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Notes: During my first viewing a decade ago, I admit I was one of those fans that really hated Flay. I think with an adult perspective, I started to understand Flay. She suffered from mental illness and was a war orphan. So, I guess this is my attempt to write her a better ending. A lot of this is shameless fluff, I admit. There will be a bit of angst and drama here and there. Anyways, tell me what you think! I can't be the only one that ships this.

Behind Enemy Lines

Sins of the Father

Flay is shaking. Not just from fear, but also from isolation, eating rations, and being cramped in that tiny pod for days. She's shaking from uncertainty. The ship that has rescued their pod may very well be a ZAFT vessel, and if that is the case, they will be exposed to the monsters that destroyed her home. She will be surrounded by them.


Flay wraps her arms around herself. No, life cannot be that cruel. If there is a loving god above, he wouldn't take her home and thrust her into the arms of the enemy. Her entire body trembles as she tries to force back her tears. She wants her Papa. She wants to be at her father's home in Orb. She wants to be safe.

Flay's head snaps up as the pod door opens. Light spills in through the pod door, and her heart is pounding heavily against her chest. Her breath hitches in her throat as she sees a silver haired man dressed in ZAFT red. Her heart feels as if it's been split in half. No, no, no. Her eyes avert to the floor as a wave of dread crawls through her skin.

"Are you coming or not?" the silver-haired soldier snaps at her.

Flay glances towards him and rises from her chair. She floats through the pod towards the ZAFT soldier. Her hand clutches onto the edge of the small doorway as she looks down into the ship's hangar. They're everywhere. Flay's head feels light as she looks at all the men dressed in ZAFT uniforms. Her head feels heavy at the very sight.

Oh god...

Flay feels the soldier take her by her arm and shift her outside of the pod. She looks directly into his cold blue eyes and her heart feels as if it's being crushed. His hand is still tightly wrapped around her arm. She wants to fight him, but how can she? He is a man and a Coordinator. He could overpower her within seconds.

"Your name?" he asks.

"I don't need to tell you anything!" she struggles against his grip.

"Don't make this difficult," he says.

Flay looks into his narrowed cold eyes. Her breath catches in her throat as her heart hammers against her chest. She lowers her eyes from his and says, "Flay Allster."

"Allster… the name sounds familiar," the soldier says. "Dearka! Are you familiar with the name Allster?"

A tanned, blonde hair man glances up towards them. "Isn't George Allster some shit bag from Blue Cosmos?"

Flay's entire body goes numb at Dearka's words. The ZAFT soldier's grip tightens around her bicep. Flay looks into his eyes. She can practically feel the rage pouring off of him.

"My dad isn't part of Blue Cosmos I promise," tears are flowing from her eyes as her voice thins. "I know my dad better than anyone...please…"

"Evidently you don't know him well enough," the soldier says.

He keeps his grip on her arm as he moves through the hangar. She's trembling as he takes her through a series of halls. They're going to kill her, and all for some misconceptions made about her father. It's true her father isn't fond of Coordinators, but he's not part of Blue Cosmos. She would know...wouldn't she?

"Please...don't kill me," Flay pleads. "I'm not part of Blue Cosmos. I promise."

"I'm not going to kill you," he replies. "Stop being so overdramatic."

He stops in front of a door. The soldier keeps one hand tightly wrapped around her arm as his index finger presses against a silver button. "Commander Le Creuset, I have information that might interest you."

"Come right in, Yzak…" a voice says through a speaker.

The door swishes open, and Yzak pulls her through the door. Flay looks to a masked man sitting behind a desk. Yzak releases his hold on her. Flay wraps her arms around herself as she looks to her shoes. She starts to tremble again as tears well in her eyes.

"George Allster's daughter appears to be one of the civilians from the pod, Commander," Yzak explains.

"George Allster of Blue Cosmos?" Le Creuset says. "How ironic that his daughter happened to be in the lifepod we recovered. This world has such a strange sense of humor."

"My father is not part of Blue Cosmos," Flay looks up to Le Creuset.

