A/N: I am still active, just a bit lacking in the whole writing thing. Got bored of it, came back around and decided; "Eh, why the hell not." Recent losses have also impeded my progress but rest assured this story among all my other works will be continued, thanks to all the followers and reviews through it all.

"O-On three!" Lauren cried. But she was lost in James' deep blue eyes as the life began to seep out from them, too lost to count down. "Don't- please- don't!" She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence. Dana let out a sigh.

"On three," She called. "One. Two… Three!" They all heaved at Dana's command. Grunting as they began to lift the column from James' body.

"Grab him!" Lauren attempted to cry it out, but all that she could manage was a tiny squeak at the older CHERUB operatives, in spite of her inability to scream, Bruce, who had come only moments after they had freed James' lifeless- no, Lauren thought, we don't know if he's dead. He had to be alive, he must be. They grabbed his limp body from the wreckage. "Come on…" She cried. Then turned, fully taking in the scene. Bodies both dead and alive were littered along the floor. She looked at them, dropping to her knees. Barely able to watch the others as she helped carry James' body to an Ambulance. "Wait- I want to go with hi-" The paramedics slammed the doors shut in front of her, cutting her off. The engine of the ambulance roared to life as it took off down the road. She ran, waving her arms. "Wait! Please!" The Ambulance took no notice as it turned down the driveway, away from the C.H.E.R.U.B Campus. "Please…" She muttered. Again, she dropped to her knees, sobbing. Her knees were starting to hurt, but that didn't matter. Only James did. She watched as they were separated again. And just like that, she was young again, staring at her mother's dead body… James and Lauren were as far apart as ever and there was nothing she could do to stop this opening chasm between them to grow wider and wider. She watched helplessly as James was taken from her.