible for your own landing.

"HHRAA!" I landed on two feet the ground softening around my feet.

"Now then, to find another person…preferably not a man." I looked around and listened only to hear pops in the distance "That sounds like someone interesting…smells like it too."


Leona took a long jump through the trees and landed in a three-point stance, two feet and left hand on the ground, her right hand reaching back to pull the wrapped blade off her back.

"WHOA!" Yang gasped

Leona looked back and saw she was with Blake, the black hair girl equally surprised by her loud landing.

"Hehehe, your fight was loud, I like that." The Amazon smiled.

"ROOAAA!" A Grimm, one of the bear types, charged her.

"RAAAH!" she roared back at it playfully and pulled the wrapping off the blade and slammed it into the ground "COME ON!"

"Holy crap!" Yang gasped "Look at the size of that thing."

"How…can she lift that?" Blake wondered.

Leona's blade was a massive cleaver, the blade itself was at least 7 feet long and the handle another foot or so, it had to weigh at least 700 pounds if not more.

"YAAH!" Leona reached up and lifted the blade with one hand.

With one downward swing Leona cut the beast in two and sent out a powerful rubble shockwave

"Hahaha!" she laughed as more arrived "Now this is a hunt!"

Leona jumped in again and slashed through more Grimm, her blade easily slicing through them.

"CAW!" a bird tried to bomb her.

"NO!" she swiped her hand and a tree shot a vine out to bind the creature.

"Die ungrateful beast." She shot it in the head with a crossbow on her left fur bracer.

"Whoa…That…was…awesome." Yang blinked "SO COOL!"

"You two are partners, right?" Leona smirked wrapping her blade back up "I think I'll stay with you till I find my new teammate, interesting things seem like they'll happen."

Leona's POV

"I see, your people have weapons that are two in one." I remarked looking at Yang's gantlets "Combining range and melee weapons, my tribe doesn't have the sophisticated technology for that."

"Yeah they're useful, but having two weapons is good too." Yang said.

"Unless it's that big." Blake said "Wouldn't it be cumbersome."

"You sound like the Matriarchs." I smirked "They told me that I made my weapon too big but they came around."

"How so?" Blake asked as we walked.

"The Arena has a way of settling those sorts of things." I looked over "They learned quickly why I named this weapon Bloodsplitter."

Blake paused for a bit and gave me a questioning look before continuing "You bound that bird with a vine."

"Yes, my Semblance is called Wrath of Nature to put it simply…I speak for the trees, but cutting them and injecting a bit of my aura into them I can control them for a few moments." I said as the leaves rustled "I can move foliage, rigid things like trees don't move well but vines, like those in the jungle, are very useful unfortunately in your metal world my power is frequently not useful."

We walked for a while more, but never came across someone without a partner, it quickly became apparent to me I was the odd student out, the one with no partner, not that I care, I'd rather be an individual than get partnered with a man, personally I want to fight with strong people, like Yang.

"Is this it?" Yang asked.

"…" Blake was quiet.

"Rubble, pedestals…seems like a temple to me." I remarked "Unless temple means something different in this land."

"Look, chess pieces?" Blake pointed out.

"Chess?" I asked.

"It's a game for smart people." Yang said picking a piece up "Look a Golden Pony!"

"Sure." Blake sighed.

"Should I take one as well?" I wondered under my breath "Frankly I don't care enough to bother…this whole initiation has been lazily maintained, the Amazons would never make one so foolish, we'd actually make sure we had enough people if they wanted to make Duos."

"See this wasn't too hard!" Yang laughed.

"This place isn't hard to find." Blake explained.


"Oh no, a girl is in trouble!" Yang gasped as a high pitched scream rang out.

"That was a girl?" I wondered "Sounded more like a terrified little kid."

"Did you hear it Blake? What should we do?" Yang asked.

"Uhh…" Blake looked up and pointed.

"AAHH Look out!"

"Oh it's Ruby." I looked up and saw the falling girl.

"WAH!" Jaune suddenly flew passed and the two collided in the air.

"This is getting fun!" I laughed "Very exciting!"

"Did your sister just fall from the sky?" Blake asked.

"Uhh I…" Yang sighed before the forest rumbled.

"Hmm." I licked my lips "Something is coming…something big."

I smiled "Really big!"

I suddenly frowned when a Ursa died right there "Oh it's dead already…"

"Wee!" that peppy girl I saw yesterday, Nora, jumped off the beast "Aww it's broken…"

"Nora please…don't ever do that again." Her friend with the long black hair the man, Ren, followed behind her.

"OHH~" the girl ignored him and picked up a piece "Look, I'm Queen of the Castle!"


"I'm coming Ren!" She skipped off.

"That girl just rode an Ursa…" Blake blinked.

"That looked like fun, but it would have been better to just kill it." I smirked.

"REEE!" there was another shrill screech and this time a huge scorpion like beast snapped out of the forest chasing that Pyrrha girl.

"Jaune!" she yelled.

"Help!" the boy cried stuck in a tree.

"Hmph!" Ruby landed next to us.

"Ruby!" Yang smiled.


"NORA!" the girl jumped up.

"Leona!" I waved.

Everyone just kinda looked at Nora and I.

"Oh is this not a thing you guys do?" I asked "I see…well this is awkward…"

"It's a Deathstalker." Blake looked on.

