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{Line Break}

Aurora stared at Emily who stared back before Emily reached out and snacked the last piece of chocolate cake causing Aurora to pout.

"No fair Emily~" Aurora whines and looks at Emily with a kicked puppy look which Emily looks away from quickly while eating the slice of cake.

"Not really you're the better singer between us while I'm the better dancer due to my marital arts training though you are coming along with your dancing a lot more then before with my help" Emily says and it was true as Aurora when they started their duet was a decent dancer from all the lessons she had but with Emily's help her dancing has gotten better, and the same could be said about Emily's singing since Aurora was helping her out with it in return.

Over all in the 3 months since they debuted on Aurora's 14th birthday Emily had come to see Aurora as not only a friend but also a little sister figure just as Aurora had come to see Emily as a big sister figure and so they was annoyed when days after the western 'Halloween' British wizards appeared to try and strong arm Aurora into joining their 'tri-wizard' tournament because she 'entered' her name somehow as a forth school, Let's just say the Japanese magical AND mundane governments caused ALOT of headaches for the British Prime Minister and Queen seeing as to the rest of the world the British Queen is still seen as the Magical Britain rulers as she's the Queen to ALL British Citizens no matter what the British Ministry of Magic thinks and says and key word there is MINISTRY meaning they fall under the Crown's rule just like the Ministry of Defence does and so when the 1st task rolled around it wasn't Aurora that was affected by the broken contract but Bartimus Crunch JR in the disguise of 'Mad-Eye' Moody all the while Aurora and Emily was working on a CD to release to the stores.

{January, 20th, 2005, off the coast of Los Angeles California, Winter Moon concert Ship}

"So is everything ready for out concert Emily?" Aurora asks Emily who nods while smiling.

"Dizzy said he's is taking care of everything and he's getting more holo-projectors set up on the beach with security guarding them so more will be able to watch our concert" Emily says knowing that Aurora was still slightly shaken up from the British Terrorist group called Death Eaters nearly killing the both of them while they was practicing in the Stadium they was originally going to use, but after their near death experience they decided all future concerts would be from their ship only.

"That's good and I've picked out our opening song" Aurora says brightly while holding the chosen song to Emily who smiled in response to her friends enthusiasm for singing, the funny thing was that they was using their music and Aurora's company to try and slowly bring the mundane and magical worlds together again because they both found the arrogance that many magicals had against the mundane to be disconcerting more so the Europeans who seem to think themselves gods when it comes to the Mundane or in some places like 'Magical' Britain anything not a magical human is seen as animals with Mundane-borns barely rating as 2nd class citizens at best.

3 hours later saw both Aurora and Emily taking their places as the Concert started.

{Gold from RWBY: /watch?v=kmy9QdVblMk}

The concert would follow the beat of the opening song as it continued on for an hour before ending but both Aurora and Emily were happy and the many people who showed up for their concert could be herd cheering even on the concert ship.

{Line Break}

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