Italics indicate thinking

Bold is for attacks

Leona's POV

"RAAAH!" I jumped back into the building and spun in the air, slamming my blade into the big guy "Aria!"

"I can't go any faster!" she banged on her drum "Any more and you guys will be out cold for a week! Unless that's what you want?!"

"Any kind of plan then Tar?" I asked sliding back "How the hell does this guy have that kinda stamina?"

"It must by the crystals super charging him." She flicking her wrist to bat off an attack "We could try breaking them but that'll either kill him or over charge it more, it's such a bizarre tactic, it can't possibly be good for his body."

"It's not." Neo coughed "He'll burn out soon…"

"Then let's just push him too the limit!" I yelled slamming my sword down "Timber Wave!"

I sent a cascade of wooden pillars out at Hazel, he punched through them but that wasn't meant as an attack merely to distract him from the others getting in closer.

"That won't work!" He yelled punching Tar as she ran right up to him only for her to shatter.

"HMPH!" Neo appeared in the air behind him kicking Tarzana forward.

"HYA!" Tar stabbed her blades into his crystals and twisted, shattering them and causing enough feedback to blow her and Neo back.

"I got ya!" I made some vines erupt from the floor to catch them "Ha…ha…"

Shit Aria's song is wearing off, my stamina is dropping back to normal, I'm beat.

"Enough." Ruby said "This is over you can't win. Give up."

"The sun's gone down." Aria said "I can't fight any more if I die again, I won't wake up till the morning."

"This isn't over." Emerald growled "Cinder will come back with the Relic and crush you."

"Relying on that girl." Tar glared "Foolish."

The ground rumbled a bit as the hidden elevator started to rise up, everyone froze and looked over to see who would emerge.

"Hmm." Yang stepped off it holding some ornate golden vase shaped object attached to a chain.

"We win." I smiled.

"We should just kill them so they don't become a hindrance in the future." Tar said.

"I like that idea." Aria laughed.

"Unfortunately, that's frowned upon out here." I said leaning Bloodsplitter on my shoulder "Unless they attack first, then it's self-defense."

"Ha…ha…" Emerald just fell over "This isn't possible."

"LEONA!" Neo yelled in her raspy voice "Quickly before she-!"

Suddenly the whole room turned dark and a shadowy figure rose from the floor, slowly gaining more defined features like skin whiter that paper, strange veiny black markings covered her skin and her hair seemed more like tendrils than anything else.

"REEEEE!" the creature roared before suddenly vanishing.

"What was that?" Blake gulped

"An illusion?" I growled "They're gone! Was that supposed to scare me or something?"

"That…is Salem." Neo coughed "Or Emerald's approximation of her."

"I knew we should have killed them more quickly." Tarzana groaned fall back "Ugh!"

"Yeah…I'm beat." I fell onto my back.

"HMM!" Neo grunted falling right next to me.

"I feel so tired." Ruby groaned "More than usual, are you guys alright."

"We'll be fine." I smiled.

"Sorry this is a side effect of the War Songs I play." Aria laughed "They boost your power and stamina in the short term by taking from your reserves, in other words it's a cheating move to steal power from tomorrow for today, it's great in the short term for a couple hours but when it wears of well…"

"It feels like you've been his by an Ursa." Tarzana groaned "We'll be fine we just need to…sleep it off."

"We'll wake up in a few hours…or days." I closed my eyes "Ugh…"


"How long was I out." I groaned.

"A couple days." Ruby laughed as I stretched "Everyone was pretty exhausted but you guys were out cold."

"So how did it feel to see the glory of the Amazons fighting up close." I smiled.

"It was pretty awesome; you guys are crazy strong." She smiled "But seriously your friend can't die."

"Well as far as I know she can't, I've seen Aria get her head clipped off by a Deathstalker and get up just fine." I shrugged "She gets a little loopy though the more intense her death is, coming back from dying isn't easy you know."

"Are you talking about me Lele?" she pouted popping out.

"Leona." Tarzana stepped out with Neo.

"Well you're all here so now's as good a time as ever." I looked at Ruby "Ruby I need to speak with you and the others for a moment."

"Hmm?" she tilted her head before running off to get Weiss, Blake and Yang.

"Team RWBY." I smiled at them "When I came to Beacon, I was set to shadow your team as a sort of learning exercise, unofficially an official member. But now with my team here I'd simply be an obstacle to both teams if I tried to half ass it. So Ruby as the leader of Team RWBY consider this my official resignation from your Team, if that's alright with you."

"Of course, stupid." She smiled "Because you'll always be a member of Team RWBY with a silent L where it counts."

She reached out and poked my chest.

"My boobs?"

"No, your heart!" Yang laughed.

"Besides it's not like you're going anywhere right?" Weiss asked "You'll all be coming with us to Atlas, right?"

"Tar?" I looked back "You're in charge of Team TALN."

"I may be in charge but I take orders from the Princess." She turned to Neo "What would you like to do your highness?"

"If Salem wins the world gets destroyed, including our home, plus all the things we've seen out here." She smiled "Of course we help them."

"There you have it." I nodded "We'll stick around, sure we can accomplish more of our mission to see the world with you guys than running around solo."

"This is gonna be so fun!" Aria clapped "Adventure, excitement!"

"Well you guys should probably get ready soon." Ruby said "Take care of anything you have in town soon before we leave for Atlas."

"Right." We all nodded.

Team RWBY left and I stood there with my team.

"So…you three understand the plan?" Tar asked "What the letter said?"

"In addition to observing the outside world." I looked back "We're to keep an extra close eye on Oz."

Tarzana nodded "And should we feel he is a danger to this world…"

"Eliminate him." We all said.


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