Generally, I am the last person to introduce themselves, though I feel I must make an exception in this case.

My name is Asenath Jochebed Zipporah Moonglider.

In my prime, I was about 5'4.5" tall, my green eyes sparkled, and my red hair cascaded in thick waves all the way to the floor. I was sturdy at 145 pounds, and had been deaf since age four.

I was rescued by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Wedge Antilles from the clutches of Zorba the Hutt. Even at six, I had value as a servant/slave. Until the age of four, I had been the only daughter of a former jedi. After being "taken in" by Zorba, I had to learn quickly to avoid lashings.

He took me in my father's place in a way. Zorba himself had no use quarrel with my father, but his old friend, Gardulla the Hutt, did. When she died, part of her estate went to her children: a son, Gardulla the Younger, and daughter, Decca the Hutt. Zorba took over the slave trade as well as his monopoly on the Pirates.

Gardulla's problem with my father was ingrained in the fact that she lost money when he convinced her to bet on Sebulba in the infamous podrace where Anakin Skywalker won. Due to this heavy financial hit, he was dismissed from her service. Zorba, decided to play upon this, buy laying claim on me upon my father's death. He decided that he wanted me, "because my father owed his friend, Gardulla, a debt that only I could repay."

I was deaf and did not hear these words; however, as they were said in court, and therefore on public record, I know now that those were lies.

When Luke found me, I was six years old, deaf, beaten, thin, and ready for a change.

One minute Luke and his entourage were talking to Zorba, and the next, I was on the Millennium Falcon, off to meet my destiny.

I serve the Jedi.

I implore you to share in my adventures.