Info to Know Before Starting the Fics :

Not all Fics will be romantic, though you can probably squint and find a pairing in all of them.

For those who don't read Dame Love Life of Tsuna Sawada, my romances tend to be bitter, though this first one will probably be a touch misleading in that.

The Tsuna's will almost assuredly be a part of the Universe they're in; so something like Tsuna with Flames in Harry Potter Universe probably not happen- he'd use a wand, because that's where power is in that universe. There won't even always be a company or mafia group and Tsuna won't always be the boss if there is.

Fairy Tail

"Well" said the dry voice of a young man hovering in the air overlooking the battlefield in front of him, "This certainly escalated quickly."

A figure observed the rather odd scene of an entire building, which seemed to be on mechanical spider legs (Please tell me this isn't some lost toy of Spanners), crawling its way toward the Fairy Tail Guild, while people from both buildings yelled and screamed bloody murder at each other.

"Should… should I do something?" the figure asked himself unsure, "I don't see the target, and I don't really have any orders to get in the way of a guild war, and I really don't have the knowledge to even pick a side to fight on."

As the noise escalated, an incredibly annoying old voice, announced that they were there to take Lucy Heartfilia, and that Fairy Tail should give them up or face an ass kicking.

"Whelp, I guess I can't pretend this isn't my problem", the figure sighed, "Boss is not going to be happy if we have to pay for this mess; damn I was hoping my Phoenix Wisdom was wrong and that the leader of Phantom hadn't been this stupid."

His eye widened, when a giant magic conversion cannon appeared from the front of the building, clearly willing to blow them (and possibly his target) to high heaven.

"Dammit" the figure cursed, and with a burst of fire, he was speeding towards the endangered fairies.


Erza screamed at her family to get back, even as she quickly changed armors and began desperately flaring her magic energy; the master was down, she was the only one present who could take such a blast and possibly survive.

"ERZA!" her brothers and sisters screamed, she ignored them, spreading her arms and legs to catch as much of the blast as possible.

And then her vision was covered in black, had she lost consciousness already?

"What the hell is that!?" someone screamed behind her, answering her question of whether or not she was still conscious.

Taking a step back she saw it was a giant black cloth of some kind and, whatever it was, was stopping the blast.

"Are you alright miss?" came a polite inquiry to her left, and turning her head she saw the cloth attached to a figure.

The figure wore black cloak ("it's a mantel you uncultured swine") which bottom was stretched out in a massive tarp shielding the fairies; a simply grey and white pinstriped suit, a top hat, and bandages covering every other exposed part including his hair and mouth, excluding a single brown eye.

Before she could answer or question his presence, she felt Grey, Natsu, and Elfman come up behind her.

"Hey Erza, what do you think your doin, trying to take that all on by yourself!?" Natsu of all people, admonishing her for reckless action.

"Silence Natsu, sometimes men must sacrifice themselves for the sake of their loved ones; though that was unmanly rushing off ahead Erza." Elfman, hypocritically scolding both of them, and ignoring the fact that she was a woman.

"Whose he?" Grey, the only one asking the important question

"I don't know" she said answering him and ignoring the other two numbskulls who'd forgotten their worry for her and picked a fight with each other over Elfman's last comment.

"FAIRY FOOLS!" came Jose's amplified voice

"Oh, I guess his attack is done", the stranger said mildly, as his cloak shrunk, once more giving them view of Phantom Lord's hideous castle.


"Wow, what a jackass" the stranger mumbled, "He doesn't even know how I stopped the attack, but he's assuming I couldn't just do it again?"

That was relieving and troubling all at once

On the one hand, the stranger had saved them, and from his words would at least be willing to do so again; on the other, he was very powerful and had suspicious timing, if they had to fight, Erza didn't know if they could stop him before he caused any serious harm

"Who's the mummy Erza?" Natsu asked, finally noting the stranger's presence, who only waved pleasantly despite his rather intimidating appearance

"Mummies aren't real, he's probably an escaped mental patient." Elfman commented

"Wouldn't I be just an escaped patient from a regular hospital, what do bandages have to do with sanity?" the stranger asked not concerned in the least that he'd just been insulted.

"Doesn't matter" Erza cut them off before the slapstick comedy could continue, "We need a plan, and a team to get inside the castle."

