Mortals to Gods

Ten thousand years after the Great Muggle War …

Harry James Potter stood on top of a hill, overlooking the lake. Once upon a time, a beautiful castle had stood at this very spot. He had grown up here, but those memories felt so old and lost, despite his body looking so young. Potter Castle had long since been destroyed, paving the way for a new structure.

The Peverell Temple was massive in every way and unique in its design. The place radiated magic and for the first time in a long, long time, Harry felt at peace. He was lost in his memories.

The aftermath of the Great Muggle War was something he had never foreseen. Thanks to the help of the Elves, Centaurs and a variety of other forest-oriented magical species, the planet had been restored to its former glory. Captain Bloodfang had been right. The nuclear missiles had eradicated the Muggle population on Earth. Their own weapons had destroyed them, with the Muggles having apparently stored them in practically every part of their world where there was a settlement.

It took many years for the devastation to turn into wildlife, but once more, the planet regained its greenery. Sentient and non-sentient creatures alike thrived and the natural presence of magic on the planet had never been stronger. In fact, it had been enough to rejuvenate the house-elves, giving them enough power to break free of the bonds of their human masters. Over a span of three generations, the house-elves slowly took to looking like their Elvin counterparts and their slavish history was forgotten.

Using the starships under their command, they had made contact with several other species in different parts of the galaxy. It soon became known that magic existed everywhere and that it was common among all living and non-living beings in the universe.

They found out that the reason Earth had never been contacted by any alien species before was due to the nature of the Muggles. Apparently, it had been labelled by several others as a freak planet due to the low amounts of magic it radiated and the weird way in which the dominant species lived, without the use of the not-so-arcane force.

Unfortunately, peace was not to last as an authoritarian empire ruled by fanatics who believed in their own superiority tried to take over the galaxy. For thousands of years, Harry, Daphne and Dylan had worked hard to restore peace and justice to the millions of planets that housed intelligent life.

He was brought out of his memories when he heard the laughter of children; Harry's heart clenched painfully. He and Daphne had been scarred permanently due to the deaths of their children. All three of them – Charlie, Belladonna and James, had lived long, happy lives with their respective families, but they did eventually leave the mortal plain. Having to outlive their children was dreadful. It had been worse for Dylan, who had to outlive his wife Astoria and their daughter Athena as well.

While Harry and Daphne chose to never have children again, Dylan had remarried several times to different alien women around the galaxy at different points in time. As expected, his wives and their children eventually died as well but those brief partnerships were enough to keep Dylan going. His marriages also brought stability to a number of worlds thanks to them forming political alliances.

War had plagued various planets over and over again, and they had never achieved true peace until about two thousand years ago, when the three of them had formed the Galactic Republic, the chief governing body for the entire galaxy.

They were hailed as heroes and respected as Gods by countless beings.

And now, finally, it was time to say goodbye to the world. Walking towards the Temple, Harry spotted his wife talking to a young couple; the male had a pair of striking green eyes, a rarity these days.

"You are now the Grand Master of the Peverell Clan," said Daphne softly, addressing the human male, "and that means you are responsible for maintaining peace and stability throughout the galaxy. Do not get involved in the politics of the Galactic Senate; they do not concern you. Your only goal is to maintain balance."

"I understand, my Lady," he said, bowing to her.

The young man's eyes were filled with despair. While the Perevell Clan had once been Harry and Daphne Potter's blood family, they had long since been converted into an order that would serve and protect the galaxy. Due to the constant conflict that plagued the galaxy over the past several thousand years, the descendants of the duo had gone underground, protected by the members of the then newly formed order.

Today, the truth behind the emerald green eyes was fully forgotten except for a handful of individuals, like this young man in front of them.

Harry turned to look at the Tomugata female. He could see the tear stains on her dark cheeks. Like the rest of the galaxy, she too was in mourning. As far as everyone else knew, Harry, Daphne and Dylan had passed away two weeks ago.

The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Lord Harry, their Chosen One, had moved on.

The greatest magical inventor and enchantress ever known, respected as a mother by all, Lady Daphne, had left them.

Their brave, beloved General, the man who kept them all safe, Lord Dylan, was dead.

As bad as it sounded, the three of them had to fake their deaths. They knew their time was up. They had done their duties in their mortal body. It was time to move on.

"Maya," Harry said softly, squeezing the woman's shoulder lightly. Until very recently, she had been his chela, his apprentice, trained to take over the reins of the galaxy once he stepped down from office. "I'm so proud of you. I'm sure you'll rule the galaxy well. The people are lucky to have you as their Supreme Chancellor."