"There's no need to be defensive, Miss Allster," Le Creuset says. "You are not to be punished for the sins of your father. How old are you...sixteen?"

"Fifteen," Flay's voice is meak.

"She's been in that pod for days now," Le Creuset looks directly at Flay. "Find her some clothes and let her shower."

"Me?" Yzak asks. "You want me to chaperone this...girl around the ship?"

"Yes, Yzak," he says. "It is the humanitarian thing to do, is it not? ZAFT must set a better example than her father has."

Heat rises in her chest. Flay drops her hands to her sides and clenches her fists. Her nails dig into her palms as she represses all of her anger. How dare this man slander her father? She bites her lip as she resist the urge to lash out. If she were in Orb or in Heliopolis, she could so easily speak her mind. Not here though. Not in the lion's den.

Yzak turns to towards her. Flay keeps her gaze downward. She expects him to take her by the arm and drag her through the ship again. Instead he floats towards the door and waits for her to follow. Flay looks to him and hesitates to follow him.

"I don't have all day," he snaps.

Flay takes two small steps towards him. He presses his hand against a panel to open the door, and Flay follows Yzak outside of Le Creuset's office. The door swishes closed, and Yzak looks towards her with with mild annoyance. He places one hand on his hip as he glowers down at her with contempt. Flay shifts her eyes away from him in an attempt to avoid eye contact with him.

"I'm not excited about this either," he says. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be."

She draws in a deep breath and resigns to her unfortunate circumstances with a small nod. Just get it over with, she thinks to herself. Resisting isn't going to do her any favors. If she has good behavior, it might make her situation a little bit more bearable. Flay manages to look up at Yzak. His eyes seemed to have softened slightly. She relaxes her arms to her sides and follows behind him with her eyes to the floor.

Her unfortunate set of circumstances start to settle in her brain. She's on a ZAFT Warship with Coordinators, her father has no idea if she's even alive, and the soldiers on this ship seem to believe her father is some fanatical racist. He doesn't like Coordinators, but does that really make him part of Blue Cosmos? He has prejudices, but surely, he cannot be as terrible as these people seem to think he is.

Yzak stops at a door. He keys in a code before stepping inside the small room. Flay follows him inside as he retrieves a set of spare clothing. He hands her a green uniform skirt and white undershirt. Flay takes them both in hand. She's hesitant on wearing the skirt considering that it's a ZAFT issued uniform, but her desire to wear clean clothes outweighs her pre-existing prejudices.

"Follow me," Yzak orders.

Flay follows Yzak out of the room. She holds her clean clothes close to her as she follows him in silence. As much as she hates being on this ship, she cannot deny that she's looking forward to the shower that she was promised. Flay cannot wait to get out of her pink dress and just wear something clean for a change. Hell, she sees herself throwing away the dress the minute she gets back home to Papa.

If she gets back home…

Flay pushes that thought from her mind as they stop in front of another door. Yzak steps towards the door and keys in a code. The doors swish open revealing a room with a bed and desk. There's another door off to the side. Is this Yzak's room? Flay feels so out of place as she steps inside. The last place she ever expected to be was inside a ZAFT soldier's private room.

"The shower's in that room," Yzak says. "Be quick about it."

Flay walks passed him and into the room. She closes the door behind her and presses her back against it. Her tears flow freely as she sobs. She wishes she was in her dorm on Heliopolis. She wishes she was with Miriallia and Sai. She wishes she could cry on her father's shoulder. She wishes she was anywhere but on this ship.

Flay takes in another deep breath as she releases her new set of clothes into the air. She kicks off her shoes and pulls her dress over her head. She removes her undergarments as she walks towards the shower. She steps inside and closes the door behind her. Flay turns the knobs, allowing water to pour. She sinks down to the floor and curls her legs close to her. She starts to sob again as it all starts to hit her.

A week ago, Flay Allster was just a normal teenager trying to make it through school. How, in god's name, did she end up being a ZAFT hostage? Flay buries her head into her knees as warm water cascades down upon her. Her worst nightmare has now become her reality.