"I'm going/I'm going" Natsu and Gray said simultaneously, not even bothering to glare at each other for the unintended jinx, this was personal.

"Good, we nee-"

"Excuse me" the stranger interrupted in a polite tone even raising his hand, "Do you know where Lucy Heartfilia is?"

Instantly the Fairy Tail Mages narrowed their eyes at the bandaged suited up man

"We are NOT giving them Lucy" Natsu said in an uncharacteristically low tone, it was dark and foreboding, but it was a sentiment they all agreed with.

"I never said you were" the figure said with a tilt of his head, but it felt fake to Erza as she noticed the subtle tensing in his stance.

"Then why do you need to know, friend?" Gray asked equally as frigid, and Elfman cracked his knuckles

"Oh, I just want to talk to her" the stranger said in a faux casual voice, but the coolness of his next words made it clear he would have an answer whether they wanted to give it or not, "Now then, where. Is. she?"

"Just give me up, I don't want my friends to get hurt over me!" came a voice from the crowd behind them that Erza knew to be Lucy, apparently there had been some scuffle while the three other members of Team Natsu had been talking to this intruder.

"There she is" he said single eye swiveling behind them

"I WON'T LET YOU TOUCH HER" Natsu roared flying towards the man before he could move, "Fire Dragon's Left!"


Erza's eye widened at the sight in front of her, it was surprising enough to make her freeze for a moment.

"Woah there" the stranger exclaimed in an untroubled voice, his little finger blocking Natsu's now blaze free fist, "All I said was I needed to talk to the girl, there's no need to attack; what if I had just been an ordinary messager? A punch of that force could have killed me."

"You-uuuuugh" Natsu tried to speak, before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed

"NATSU" they yelled, which was echoed from behind them as Natsu's earlier shout had garnered the attention of the other Fairies who were making their way towards them.

Erza ignored it in exchange for pointing her sword at the man's throat

"What did you do to Natsu!" she snarled

"Knocked him out in obvious self-defense" the man rolled his single visible eye, even as he brushed aside her blade with disturbing ease.

"He's cold" said Gray who had his fingers on Natsu's pulse, the short nod he sent her confirmed he was alive, "Flame brain is never cold."

The three glared at the man in front of them as the rest of the guild finally caught up


"What happened!"

"Who the hell is this fucker!?"

"Why are we letting him still breathe?"


"What the hell!?"

"Whose this!?"


"SHUT UP" Erza finally snapped ending the noise immediately, "What did you do?"

"I absorbed his flames" the stranger answered, "I'm guessing he's a very powerful Flame Mage if the lack of flames knocked down that bad."

"He's a Dragon Slayer" Lucy mumbled looking horribly guilty from where she was now kneeling

"Really, I'm a Phoenix Slayer, small world" the stranger said before he suddenly took notice of Lucy's figure and Erza stiffened.

"Lucy get back!" Elfman barked, apparently seeing the same thing

Lucy blinked surprised, but before she could move, the stranger was crouched in front of her arm reaching in his cloak; Lucy jumped and Erza had her sword ready to blast the man to kingdom come when

"Delivery!" the man said in a cheery voice as he handed over a letter from his pocket, essentially breaking all tension.

"W-what?" Lucy asked obviously thrown off balance; Erza was too, as was everyone else present

"I told you I just needed to talk to her, what did you think I was going to do?" bandages covered the man's whole face, but his single eye alone was enough to make her want to slash him anyway; he was amused.

"Then why did you attack Natsu!?" Mira questioned from where she too had kneeled to his side

"I didn't" the stranger said dryly, "He came at me with a flaming fist when I asked where Ms. Heartfilia was, and I blocked with a technique that absorbed fire."

The other's looked to her and the other two boys to confirm; Erza coughed into her fist while Elfman rubbed the back of his head finding his feet fascinating.

Grey sighed and pinched his nose,

"I can't believe I got caught up in Flame Brain's stupid" he groused

"So it was Natsu's fault after all."

"I thought as much."

"Served the dumbass right for attacking without question all the time."


The Fairy Tail Mages had no sympathy for their guild mate.

"OH MY CLAMS!" the stranger suddenly yelled pointing at Happy who just spoke, "WHY IS THAT CAT BLUE!"