"My Lord, my Lady," Maya croaked out, "why are you leaving us?"

"We can't stay here forever, my dear child," Daphne replied, smiling sadly. "We have lived for too long, seen too many wars, fought for thousands of years … don't we deserve the peace that death brings us?"

"Both of you will now be working in partnership," said Harry, looking at Achilles, his descendant, the present Grand Master of the Perevell Clan, and at Maya, the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He smiled faintly and continued.

"Remember that the people always come first. The Republic comes first, not you, and certainly not us. We have done everything possible to bring equality to the galaxy. It is now your job to maintain it."

Achilles nodded solemnly. It was true. The galaxy, once in chaos, was now a thriving civilization. Money and titles had no correlation with getting good jobs, for the Republic sponsored education for all its citizens. Massive schools were opened, with everyone in the galaxy being given the same basic education. After a certain age, they would be tested so that based on the scores of their exams, they could follow their chosen careers or pursue higher education.

It gave rise to efficiency and fairness that made the people stronger. Innovation and creativity blossomed due to everyone getting a chance to explore their ideas, whether big or small, whether they were the Supreme Chancellor or the vendor of a small shop. What else worked in their favour was that Harry, Daphne and Dylan had introduced strict laws to govern the Republic. Everyone was accountable to the law and no one was above them. The three of them repeatedly demonstrated that even they were not above the law. Such acts only made them more loved in the eyes of the people.

But Achilles Peverell did not forget the fact that such a near-perfect society was built due to Lord Harry, Lady Daphne and Lord Dylan giving it all they had. They selflessly served their people, even when the said people turned their backs on them multiple times. A few thousand years before the formation of the Republic, they had been branded as evil and driven into exile for several years. The three of them had lived on the dirtiest of planets, in the filthiest of conditions, just so that they could rise again, all for the betterment of the galaxy.

They had suffered … the people had made them suffer tremendously, but the galaxy wouldn't be what it was today had they not sacrificed so much for their people's development. He and his wife, Maya, often wondered how they did it. They truly were the blessings of Mother Magic herself.

"The shuttle is ready," said Dylan, coming up to them. Harry and Daphne nodded at Achilles and Maya and walked out of the hall. They didn't look back.

Letting Dylan pilot the shuttle, they sat in their seats in silence. The younger man, visibly not having aged a day after his twentieth birthday like the other two, tapped the computer panel with practised ease.

"Sowilo Command, this is Peverell Shuttle 1-8-9 requesting permission to leave the planet's atmosphere."

"Granted," came the reply, the tone tinted with awe, even though the other person didn't know that it was Lord Dylan himself he was talking to. The Peverell Clan was revered throughout the galaxy as many knew that it was the tribe left behind by their great leaders.

"You're free to leave Sowilo space. Good day, Master Peverell."

Dylan snorted softly. "Good day, indeed," he muttered under his breath.

After they crossed Earth's atmosphere, or Sowilo, as it was now called – after the ancient and historic city that had existed several thousand years ago, later destroyed during the course of several wars – they jumped into the Tachys vortex. They didn't speak. All three of them were nervous. Less than an hour later, the shuttle dropped out of interstellar speeds and they saw their destination in front of them.

The black hole, at the centre of the galaxy, was waiting for them.

Harry, sitting in the middle, took each of Daphne and Dylan's hands in his.

"I know that both of you have suffered tremendously because of sharing my title of Master of Death," he said softly. "Before we go through with this, I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. You stayed by my side through all this and I can never repay you for that. Thank you. I love you both so much."

"We had our own prophecies to fulfil in other planets, battles to fight, as we later found out," replied Daphne, smiling at him, bringing his hand close to her lips. "Any thank you is unnecessary, Harry. We were only doing our duty. Besides, I'm your wife. I would never have abandoned you."

"And you're getting way too emotional, egghead," teased Dylan, but Harry could spot the wetness in his eyes. They were getting closer and closer to the event horizon of the black hole. This was the place that had been calling out to them for the past few years. It was time to move on … they were here to give up their mortal bodies and be one with the universe.



"You're both idiots," Daphne murmured, her lips curving into a fond smile. She closed her eyes. If she had to die, there was nowhere she would rather be, surrounded by the two people she loved more than anyone – Harry and Dylan.

Harry closed his eyes as the shuttle tried to hold on, trembling violently due to the massive amount of chaotic magic that the spatial anomaly was churning out. There was a bright flash of golden light before the world went dark.


There was darkness, and yet there was light. There was life, and yet there was death. War, yet peace. Creation, yet destruction. Serenity, yet confusion. Chaos, yet order. Magic flowed everywhere. There was balance.