"Oh boy." I shivered looking at the scorpion "Let's kill it!"

"Could everyone just shut up to two seconds!" Yang snapped "It's nothing but crazy after crazy I can't keep up!"

"…" we were all quiet for a moment.

"Time's passed." I nodded.

"Yang." Ruby pointed up where there was a huge bird.

"RUBY!" Weiss snapped.

"I said jump." She sighed.

"She's gonna fall." Blake said.

"She'll be fine." Ruby laughed "I think…"

"She's already falling." Ren said.

"Alight right." I held my hand out.

The trees bent over to create a canopy so when Jaune and Weiss crashed down their fall was softened although they still landed rather roughly.

"AH!" Pyrrha jumped towards us while juking the Deathstalker.

"Great the gang's all here." Yang smiled "Now we can die together."

"Die, that's not what I came here for." I smirked eagerly scratching my arm, an internal itch that just couldn't be scratched "Let's just kill that thing so it doesn't kill us."

"WAH!" Ruby got swatted away when she tried to attack "Don't worry I'm okay!"

"The carapace of a Deathstalker is hard, back home we repurpose them for armor plates." I explained "Your bullets will be unable to pierce it."

I pulled my cleaver off my back "But I can probably chop it's claws off!"

"Down girl." Yang yanked my collar "We can't fight that thing especially not with the bird too! We have to get Ruby and get out of here!"

"And here I was thinking you were fun." I growled.

"HMPH!" Wiess swiped her sword and sent out a wave of ice that pinned the Deathstalker back before it could stab Ruby.

"RAAH!" I jumped in and slammed my blade down, snapping a claw off "YESS! If you want to run then run, but I much prefer to fight."

"Killing them isn't part of the test." Weiss said "We should just grab the idols and get back to the school."

"WE should focus on the mission." Ruby explained.

"Leona not everything is about fighting, you need to learn to walk away sometimes…You need to put the tribe before yourself."

Tsk…that old woman…

"Grr…fine." I put my cleaver back "Perhaps I…misjudged you, your kind prioritizes the whole as opposed to the one, something I am understanding of."

We headed back towards the cliff, the Deathstalker chasing us on land the bird circling above us.

"We need to keep running!" Jaune yelled.

"You men are so cowardly." I laughed turning around and stomping my foot "Root Wall!"

The ground welled up and roots burst out, intertwining and blocking the path behind us.

"Nice!" Yang smiled.

"Deathstalkers can burrow, it won't be long till it gets through, if the plan is to run we will have to keep moving.

We crossed a bridge but the bird crashed in and split us into two groups, most of us on one side but Ren, Blake and Pyrrha on the other.

"We need to get over there." Jaune said.

"Then let's go!" Nora cheered.

Nora used her hammer to create a seesaw and launch the two to the other side, leaving the four of us, Wiess, Yang, Ruby and myself to take on the Bird although Blake was quickly knocked to our side of the bridge.

"Hm." She landed next to us after slashing the bird "It's tougher than it looks."

"Than just hit it harder." I laughed.

"We'll go at it with everything we've got." Yang nodded.

"RAAAH!" I yelled loudly as we started taking shots at the beast with our ranged weapons, although the bird seemed mostly unphased and just crashed into the tower we were on.

"None of that worked." Weiss said.

"Then we changed plans." I slammed my blade down "Let's slip those wings!"

"I have an idea but you'll need to cover me." Ruby said.

"Okay." Wiess nodded.

"Fine." I growled "But that plan better end with us killing that beast."

Yang started by jumped into it's beak, blasting the beast with a flurry of explosive punches, that was enough to knock it off balance and make it crash into the cliff where Wiess quickly froze it's tail.

"RAAAHH!" I jumped in slammed my cleaver into the cliff above, sending an avalanche of rubble down, the boulders breaking the beast's wings.

We used Blake's tether to make a sort of slingshot that Weiss was able to launch Ruby with, the girl slamming into it's neck, and running up the cliff, using her scythe to decapitate it.

"HAHAHA!" I laughed "And you all wanted to run away from that thrilling hunt?!"

"That was certainly something." Yang smiled.


After the Exam we were all once more assembled for the assigning of teams, the teams were made of the people who took the same pieces from the temple.

"Jaune Arc, Lei Ren, Pyrrha Nikos and Nora Valkyrie you all retrieved the White Rook Pieces, so from this day on you shall work together as team JNPR." Ozpin explained "You will be led by Jaune Arc."

Four letter names but you pronounce them as a word with vowels?

"Oh right there was one more…" he mumbled to himself as the next team was displayed "And Finally Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and Leona Lionheart. Technically you're supposed to be a team of four but we have an odd number and since Leona is mostly here to learn I think she'll be best placed with you four. The five of your retrieved the White Knight Pieces and from this day on you will work together as team RLWBY…Uhh the L is silent?'

"I don't care." I smirked "Teach me a lot okay."

"You will be led by…Ruby Rose." He finished.

"Really?" the girl gasped.

"I'm so proud!" Yang cheered.

"This place…is growing on me." I laughed.


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I feel like there was a joke I could have made about pronouncing the L for Leona as a second R, but I couldn't make it work so we'll just say it's silent. As awkward as having her around is sometimes it's just easier to shoehorn something in than try and work around it.

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