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Then this may become a multi-crossover but do expect song Lyrics and songs from different Anime especially from Macross Frontier.

{Line Break}

Petunia Dursley nee Evans sighed as she held her 5 year old niece Aurora Winter Potter who was clinging to her and crying softly having come home early from meeting with the other house wives that live on Private Drive only to find her husband touching her Niece where he shouldn't have been, This had caused Petunia to hit Vernon over the head with her purse before she grabbed her Niece and hurriedly went over to #5's house to call the Police while trying to calm her Niece down.

Now despite what many people may have thought Petunia didn't hate her sister or her Niece no she hated the magical world that took her sister away from her and if the letter left with Aurora they would try to take her as well, So she did everything she could to make sure her niece wouldn't fall into the same trap her sister did when it came to the magical world even going so far as to pay for singing lessons when Aurora showed interest in singing at the young age of 4.

{Location Tokyo, Japan, Aurora age 7.5}

Petunia smiled at her niece who was doing some dance practice and couldn't keep the pride out of her eyes, it had taken the courts half a year to get everything cleared when it came to Vernon's now exposed more then shady dealings and she was more then happy that she had gone to the wizarding bank the day after she had received Aurora as she not only blocked a meddling old fool who had tried to claimed her nieces finances as Aurora's 'guardian which included a marriage contract to a family she didn't even know of {And was quickly voided by her as illegal due to Aurora being in her arms and thus she was Aurora's guardian} but she also found out she was a hedge witch meaning she was magical just 'not enough' for the British Wizards to even care about claiming hedge witches and wizards as 'squibs' mostly because a Hedge Witch or wizard comes into their power around the ages of 17 as that's how long it took for their magical cores to stabilize, Due to this Petunia was not only able to claim mundane guardianship but also magical guardianship over her niece as her closest living magical relative and thus unknowingly caused all of Dumbledores plans for Aurora and the Potter fortunes and vaults to come crashing down as Petunia not only had any and all keys for the potter vaults made invalid but had the goblins keep guardianship of the new key with both her and Aurora needing to go through tests and scans to prove it was them and that they was not under the influence of any spells or potions, the fact she also got her niece and herself checked over by goblin healers {Charged to the potter family vault} the goblins were outraged when they found not only a Soul Anchor in her scar but a lot of bindings that was still fresh and still settling that would've hampered her niece such as giving her bad eyesight and poor memory along with a spell that would've caused anger and hate towards her from keyed people such as her and her husband {She was happy that spell had been removed}, But as it was after everything was settled the goblins set her up with the guardian stipend that would've gone to Dumbledore if she hadn't come into the bank but also found out the goblins did business with many mundane banks including one that they set up as her guardian trust to be spent on her niece, Petunia didn't even touch it till she needed to hire a solicitor and barrister to deal with Vernon's trial for what he did and tried to do to her niece but also go over her family finances with a fine tooth comb.

"Aurora that's enough for today we need to get you cleaned up and showered before we go to the party the ambassador is throwing" Petunia says as she holds out her hand to her niece who runs over to her and grabs it.

"Do I get to sing there auntie?" Aurora asks her aunt as she looks up to the older woman.

"Maybe when you get more practice sweetie" Petunia says softly causing Aurora to pout cutely causing Petunia to smile at her niece who thanks to her getting a job as the ambassador's aid finally putting her diploma in Politics to use was able to travel and see more of the world then just England but she also was able to start learning a new language in the form of Japanese as her niece attended a private school that the ambassador actually was paying for stating that 'a young girl should get the best education possible' not that the ambassador even cared about the price as he paid for every child of his staff to go to the private school or a nearby public school depending on their test results, this meant Petunia could afford to keep sending Aurora to singing and dance lessons that was paying off big time for her niece she also thanks to the goblins got her withdrawn from the Hogwarts register and her niece would take her magic lessons from a local shrine, Petunia did find it funny that Japan and even most Asians nations were open with magic yet most of the world called them superstitious but right now she would focus on her niece and her dream to become a famous singer and to help the world learn that magic is wonderful and out there so that others don't end up trapped like her mother did as 'magical schooling' didn't have anything to do with mundane schooling and thus many mundane born would have no education beyond the basics learned up to 10/11 years old.


So here's the first chapter {Sorry if there's long paragraphs/text walls ^^'} what do you all think?

Now next chapter will be a time skip to Aurora being 14/15 also while this'll be more casual I do have some ideas for Aurora's singing and how it'll affect the world at large and it'll be similar to Macross Frontier only not in space XD

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Name: Aurora Winter Potter

Birthdate: July, 31st, 1990

Nationality: Born: Brittan Raised: Japan

Age: 14 {As of next chapter}

Gender: Female

Status: Witch: Metamorphamagus {the OC's can be mundane}

Appearance: {Look up Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier but with Dark Pink Hair and Green Eyes as her preferred appearance and a mini lily as her base appearance}

Other: Aurora with the help of the Goblins {for 10% of the yearly income} has started a company that's pushing technology further and faster then any other company in the world with 2003 seeing the first true publicly buyable 3d holographic projection system {Which is used during concerts for Aurora's group}

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