Demon magic was a rarity in the world most of it having been banished centuries ago and even many dark lords feared to summon them, even voldemort for all his ego and arrogance was not foolish enough to tamper with them. Using made by demons spells yes but using actual demon magic was a far different story.

That wasn't to say such magic didn't exist in the world but rather it was hidden by the very sorcerers who made them. Dormant and waiting for a chance to unleash their dark powers. Only someone with demon magic of their own could ever sense the dormant books. Several books throughout history had the title of demon archive. Once one was found the others were normally dismissed as fakes containing powerful magic but fakes nonetheless. But the demon archive wasn't a single book but rather it was entire archive of such books a collection of books hidden so well even the most powerful of demons would have trouble finding them.

But no system was perfect over the years some of them had been found and lost countless times. Being found by an a powerful dark wizard only for them to be defeated and the book lost.

Of course this caused plenty of problems for the various magical governments of the world, because of how easy it was for wizards to find lost objects with the exception of the few magical tombs scattered across the world archaeology was a rarity for wizards. The closest thing they had were curse-breakers. On the other hand non magicals were completely willing to go trudging through the though endless amounts of rubble for even so much as clay pot. Several of the books had been found by non magicals and now resided in several museums around the world, sealed away still but waiting for a chance to be free once more.

Kaito Watanabe smiled as he watched the children who came to the library become completely enraptured in one of his more exciting stories about being an archaeologist, it was of course embellished a bit for the children. As he wrapped up his stories he noticed once again a small boy in ragged clothing sitting in the back he had been here for the last seven sessions, the boy would come in sit quietly and listen for all his stories. He had been brought in by the public library to try and get some kids interested in history and while a few had left being interested most were just here expecting to hear Indiana Jones style stories.

As he left the library for what would likely be the last time he saw the boy walk up to him, he wondered if the boy was going to talk to him, he seemed very shy no doubt he had been working up the courage to come ask him a question. "Can I help you?" he asked with a small smile.

The boy looked down nervously and he let out a small laugh. "I don't bite."

The boy pulled a book from his bag. "Yo-you l-left this behind." he peered at the book closely. Oh yes now he remembered it, it was why he came to Britain in the first place a person thought they found one of the old japanese books worth a small amount but he always had an interest in them. He quickly realized though that it was a fake. The cover was in far too good of condition for a book of it's supposed age, the binding was far more advanced than anything they had before fifties and the writing was complete nonsense speaking of demons that would cover the world in a thousand years of darkness it was filled with such obvious cliches that no doubt some schmuck got conned into thinking this was a valuable old book a few decades back.

"Thank you but why don't you keep it." the book wasn't worth anything but maybe the boy would get into archaeology and find a real one.

The boy seemed surprised before he gave a sloppy bow no doubt having read about in a book and poorly attempted to copy it. "Tha-th-thank you." he stuttered out, and the man smiled before walking off.

"Good luck maybe I will see you finding the lost city of atlantis one day." he said with an amused grin. "Just remember to thank me if you do." the boy seemed to get the joke as he giggled before waving goodbye putting the book back in his bag.

Harry pulled the book out of his bag and looked at it their reading teacher told them to bring in a book and get ready to make a copy of ten pages by hand. Harry wondered why the teacher had them do this, he said it was to see how difficult it was to make books centuries ago and why they were so rare. He hoped it would make them appreciate how easily they could buy books nowadays and value them more. But the problem was most kids brought in picture books with overly large words.

Harry had the book given to him by Kaito because Dudley had taken the book he brought and threw it into the mud ruining it. Mr. Hadlen smiled when he saw Harry had brought in a real book rather than a overly large picture book. He heard Harry was a troublemaker but he never saw any evidence of that, in fact it seemed like his 'saint' of a cousin was the real trouble maker. He picked up harry's book and held it up for the whole class to see. "This is the kind of books that people would spend days weeks copying as slowly as they could to make sure they got every detail." several kids looked down at their books which they had spent the hour making copies of and realized how hard their wrists hurt and realized their teacher was right about how valuable books were. smiled when saw several students realize how valuable the books were.

However he missed Dudley shooting Harry a dirty look, the freak shouldn't be praised he should be punished just like his parents said. Harry finished his book surprisingly fast he had plenty of practice with Dudley forcing him to his work. he doodled once he finished drawing shapes in his notebook. But his eye caught the cover of his book, it was some kind of scary mask on the front. It looked like some kind of halloween mask, Harry without realizing it began to draw the image onto a blank piece of paper with marker.

When class ended for lunch Harry walked down the hallway where he didn't notice Dudley waiting for him. As he passed dudley the boy stuck his foot out right as Harry walked pasted as puddle in the hall tripping and get soaked in the water. His notebook fell open as he did so and the image he drew in his book fell on his pressing it into his skin.

"Watch where you're going freak!" Dudley laughed before a teacher's voice echoed.

"DUDLEY DURSLEY!" Mr. Hadlen yelled as he marched down. "I don't know what your parents are teaching you but we do not use that language in school." he scowled. "Now apologize." he ordered but Dudley refused.

"No the freak deserved it."

Mr. Hadlen held in a glare and grabbed Dudley by his hand as he dragged him towards the principal's office. "Than we will see what your parents have to say."

Harry pulled his notebook off his arm and saw that the picture he drew was now on his arm as well. Harry couldn't believe it! He had a tattoo! If Harry was older he would have know that the image he drew never should have been able to move from the paper to his arm so seamlessly that it at best should have only gotten part of the image. He rubbed the picture but it wouldn't vanish.