"THAT'S WHAT YOU NOTICED!" Lucy roared, as ever being the straight woman

"I'm blue, because I'm a cat that can talk and my name is Happy" Happy 'explained' with a smile on his face.

"Oh I see, it's nice to meet you" the stranger replied immediately calmed


"I've lived an interesting life" the cloaked man shrugged, "My family is far more interesting than an odd colored cat."

"Again he ignores the talking flying part" Gray mumbled

"Right, um, thank you for delivering this" Lucy said awkwardly getting back on topic, "Sorry he attacked you, but we're kind of in the middle of something right now."

Lucy's words brought back the briefly fleeted angst of the situation, and the Fairies adopted grim faces as they faced the 30 ft. weaponized elephant in the room.

"I'm aware, I'll be taking care of that." The stranger said breezily, his hand had moved to Natsu's forehead and a small flame had lit his finger, a moment later Natsu was up.

"I'M ALIVE" he screamed

"You were never dead idiot" Gray mumbled, but Erza ignored that in exchange for eyeing the stranger calculatingly

"What do you mean you'll take care of it" she wasn't doubting his strength, he handled Natsu far too easily, bad technique match ups or not

Instead of answering her, he turned to Lucy

"That letter is from your father" the blond girl froze, "My family weren't too pleased with his help's chosen method of requiring you; especially when it became apparent by the news of the attack on those three Fairy Tail members, that Jose is just looking for an excuse to start a war."

The stranger's brown eye narrowed and glowed a vicious red orange, and his next words were a dangerous growl

"I refuse to let him use my family's name as an excuse for this mockery"

Those present shivered at the obvious rage in his tone

"…Your family?" Lucy asked into the silence

"Yes, my family is the one your father made your arranged marriage with, though obviously considering your unwilling nature that contract will have to be renegotiated" he hurriedly added at Lucy's obvious lurch,

"M-m-marriage!?" Lucy shouted

"You didn't know?" the stranger questioned with a tilt of his head

"Who would want to marry someone like Lucy?" Happy asked innocently

"What's that supposed to mean cat!?" Lucy snapped, going from freaked out to pissed in a matter of seconds, "I'm a cute quirky busty girl of seventeen with a beautiful personality, I'm a catch!"

"To say that about yourself out loud, what a vain girl." Happy 'whispered' to Natsu

"Isn't she embarrassed to say that?" Natsu 'whispered' back

"Shut up!" Lucy screamed

"To go from scared, to freaked, to over the top angry all in the span of a few seconds, your kind of a weirdo aren't you?" the stranger asked innocently

Lucy immediately crouched to the ground depressed

"The weirdo in bandages is calling me a weirdo, have I changed that much, has Fairy Tail made me lose my common sense without noticing it?" she piteously mumbled to herself

"Nah, I'm sure you were always like that" Natsu 'helped', Lucy only sunk deeper into depression, "What does your family wanting to marry someone like Lucy have to do with Phantom Lord attacking us?"

"Stop saying it like that!" Lucy yelled

"Absolutely nothing" the stranger answered, taking his curious gaze off of Lucy and affecting an irritated tone, "The letter is more of summons than anything else, with a few basics about the business proposal, all they had to do was deliver a similar notice to you, force being a last option. Jose is just a power hungry moron."

"But you still would have used force." Gray stated, picking at that particular detail

The stranger only gazed at him evenly as Lucy became nervous again at the sudden quiet

"So you are a bad guy." Natsu said infuriated

"I just saved your friend's life." The stranger said pointing to Erza, as she slightly bristled at the doubt of her skills

"Aye, that's true" Happy said

"And we're grateful" Gray said, though his tone made clear there was a 'but' coming, "but how do we know you're not going to just try and snatch her from the winner of this battle."

"Cause their won't be a battle" the stranger answered as if it were obvious, just then the gates of the Phantom Lord's castle opened and hordes of warriors exited

"Looks like there will be" Erza answered eyeing the horde coldly, "I don't believe Jose is going to pull back just because your family is calling off the mission."

"Holy crap, where did all those guys come from!?"

"Didn't we kick all the regular members of the guild's ass?"

"Their shadows" Mirajane answered, "Jose's magic allows him to create expendable shadow warriors to fight for him."

"That's outrageous!"

"So" muttered Elfman "This is the power of one of the ten wizard saints, how unmanly to not fight your own battles."

