Rip and Tear until it is Done!

Those are the words that haunted our favorite Zeppo's mind since that desasterous Halloween night where everyone turned into their costumes. Most of the victims of Ethan's 'harmless' prank were lucky, most forgot what happened leaving only faint echos. Such as in Buffy's case, the knowledge of how to speak French despite never before even taking a class...

But for Xander... well he was Fate's favorite chew toy so why wouldn't he reamed without mercy or lube?

Originally he was going to dress as a regular solider, though the last plastic gun was bought so that pretty much killed his plan. After all he only had ten bucks to his name and there was no way he could afford a costume without more money, especially the badass ones!

Xander so would've loved to dress as Darth Vader...

However Ethan decided to do him a 'favor' and sell him a costume, a really good and detailed one too, for his ten bucks. Apparently it was originally meant for a Cosplay convention but the one who ordered it had a run in with a gang hyped up on PCP and couldn't collect.

Supposedly it was the armor of the main character in the Doom franchise, the series was undergoing a reboot to revive the franchise. Xander, who was actually a big fan of the original games, took the deal without blinking!

In his words? Screw Darth Vader! I'm gonna be the Motherfuckin' Doomguy!

That night passed in a blur of ultra violence, it was only thanks to an AI called VEGA that the Doomguy didn't kill innocent kids!

And now... Xander had all his memories, skills, the Praetor armor, and the AI VEGA... oh! And the kicker? He had all this Argent energy, which is refined Hell energy from Xander's understanding, coursing through his system slowly changing him from a surfer dude into the Unchained Predator.

Into... the Doom Slayer...

And soon... the evil Demons of Sunnydale... would be begging the Vampire to save them...


(A/N: This is a little plotbunny that wouldn't leave me alone. As I lack any working knowledge of BtVS this won't become a story from me. I would like to see it become one however. And if anyone's interested please PM me and ask for promission first. Also for the sake of this the timeline of BtVS was moved up from the 90s to the 2000s)