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_The rest of the school year advanced almost as usual. Though there was the occasional fight between Bellatrix, who'd they been calling Bella, and Hermione's cat Crookshanks. Which was more amusing than troubling. (A/N the series is almost canon except with Ghost Rider powers from here. Up until the Deathly Hallows and the final battle against Voldemort.)

The rest of their time at Hogwarts doing basically what they did best. Up until they were preparing for their final battle. Cassie, Harry, Richard, and Selene started to prepare to really let loose with their powers. Bellatrix having managed to convince her niece, Nymphadora, to sit the battle out. Over the battle, Voldemort didn't seem to expect the full extent of the Angel Rider's powers that Harry now possessed, and when Cassandra jumped up from quickly ending the life of a death eater and sent her hellfire chains straight through his chest at the same time as Harry freed the Angel Rider spirit, destroying Voldemort's very soul and freeing himself of the responsibilities and duties of the Angel Rider as Cassandra eventually called her friends over to her.

"I guess it's about time for us to move on..."

Richard and Selene nodded. Harry however looked concerned.

"But where are you going to go?"

Cassandra looked at her friend.

"To Stark Tower. We have business to attend to."


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