It was a reality that was beyond the comprehension of any mortal being in the universe. In fact, one could argue that it wasn't the universe at all. It was far beyond that.

Two golden spheres of energy suddenly appeared and danced around each other. They both had a powerful presence. They merged together, and it was as if one was witnessing the miracle of creation itself as a smaller sphere of golden energy was formed from each of them, creating a third presence. The ball of light continued to expand slowly

The original spheres exploded in bright light. One of them turned jet black, and the other pure white. From a human's point of view, a man and a woman were suddenly formed from the spheres of energy. He had a dark complexion and jet-black hair. The entity's eyes would be very familiar to anyone who had met Lord Harry Potter, the hero of a galaxy far away. The orbs black as the cosmos twinkled, as if they could see the happenings of the entire universe.

The woman's skin tone was light and her eyes were pure white. They didn't really look human. She radiated peace and serenity, and her hair was golden. For any human who could even remotely comprehend her very existence, they would swear that she looked like the legendary magical innovator, Lady Daphne Potter. Her smile held the loving warmth of a mother goddess.

She squeezed his hand gently. White and black orbs locked together, their gaze full of warmth and love they felt for the other. It was enough to spread the feeling of serenity throughout infinite universes.

The third sphere of light expanded. The body of a small boy formed and stood before the duo. Despite being ageless, he took his favourite form of a ten-year-old. When he opened his eyes, one could see that his orbs were silvery-grey, a perfect blend of black and white, of life and death. He shared an uncanny resemblance to the human Dylan Lestrange.

The boy smiled brightly, his eyes twinkling with happiness. "Mother, Father!" he cried, rushing to embrace them. Harry and Daphne embraced their child, both of them smiling and looking content.

The three of them were the supreme beings who represented the beginning and the end. They were the creators, enforcers, and the destroyers of the universe. Their very existence was beyond the plane of understanding of anyone.

The one known as Lady Daphne was the manifestation of Magic. She was the divine being that the entire universe worshipped as Mother Magic. She was the creator of the universe, the primordial mother that breathed life into the void. Without her, there would be no life and no magic.

On the other hand, the one known as Lord Harry, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, was the manifestation of Death. He kept the universe in balance, for without his intervention, the battle between good and evil would have destroyed all life. Good and evil, in a simple matter of speaking, were two sides of the same coin. In a civilization, it was he who decided when the change would occur, when good would become evil and when evil would become good, in order to restore balance. Everything once created had to be destroyed, and he destroyed the universe once its life cycle was complete, giving rise to creation once more.

Lord Dylan, as he had once been known, the child created out of the union of Lady Daphne and Lord Harry, was the protector of the universe. He led entire galaxies or even the smallest of insect colonies into revolutions that helped living creatures better themselves. He showed them a new way of life and was known as the propagator of good. He existed as a median between his parents, the thread that held Life and Death in harmony, just like he had once held the hearts of the mortals Harry and Daphne Potter in his palm.

No mortal had ever understood the relationship the three of them had shared when they were alive. They had constantly wondered why Daphne had adored Dylan in a strange maternal way, and why Harry was so protective of his brother and loved him beyond anything in the world, always acting on an apparent paternal instinct. Many had commented that Harry and Daphne often behaved like Dylan was their son and not an adopted brother, which, unknown to anyone, was not far from the truth.

The three of them represented the universe. This universe and any number of alternative universes they chose to create would not exist without them, as they were the beginning and the end. They WERE the universe itself.

They were the primordial energy that started and ended it all. In order to help countless worlds, they often took the roles of mortals. Their previous journey as mortals had just ended.

"How was your experience in living as my brother?" asked Harry, his stoic face showing the barest hint of a smile, lovingly running his fingers through his son's hair.

"It was certainly different, Father," Dylan answered, his silvery-grey eyes twinkling with amusement. "But I do prefer to be your son or daughter instead of a sibling."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for that, my child," smiled Daphne.

"Why is that, Mother?"

"Because in our next birth, I'm going to be born as your daughter," she replied. "And unlike the previous time, it'll be you who will play a more pivotal role in this life, not us."

"It'll be your job to take care of us now," said Harry softly. "Will you do it?"

The ten-year-old boy grabbed his parents in a tight hug, his head barely reaching their shoulders.

"Always," Dylan whispered.

The eternal family was consumed by three spheres of golden energy as they once more descended into the mortal plain.


One hundred and eight thousand years later …

Lillian limped and struggled to make her way into the Peverell Temple on Sowilo. The war had been costly. Billions of lives had been lost due to the superior force of a neighbouring galactic cluster. The invaders had apparently decided that they wanted this galactic cluster for themselves, so that they could enrich their own.

