A/N: Gosh, I hope I don't have to keep posting these updates every chapter, but things keep happening and times are a changin'. When I first began this rewrite, the Jun author and I would get together weekly and write together. Unfortunately, life had other plans. He got busy with work, I was planning my wedding, my mom had a heart attack in there somewhere...anyway, I kept working on my portions and that is why I got so far ahead of him. He was supposed to write the court scene with him and Fey'lya, which is why this is so brief. I don't blame him, nor am I angry. I just wanted to explain why there is very little of that here. The original was filled with jocularity, as Jun (then called Jin) knew it was a sham, so he didn't take it seriously. Jun's author wanted to redo that with a more serious tone, but again, life got in the way. Also, the Nanette inspiration and I have begun to try and make amends, but she remains barred from inclusion in this project. Thank you for your continued patience as I rework this to another direction. This reworking will retcon something from an earlier chapter, but honestly this needs to be done. -M

According to Jun and the official trial transcripts, it was nothing I said.

Luke agreed Jun should be held accountable, but not to the extreme that Fey'lya wanted.

Luke meant prison. Fey'lya meant death.

When Fey'lya announced Jun was to die at dawn, Luke said he never agreed to that sentence. Luke would have no reason to kill Jun, so I believe him. Jun believed Luke, too.

Guards were closing in, and Jun made a choice that put him to the tippy-top of the Republic's Most Wanted list.

Jun jumped from the defense table, and landed on the bench in front of Supreme Chancellor Borsk Fey'lya.

Jun proceeded to beat in Fey'lya's face. More than likely, the Bothan was dead within the first punch or two.

During his escape from the complex, Jun punched a soldier in the head. The blow crushed his helmet and he died.

So, it was not a clean escape.

Discovery was ready to go, Jun handed me the keys to The Banshee. I could feel his heart drop a little as the keys left his hands.

Jun hugged me and gently stroked Miriam's hair.

"I'm going to miss you guys."

"We're going to miss you, too."

I kissed Jun's cheek, leaving a wet spot with my tears.

"I'll be back someday, Asenath. With my one marketable skill, I'll be back."

"But things won't be the same."

"No, they won't be."

I choked back more tears as Jun made his huge frame fit in the cockpit of Discovery. Just after the hatch closed, he took off.

I kept waving, even after he was long gone.

Nanette ran up to the roof just as the back engine lights faded into the atmosphere.

I just kept crying.

"Don't worry, Asenath. He can take care of himself."

"I know. I'm going to miss him just the same."

"Me, too, Asenath. Me, too."


Fey'lya was dead and left no recorded endorsement. Luke appointed Admiral Ackbar to fill in until a new one was elected.

The senate elected Ackbar, and the Republic had a new leader.