Hey guys I just want to let y'all know this is my first story so give me some credit for doing my first and leave some ideas If you have any.

I thought of this Idea where HTTYD some how manages to enter the world of ark. And being an ark player myself I wanted to see how a story of that would turn out. Hope y'all like it

Setting: Island of BerkBerk

Timeframe: Modern to Futuristic

Chapter 1: Just a Normal Day


Hi my names Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third, yeah I know great name huh, well you live with what you get right? well back to the story, it's just a normal day in Berk. You see, I go to this famous Berk Central High, or, BCH for short. It's my last year at Berk Central and everyone's senior year is the year they want to make last. And this is the story of how my senior year is gonna be one of the best years of my life

First Day of Senior Year:


I wake up to a blaring alarm telling me I'm gonna be late... Well i already am late. In about 5min I manage to jump up shower, find at least somewhat decent clothes, and scoff down a plate of eggs and make it to the door... only to see a note from my dad saying he was gonna be gone for awhile again.

"Son, I had a call from the company about designing a new car for them in Italy. I'll be home soon stay safe, no parties... Not that you would have any"

If you haven't already noticed my dad is one of the major people in all of the economy's most expensive car companies... blah blah.

I walk out the door to the garage to my dad's Dodge Ram 3500. see since my dad is basically their most valuable asset, he basically gets what he wants

and that means he has a collection of trucks and cars at the many places where he works. I get in the truck and start my way to school. As I'm driving i pull behind a little S-10. As tempted as I was to run the little truck over its driver just happened to be the girl I have a crush on. Astrid Hofferson. The bravest, smartest, most beautiful girl I've ever known. And yes I would know. she's the only other person in my school to ever be a challenge for valedictorian. Which just so happens to be me. I snap out of my daydream to realize the light just turned green and begin heading down the road to my school. as I pull in I head toward the valedictorian area where they have 3 parking spaces for the top three students in the school. as usual I come to find my parking spot spray painted with nerd all over. which brings me to introduce my cousin... Samuel Yorgenson or as I like to say Snotlout. as I park I hear whistling from the sidewalk only to look around and see... yup... Snotlout.

"Hey Haddock your parking space suits you" *giggles*

"Yeah, I'm sure it does"

after a few min of torture from Snotlout I head to my locker, where I manage to bump into... yeah you guessed it... Astrid. as all of her books scatter to the floor we both move to pick them up.

"Watch where your going Hiccup, at least walk better than you drive"

"I'm so sorry Astrid, here, let me help you"

I manage to pick up and sort half of her work before getting up and handing them to her.

"Thanks Hiccup, even though it is your fault"

"My please Milad... Astrid"

she gives me a slight smile before turning around and walking off. as she leaves I turn to my locker and begin grabbing my own books before closing my locker and sighing... this is gonna be a good year