The natives had not been impressed. Unfortunately, the Inter-Galactic Republic, an extension of the once great civilization that Lord Harry and Lady Daphne had founded, had descended into rigidity and corruption in the later years. Exploiting this as a weakness, the invaders had used their superior numbers as an advantage and conquered them, despite the natives being better magic-wielders.

War had plagued the galaxy and its neighbours for more than six thousand years. Now, they had finally succeeded in pushing the cowards back to their homes. They were safe. The Inter-galactic Republic was in shambles, but Lillian was confident that it would recover in time.

She had been a slave to those invading barbarians, identified early due to her mixed heritage, something the invaders seemed to detest, and had been adopted by a member of the revered Peverell Clan many years ago, once she had escaped. She had been chosen to lead them into battle and was considered a revolutionary. She was their Chosen One, a title that had never been bestowed upon anyone else other than Lord Harry in the past.

She collapsed on the floor before them. Three massive golden statues stood before her, all smiling down at her with love and adoration. At the centre was Lord Harry, their beloved Chosen One who brought peace and balance to the galaxy, directing them towards a new age. He was the first Supreme Chancellor, the one who had created the Galactic Republic, a near-perfect way of governance that strived for honour and equality.

To his left was Lady Daphne, his legendary and awe-inspiring wife, who was worshipped by many as the personification of Mother Magic herself. She had been a brilliant warrior, much like her husband, and was also a renowned inventor of different types of magical technology. Her feats in magic were still unparalleled by anyone. Her educational and social reforms were what sustained their galactic cluster to date, despite blatant corruption at the higher levels of the political sphere.

To Lord Harry's right was his beloved son, Lord Dylan, the strong and charismatic God of War. He was adored by the citizens of the galactic cluster and was considered by many as the greatest warrior that had ever lived, his love for his people undying, protecting them for all eternity.

While it was universally accepted that Lord Dylan was Lady Daphne and Lord Harry's only child, there were those who outrageously claimed that he was, in fact, Lord Harry's brother, and not his son. Such rumours were laughed at and dismissed, of course, but no one could discount the fact that the three of them, who had lived many tens of thousands of years ago, were legendary heroes for all.


Her clan members had said that she was named after Lord Harry's mother. Tears trickled down her face as she struggled to get her breathing under control.

"I won't fail you," she whispered, looking at the massive idols with devotion. "Let the universe bear witness to my oath to you; I will restore the Republic and our Clan to their former glory. This is the solemn vow of a Peverell!"

Even so many years after their deaths, their presence continued to inspire countless lives. They would never be forgotten, even if the people got many of their true origins mixed up. What was important was their message and ideology, which had thankfully survived over the years.

Lillian wiped her tears away as she got to her feet, walking out of the Temple that had once been her home. Outside, she could see millions of people from various species from across the galactic cluster gathered before her, all of them cheering for her, their leader.

A leader like the three great beings before her. The feeling was humbling.

Lord Harry's famous words were etched in stone outside the premises. Legend claimed that this stone was once part of the famous Potter Castle, the original building that had once stood at this very spot; the home where the celebrated wizard had grown up.

"We are the children of Magic. Fight for justice. Treat all as equal. Protect the weak. Always know that righteousness, honour and integrity are above all. Stay true to who you are and you will realise that there is greatness in each one of us. There is divinity in each of us. Strive to find it, and you'll be one with the universe."

Lady Daphne's message held deeper meaning and not many truly understood the weight that her words of wisdom carried. Not Lillian, though, because she was a true follower of the Mother Goddess.

"Strive for balance, for good and evil reside in each of us. One cannot exist without the other, for an excess of either will lead to chaos and destruction. The universe has its own methods of maintaining balance. Remember to never exploit nature for your own benefit, for that would disrupt the balance to be maintained. Never forget the story of the cursed humans that destroyed themselves in a bid to control nature. Learn from their mistakes and don't repeat them."

Lord Dylan's message was the easiest to understand. He had been the hero for the weak and the strong alike and was no doubt the most adored God among the various great beings the citizens of the galactic cluster worshipped.

"Lady Magic resides in all of us. She is the one who breathed life into us. Lead a path of righteousness and listen to the great Mother; she will never lead you astray."

Lillian had followed their ideologies and embraced them, cherished them. Raising her clenched fist high in the air, she screamed the words passionately that everyone repeated, all of them with tears in their eyes.

"Glory to Lord Harry!"

"Glory to Lady Daphne!"

"Glory to Lord Dylan!"

"Glory to the Universe"