After lunch one of the meaner teachers saw the image on his arm and told him to scrub it off. When it wouldn't come off he marched Harry down to the principal's office where the Dursleys had just arrived.

"I have no idea why Dudley is in trouble he is a good boy are you sure it wasn't th- his cousin Harry." Vernon said.

Mr. Hadlen's eyes narrowed. "So than it was his own cousin he called a freak."

"Don't think the boy is innocent Halden." Miss Mets said as she drew everyone's attention to her and Harry. "The boy has even gone as far to give himself a tattoo and used something so that it won't wash off."

Halden glanced at the 'tattoo' and was surprised to see it was the same image as the one Harry was doodling in class earlier. But he nearly scoffed. "I saw the boy's arm just an hour ago and that wasn't there, he most likely just used water resistant marker. On the other hand you son shoved another boy down and laugh before hurling a slur at him." Halden said directing the attention back to the two Dursley's, who frowned they had hoped to direct the negativity to the boy.

Harry knew as soon as he got home he was going to be in trouble for getting his cousin the innocent little 'angel' into trouble because god forbid he actually learn that there are consequences for his actions.

As soon as he walked through the door his uncle grabbed him by the shirt and pinned him against the wall. "You Little Freak! We take you in and this is how you repay us!"

"By teaching your son that he can't expect to be a bully and get away with it!" Harry shouted before he knew what he was saying. If anyone had been watching they would have seen the 'tattoo' on his arm glow for a moment as he said and the shadows move as well.

"HOW DARE YOU! YOU LITTLE FREAK!" Vernon bellowed throwing Harry across the room and into the wall. Petunia was slightly surprised by her husband's violent reaction normally the worst he did was smack the boy around a little. But saw it as justified her angel did nothing wrong the little freak got him in trouble because he was jealous.

Harry felt his arm bend the wrong way as he landed on the ground he looked up as he heard Vernon stomping towards him and wished for someone something to help him. Suddenly his uncle's stomping stopped and after a moment he looked up and saw Vernon on his back staring in fear as the kitchen was suddenly full of ninjas.

He shifted slightly to get a better look at the ninjas only to wince in pain as his broken arm was aggravated. Suddenly one of the ninja was in front of him and started wrap his arm in a bandage.

Harry looked at his bandaged arm in shock then to his uncle who was looking at the ninja's in fear. He didn't know what was going on he just wanted to go to bed! Suddenly one of the ninja's picked him up and carried him up to the Dudley's second bedroom and placed him on the bed. Before vanishing back into the shadows. Harry looked down at the strange tattoo on his arm as it glowed red just as he fell asleep.

Deep in Harry's soul though a battle was being waged. The mark of the shadowkhan was able to subtly influence Harry getting him to give into his darker impulses right up until he summoned the actual shadowkhan and it tried to strengthen it's influence, at that point the blood wards that protected Harry against powerful dark magic flared to life and pushed the mark back.

Now despite being made to defend against dark magic the blood wards were very neutral in how they were worked, it only attacked dark magic it deemed harmful to it's charge. Such as a power mental alteration curse that would get him addicted to the power given to him by the mark. But the rest the mark's magic was beneficial to the charge of the blood wards. Thus instead of destroying the mark it did the same thing it did to a fragment of the dark wizard it was made to defend against. It locked it away tightly taking what was useful and keeping the rest imprison.

Of course dark curses didn't get along with anything not even each other, the two curse now forced together began to attack one another both trying to destroy the other curse. But the Mark had a distinct advantage it was not weaken from almost seven years of being trapped by the blood wards. Slowly the fragment of Voldemort was crushed from existence. The blood wards noticed but didn't care, it's charge was safe and there was no loss from the destruction of the fragment.

Harry woke up the next morning and realized it wasn't a dream when he saw he was in Dudley's second bedroom. The fact that it wasn't a dream was given further credence when his aunt paled and ran out of the room when he entered the room. Jumping every time she nearly stepped on a shadow.

Harry picked up his backpack and began to walk to school knowing he was unlikely to make it on time, but the teachers never cared it was always just 'that Potter boy skiving again.' he didn't want to be late his newest teacher Mr. Hadlen had given him a fair chance and was always nice to him he didn't want to disappoint him. Suddenly the shadows came alive and two of those shadow ninja's popped out of the ground placed their hands on his shoulder before suddenly there was darkness and he was in front of the school. He turned to the ninja's only to see them sinking back into the shadows. Harry entered the school to find out for once he was earlier very early.

"Harry?" Mr. Hadlen said seeing the boy in front of the school. "You are early aren't you?" he had no idea what those other teachers were talking about when they called him a troublemaker.

"I-I-I" Harry quickly tried to come up with an excuse. "I set my clock an hour early by accident and I normally walk to school so..."

Hadlen laughed. "Well trust me enjoy sleeping in while you can. You going to miss it when you're older." he opened the front door of the school. "Come in." he said before he nearly dropped the box he was carrying before Harry caught it.

"Thanks." the teacher smiled. "If you wouldn't mind carrying that for me."

"Okay." Harry nodded following Mr. Hadlen to his classroom before setting the box down. Harry opened his bag for a piece of paper to doodle on while he waited for class to start when he saw the Book, the same one he got that strange tattoo from. Opening the book he was surprised when he could read it or at least some of it. Beneath the seemingly normal myths and legends there was an entire page full of spells. Normally he would have dismissed this because magic wasn't real but the last day and half proved that wrong. It was also from this page he learn the name of those shadow ninja's they were called the Shadowkhan.