After their big mishap at the Museum of Natural History, they decided to go to the Museum of Natural History. "I'm supposed to meet my pen pals here."

"What are your pen pals names anyway Tuck?" Pinkie asked.

"I don't know," Tucker answered, "The names are covered in tomato sauce.

"I told you not to start that food fight at Siren Pizza," Frank recalled.

"The waiters made fun of my height." Tucker recalled, "So I purposefully tossed parmesan pizza at them."

"Luckily," Betty Ann said."You made up our lunch by making a pizza of your own."

"Thanks," Tucker replied.

Then a boy with red hair, glasses, and a striped white and yellow shirt came in, along with a girl with auburn hair and red overall shorts, and a green lizard.

"Hello." said the girl, "We're looking for a guy named, "Tucker McHale"

"I'm Tucker McHale" Tucker shouted as he shook their hands.

"I'm Phoebe Terese," the girl greeted, "And these are my friends, "Arnold Perlstein" and Liz."

"We're here for the summer cause we won the RBTV Broadcast contest." Arnold explained, "Rocky told us all about you and when we heard that you were in town. We thought we could meet our friend, "Carlos"'s pen pal."

"Carlos Ramon?" Tucker asked.

"Exactly." they both answered.

Inside the museum, they saw Alex, Gabby, and The Sesame Street Gang. They were there for the day and they decided to go together. "What about Rocky and Bullwinkle?" Lilo asked.

"They dropped us off here and they'll pick us up by 5 pm," Terese said.

For the next 2 hours, they looked around the gallery and checked out the pieces of art. Then it was closing time. "Sorry folks time to go home now." the guard said, "Pictures gotta get some shut eye."

Tucker really wanted to pull a prank on the museum by contaminating the pipe system with lemonade mix. He told Arnold, Pinkie, Iago, and Phoebe that they'll be the assistance. Meanwhile, Big Big wandered off because Snuffy went missing.

After roll call, they saw that Big Bird, Snuffy, Tucker, Arnold, Phoebe, Iago, and Pinkie are missing. They needed to find them before it's too late.

Meanwhile on the outside of the museum. Rocky and Bullwinkle were waiting for Arnold and Phoebe to come out of the museum. Twilight spotted them outside and decided to bring them in with her teleportation magic. She explained to them what's going on and they decide to help.

Luckily, the Sesame Street Gang were planning to spend the night with Rocky and Bullwinkle, now their families won't worry.

Note: Tucker and Gary's last names are based on DJ. McHale the creator of Are You Afraid of The Dark.