"Alright some expendable anger management to tear apart" Natsu roared with flame engulfed hands "I'M ALL FIRED UP!"

"Well tough" the stranger said poking him making the fires disappear and ignoring Natsu's indignant shout, "I already said there won't be a battle."

"Then what do you call that!?" Lucy yelled slightly panicked, pointing at the rapidly approaching shadows

"If you want to marry into my family, you'll have to keep a calmer head when things spin out of control." The stranger chose to admonish her instead with a disappointed shake of the head

"I never said that I would!" Lucy yelled back indignant

"Maybe, maybe not" the stranger answered with a careless shrug, but it was clear which he believed would happen, "And to answer your question, I call that…"

He pointed to the castle and oncoming shadows; his cloak wrapped around his pointing arm and with a flash of light was a red gauntlet.

"A massacre" at his words, an orange white ball began to form at the front of his gauntlet, "Did you know, my mantle doesn't just block attacks, but absorbs them?"

The ball suddenly grew to the size of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall

"And adds their energy to my own; Burning Axle"

Then the world exploded


"Starting a Guild War, because your jealous of another's success" Bandages shook his head disappointed, "that has to be the most childish thing I ever heard"

"Yeah" Lucy said with a deadpanned stare, "Childish"

Her reasons were quite justified; after releasing a giant fiery swirling ball of death on the Phantom Lord's Guild HQ, Bandages marched into the wreckage and grabbed badly injured stragglers; then somehow despite being a fire type, arranged them in funny positions and froze them in blocks of ice to wait for the authorities to pick them up.

Jose was frozen to look like he was on the toilet, another giant looking man was in an extremely provocative position with another shirtless man piercing filled man. Various grunts were in weird comical positions, with the rain girl that first attacked being the worst.

Apparently the girl had the ability to turn into water, and Bandages froze that water and sculpted it to look like a topless mermaid sculpture; Lucy noted Gray was deliberately not looking at it.

"By the way, STOP SLACKING AND SERVE ME UP MY FOOD SERVANT!" Bandages suddenly turned and roared

He somehow had been eating without removing the bandages by his mouth; Lucy tried not to question it.

"SHUT UP, WHY THE HELL ARE WE SERVING YOU" Cana, Natsu, Elfman, Macaou, and Bisca yelled


"YOUR ALREADY ON YOUR 6TH Serving" Cana, the most fed up hissed

"I didn't know Fairy Tail Mages put a price on life" Bandages said condescendingly, "Looks like a few meals is all your life's worth Lucy."

Lucy only smiled awkwardly as several guild members tackled her alcoholic friend to keep her from attacking the monster that just destroyed Phantom Lord.

"So, ah, sorry I don't know your name." Lucy said about to ask him more about his presence before realizing she didn't even know his name.

"Ah, I didn't say did I?" Bandages turned back to her, before his visible eye morphed into a smile, "Well that's not important, let's just keep me as the unknown messanger, for the sake of mystery"

"WHAT KIND OF REASON IS THAT!?" Lucy roared at his troll excuse, was it the whole world that was crazy and not just Fairy Tail, or did being a member attract crazy to you.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, you're over reactions are really funny, you remind me of me when I still had my sanity." Bandages said wiping a tear from his eye

"Had your sanity" Lucy questioned fearfully

"Had" Bandages answered firmly, "You didn't think you could step into the world of magic and still be sane did you. Oh you poor, naïve child; the sanity always disappears without you realizing it."

Lucy looked at the guild; Gray stripping because he wasn't cold enough, Erza slapping an injured Natsu to get himself together, Cana downing a tankard of alcohol, all while a talking flying blue cat hovered in the air.

Lucy wept

"Well at least you're properly desenthasized to join my family" Bandages 'comforted', "I can't wait to see you in a room with Smoking Bomb, I bet your arguments will be legendary."

With that phrase the levity of the moment disappeared as Lucy sat up straight, even the others who had fallen into their usual shenanigans as they waited for Bandages to finish eating, straightened and eyed the man.

"I don't have any intention of marrying into your family." Lucy said, looking straight ahead and daring him to challenger.

"Well that's going to be a bit of a problem" Bandages hummed, unconcerned by tense atmosphere, "You unfortunately fit all the right criteria, and I don't think Boss man will want to let you go."

