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it was an ordinary night patrol on the rooftops of Gotham city. Nightwing, Robin and Batman were hunting down the last of a criminal organization. the routine was simple: find targets, put them into custody, return to the batcave, and sleep. it was as simple as that. " Nightwing to Robin, targets identified?" "negative. it seems that they have covered up their trail already. notify me if-*bzzt bzzt* *static*" "Nightwing to Robin, Robin? ROBIN! DAMIAN WAYNE, ARE YOU THERE?" Nightwing yelled into the comm." *still static*" "oh no..."

with a thump, robin landed into a big hole "what in the name of God did I get here?... oh... I must have landed here while i was trying to catch the criminal that had escaped..." just then, a shadowy figure looked in to the hole."ah.. yes you must be the force-sensitive I was looking for..." "who are you? what are you doing here?" Damian questioned. Sidious sensed great fear , anger ,and rage inside the boy. 'he shall make a great apprentice', sidious said to himself. then turning to Damian, sidious said," fear not, my young apprentice, you will come with me."