Tracer was farting up a storm somewhere, using a combination of her strong farting and her chronology accelerator to stay aloft, literally farting around at the speed of sound, perhaps faster.

"Peeyew! That's quite the stinky arse I got!" Tracer giggled in her British accent. "But 'ello what's this?" Tracer looked down. "Where am I?" Tracer asked herself due to the setting not being specified yet.

Trace farted right past Waluigi's Taco Stand, Waluigi holding his nose in disgust.

"Wah! Damn it, Daisy!" Waluigi groaned.

"But Wally, that wasn't me this time! I swear!" Daisy frowned, letting out a huge fart in her tight pink shorts. Tracer quickly sped behind her and smelled Daisy's fart. Daisy turned around, but Tracer quickly sped off, farting as she did, leaving a huge fart cloud in her wake. "What was that?"

Princess Peach was in her room, ripping a big fart alongside Toadette, the two of them wearing tank tops and pink pants, Toadette farting alongside her, then Tracer sped in, farting loudly.

"Ello loves, I'm a wee bit lost, can you give me some directions?" Tracer asked.

Peach and Toadette both stared blankly at Tracer, then glancing at each other.

"Umm, I don't know." Toadette shrugged.

Suddenly, a light purple skinned woman pulled herself up the window, pissed. "There you are, you gassy English bitch! Stop farting so much!"

"Aww you can't tell me what to do love! Besides, the cavalry's here!" Tracer giggled as she purposely farted in Widowmaker's face, much to her annoyment as she was blown out the window, Tracer once again disappearing in a green cloud of fart gas. Peach and Toadette simply gave each other blank glances, not realizing what just happened.

Tracer sped by the Super Smash Bros. Mansion, farting along the way as she stopped to take a look at Zero Suit Samus, who bent over and ripped a huge fart. Tracer enjoyed this as she blushed. Zamus turned around. "Excuse me, who are you?"

"Oh, my apologies, love! I'm a wee bit lost, you see." Tracer farted loudly.

"Oh god another gassy girl!" Zamus's eye twitched as she farted again.

"Aww love, I'm flattered, really I am." Tracer placed her hands over her heart, or rather her chronology accelerator. "But I'm taken, love. See, I already have me a girlfriend, and can she rip arse too! But you have you such a lovely farting arse yourself, love. Keep it up!" Tracer patted Zamus's gassy ass, which was ripping another fart as Tracer stormed off, once again farting all the way.

Zamus rolled her eyes. "What a gassy weirdo." Zamus walked to her room, still farting loudly, just not as much as Tracer was farting into the air, using her coronal accelerator and gassy butt to fart around at the speed of light.