"I won't return to my father" Lucy slammed her hand against the table passionately, "It's a cold, lifeless existence. I have no desire to be used as just another tool for his company! I don't care about money, or riches, I just want to be with my friends!"

After her exclamation there was a roar from the Fairy Tail Mages as they supported their guild mate.

Bandages didn't interrupt, merely stared back searchingly at her resolute face.

"…And that" he spoke up after a pause, "Is precisely why your perfect."


"Huh" Lucy and several others echoed her thoughts

"Boss is not interested in some pretty little trinket" Bandages elaborated, "Someone with a strong heart, someone who isn't in love with his money, someone willing to sacrifice herself for her friends, that could inspire the kind of loyalty to have friends that would do the same. If you proved to be a shallow rich girl running away to prove a point to daddy, then the contract would have been renegotiated, but now that I've seen you, I don't think the Boss will let you go without a fight even if the contract fails, you're too perfect for him."

Lucy could only blink back astonished, what he was saying did not match up in her head with rich arrogant assholes she'd grown up around, trying to get a piece of the Heartfilia fortune through her.

"Besides" Bandages crossed his arms and lifted a barely seen brow, "Who said you had to go back to Jude; you'd be marrying into my insane family, not the other way around."

"I still don't want to" Lucy protested, even if lack of sanity sounded better than going back to her father, "I don't want to leave-"

"Who said you'd have to leave Fairy Tail?" Bandages tilted his head, "I just told you, Boss isn't looking for a trinket to keep on his arm and we have staff to take care of the home. It's a new age, go ahead and make that money Ms. Independence."

"What, then why the heck are we fighting a Guild War!" Dreg yelled, only to get smacked in the head by Levi

"Because she doesn't want her future decided for her!" she admonished

"He's rich though right" Wakaba asked, "She gets to be rich and live her life, I don't see the problem."

"There's more to marriage than just finances" Cana, the money hound surprisingly defended; Lucy would have been touched if she'd left it at that, but instead she continued, "What's he look like, she needs to know the hot to rich ratio."

"Shallow" Lucy yelled

"Like you can talk, 'I'm a busty quirky girl'" Happy piped up

"Shut up Cat!" she hissed

"He looks like this" Bandages said whipping out a photo, and showing it to the side of the room Cana, Levi, Mirajane, Bisca,and Erza were in.

Immediately there were surprised looks before Levi and Bisca blushed, Mira and Cana smiled widely, and Erza suddenly pushed her face closer to the picture.

"H-he looks nice" Levi blushed not taking her dilated eyes off the photo and Bisca nodded, before turning away with a heavy blush.

"Ah, he looks so cute and happy" Mira smiled, "you don't usually see such expressions on a grown man."

"I'd tap it, even without the money" Cana smirked with a shrug

"Well I can certainly think of worse fates" Erza commented lightly, but the fact that she commented at all showed she wasn't unaffected.

"Wait let me see!" Lucy called diving to take a look; only for Bandages to swiftly pocket the photo.

"Why, would it make a difference?" he questioned tilting his head

"It might!" she called struggling to get a look

"Wow, such an honestly shallow girl" he commented, Lucy pouted pitifully

"Well, you should probably go take it up with Jude; if you don't want more incidents like this to happen, you got to tell him he no longer has a right to decide your life, and if he tries again Fairy Tail will kick his ass." Bandages said finally pushing her off, "You probably shouldn't mention I did all the work when you make that threat, I don't want our family's name besmirched as deal breakers."

Taking his words to heart, Lucy gathered herself up and gave a nod

"You're right, I'm going to go talk to my father"

"Lucy are you sure, what if he nabs you or something" Gray spoke up

"Yeah, we'll go with you" Natsu shouted, but for once she didn't feel like hiding behind her stronger friends.

"It's fine guys" she cut them off, "This is something I have to do myself"

"Very well" Bandages said standing up, taking the plate of food that Mira was bringing from the bar, "Well I better go report back to the boss man, later."

With a tip of his hat, he was covered in a swirl of fire before he disappeared completely


A bandaged man appeared in a hail of fire in what looked like the foyer for a large home

"You're back" said an old man in a brown pin striped suit, greeting the bandaged man with a smile, "So, how did it go."

