disclaimer: same as last time.

"Lord Vastolis, it is now time to put your skills to use." "How, my lord?" "by killing your foster family. this will sink you deeper into the dark side, and remove the obstacle in front of us conquering the planet Earth." "yes, my Master."

Vastolis stood in front of the Wayne manor, the manor that had once been his home. he easily smashed the doors open with the force. and tread to where the family was having breakfast. he held his breath while observing the Bat-family before massacring them. Tim was talking to Stephanie, Dick was flirting with his wife Barbara (as usual) Bruce was snoring on the sofa (unlike him),and Jason was eating a doughnut. none of them knew that Vastolis had survived. Vastolis decided that now was the right time for revealing himself. he stepped out into light. the gasps emitted from them was unbearable. they had not seen him in TWO YEARS. "Damian, is that really you?"Barbara stuttered. Vastolis barely flinched. he flatly replied " the weak and pitiful Damian Wayne is dead. I am Lord Darth Vastolis, dark lord of the sith." he ignited his crimson lightsaber, slamming it into the nearest human, which was Stephanie. "Steph!" Tim yelled. " I swear, you will pay for this." Vastolis shrugged indefinitely. then he plowed his lightsaber through Tim. Dick tried to launch himself at Vastolis, but failed, Vastolis triumphantly held Dick in a force choke. "Dick!" Barbara yelled. then Jason and Bruce, seeing the plight Dick was in, also launched themselves at Vastolis. " let him go and come get us! " Jason yelled. Vastolis dropped dick and then stabbed his lightsaber through both of them, while Barbara rushed dick back to her room.