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Name: Ryu Ashikaga

Appearance: He is a handsome man that appears to be in his twenties with sharp, yet strong, features. He's got long, knee-length, black hair which was tied in a high ponytail. Ryu's got silver eyes with slightly slit pupils. He has a lean muscular built and has pale skin and wore the standard Shinigami outfit.

Personality: Calm, cool, collected, very helpful, stoic, friendly, smart, diligent and responsible.

Position: Lieutenant of Squad 13

Zanpaktou Name: Astaroth.

Normal Form: Look like a cane like with the blade inside. The wood of the cane is pitch black as is the grip of the sword. The pommel is shaped like a red human skull and the guard is black with the blade an eerie purple.

Shikai Form: The sword takes the form of a double-edged katana. The grip is now wrapped in red cloth with the image of a black phoenix on it. The skull at the pommel is now black and looks like the skull of a demon with demonic ram horns with an eerie red glow in its eye holes. The guard is purple and looks like a 5-pointed star. The blade itself is now black with veins of a sinister purple substance on it and surrounded by a purple aura. His Shinigami attire looks tattered, like he just came out of battle. Skin looks sickly pale. Hair has a couple streaks of silver in it, and the pupils are now slits with his silver eyes having a tinge of red.

Shikai Attacks

Kaze No Kabe: Ryu raises his sword and creates a powerful wind shield from the tip of his blade and can deflect almost any attack.

Doku Nami: Surrounding the blade with a purple mist, he slashes the blade in a wide arch, sending out a powerful wave of poison that melts whatever it touches.

Doku no Fure: Layering his hand in poison, he lashes out with a palm-strike that shoots the poison at the enemy.

Pairo Buretto: His blade comes to light with fire. Pointing his flaming blade out, he creates a fireball of any size he desires.

Bankai Form: It looks old and worn out; the pommels skull is missing a horn and is cracked through one eye, the guard looks similar only the clothes color looks like an old worn red, with a black phoenix also worn out on it. The purple 5 pointed star guard looks chipped cracked and a bit rusted, and the blade looks chipped it is still black but looks dirty and the purple vein are a very faint purple color with no purple aura.

He is now only wearing a pair of tattered black hakama pants. His skin is deathly pale, with black demonic looking markings on his torso and arms. His hair is now completely silver with his eyes being blood red with black sclera and purple slit pupils. He has black razor sharp claws instead of nails. On his back are now a massive pair of demonic looking black wings that look like a cross between bat and dragon. He has two black ram horns growing from his head and a long 2-3-meter-long demon tail with an arrow shaped end.

Rangiku Bankai: Aoi Hi Nekomata

Abilities/Form: She will look like a nekomata with the ears and tail only unlike a regular nekomata her ears and tail are made of blue fire and her being able to manipulate that blue fire like she could the ash. The fire like each of the different fires and colored elements have different abilities.

Jūshirō's Bankai: Zettai-Tekina Tochi Sogyo no Kotowari

Abilities/Form: Gant fish eel looking thing with two head one on each end surrounding Jūshirō that absorbs the Reishi in the air through its skins and stores it one head would be able to basically absorb any or most energy based attack coming toward Jūshirō and can control water. and the other head after the energy travels through the body being amplified shoots out the energy to the person who attacked or just wherever it points and can control lightning. In order to use the element, the big fish thing need to absorb and store enough Reishi from the air or Jūshirō has to provide the Reishi himself.

Lisa's Bankai: Ō no Tetsu no Tonbo.

Abilities/Form: Along with the spear she holds is now stronger and sharper, she also gains metallic looking dragon fly wings behind her that can act as an automatic defense and offense. When she enters, she can summon hundreds of metallic dragonflies (much larger than normal ones) that fly at fast speeds and who's wings are made of metal and are razor sharp.

Esdeath Shikai: "Devour, Korioni!"

Shikai Appearance: Take the form of a blue rapier blade with the tattoo on her chest glowing blue.

Esdeath Bankai: Mugoidesu Korioni

Bankai Appearance: She takes a form of a demon who has two horns made of red ice coming from her head. Red clawed ice gauntlets on her hand's and red ice boots on her feet with sharp tips. she is wearing a red crop top and skirt and from her tail bone a red demon tail like Ryu's made of ice. She keeps the same blade but now looks like was dipped in blood.

Kirio Shikai: Tenkei

Shikai Appearance: She gains green streaks in her hair and her eye's gain a green tint. The blade itself looks like a regular katana but its grip is made of a nice red colored wood. Its pommel has a large emerald colored gem embedded, and its guard looks like a golden 6 petaled flower, with the blade being brown in color.

Kirio Bankai: Shizen no Ikari

Bankai Appearance/Abilities: Her hair becomes completely green, same with her eye's her, her skin becomes tanner, and she appears to be wearing a green dress made of vines and various other plants that acts like a defense. She also gains a red pigment around her eye and her arms has green lines that look like twirling vines.

Hayuru Shikai: "Cut Through Time and Space; Setsudan"

Shikai Appearance: A slightly longer than normal standard Katana with five golden notches along the side of the blade. The guard was now gold and pointed out on either side with the underneath portions colored pink. In the middle of the hilt was a small red jewel with a small red ribbon flowing. The grip was now purple with three golden dots and a golden cap at the end.

Abilities: Summons four blades identical to her sealed sword. She commands them mentally and can attack at almost any angle.

Hayuru Bankai: Zettai no Setsudan.

Ryu Pairing: Rangiku (main), Soifon, Tier, Hayuru Himekawa, Esdeath Partas, Kirio Hikifune, Yoruichi Shihōin, Kukaku & Lisa Yadōmaru.

Ichigo Pairing: Orihime (main), Nel & Riruka

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