"Jude was an idiot, he has no control over his daughter, Phantom Lord was worse- I destroyed them, and she joined Fairy Tail" he answered slowly undoing the bandages covering him, "She's determined not to be put into an arranged marriage, while I'm glad we won't have to enter this farce of a business contract with Jude, we may have to find another way to get the Heartfilia Heir into the family before Gramps Zeref's time travel plan comes together."

"Or we could go with the first plan and have you marry her Tsunayoshi" the old man answered as the bandages finally came undone to reveal a fluffy brown haired twenty something year old man, "We still have eight years before the ancestor returns to the world stage, I'm sure you can make her fall for you by then."

"I said I didn't want to get married Grandpa" Tsunayoshi Vongola scowled at his grandfather

"Really" the old man smirked, "Don't want to or didn't want to?"

Tsuna didn't answer

"My Phoenix Wisdom was right wasn't it" the old man needled


"You fell hard for the 'Whiny Runaway Heiress' didn't you?"

"… Shut up" the grown man pouted

"The Vongola are descendants of the Mage of Life and Death" his grandpa said in a warning tone, " The Phoenix Slayer Magic he engineered from watching Dragon Slayers, is also an embodiment of life and death. Our entire credo is to act as balancers between life and death; to prosper or perish Tsunayoshi, my wisdom said you would be fond of her, but do you think she could handle such a legacy."

"Yes" he answered without hesitation, he did, she had her own quiet strength in her, he could feel it.

"So what's she like?" the older man asked

"Vain, weird, dramatic, vain, cowardly, vain, temperamental, snarky, insecure, vain" he listed off deadpanned and without hesitation.

"And…?" the old man persisted

"And she cares about her friends more than her life and probably isn't bad at combat" he grumbled, " Her dramatics and temper are kind of cute and funny, and her vanity isn't… well… it's not like it's unwarranted or whatever."

"So she was pretty?" the older man asked

"…She was beautiful" he whispered

"Then you better catch her." the old man advised, "Before others realize it."

Brown eyes burned orange with resolve

"I will"


Lucy grumbled and shifted somewhat nervously

After she told off her father a man in a black suit and fedora, materialized and made it clear that the Vongola were promised a bride and if his daughter was unwilling then the contract was through.

Lucy had decided to make tracks before her father could direct his anger at her, only to be stopped by the same man just outside, saying that his boss wanted to meet the girl that would have been his bride. Lucy would have said no, but unfortunately the picture incident had made her very curious as to what he at least looked like, so without realizing she'd nodded that it was okay and followed him to the guest wing of the mansion, where the man was apparently waiting to meet her.

She tried not to show her nervousness; it occurred to her that Bandages had never said the name of his family, and she assumed it was some other rich people group her father had a deal with.

The Vongola were not just rich, they were royalty. The family formed 400 years ago at the fall of Zeref and were as old as the nation's actual Royalty; Lucy could almost forgive her father for trying to marry her to them, it was apparent that Bandage's family wasn't trying to get into her family's pockets after all. Quite the opposite in fact.

"Lucy Heartfilia?" called a soft toned voice

Lucy looked up and saw him, he wasn't the best looking or sexiest dude she'd ever met but she supposed he was good looking, though she didn't see the call for the Fairy Tail girl's reactions.

"That's me" she answered with a polite if a touch awkward smile; how were you supposed to greet the guy whose proposal you turned down.

"Tsuna, Tsuna Vongola" he replied reaching to shake and her hand,

And then he smiled

Lucy froze, it was the most warming, cutest smile she'd ever seen. She felt her cheeks flush, when her hand met his, and her heart skipped a beat before kick starting into a rapid beat.

'Oh, that's why'

"Good to see you told off old Jude, Weirdo Girl" he said with a smile

Lucy froze for a second time, the insulting nickname connecting with a familiar voice and familiar brown eyes, brown eyes that flashed a telling orange.

"Bandages!" she exclaimed

"I told you you were perfect for the boss of my family, and that he wouldn't give up on you without a fight." 'Bandages' grinned as he lifted her hand to give it a kiss, and Lucy felt herself flush again, "I wonder, if you'll still have the resolve to tell me no, without having your father to lean on as an excuse."

So did she, Erza hadn't been wrong; certainly could do worse indeed

"I look forward to making you fall for me Lucy Heartfilia"

Lucy gulped

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