Just to be clear 'blood exploding from the wound' is hyperbole obvious it doesn't explode out the body like in kill bill

Harry saw the tip of the spear poised to strike Jade and moved. At record speeds he sunk into his own shadow and erupted Jade's with moments. His sword was wreathed in shadow magic causing the normally blue steel of the shadow kahn's sword to turn a dark purple. He brought his sword up and it easily tore through the spear, too easily. The blade continued on it's path and plunged into the chest of the adaro with superhuman force tearing through the armor with ease. The enchantments that covered it shattering like glass against the sheer power coming off his blade.

The blade carved into the chest of Adaro and carved was the correct word. The blade made contact with the Adaro just below his ribcage in sliced it's way through his ribs and cut into the heart before blood even had a chance to leave the wound.

But just because the tip of the spear was broken didn't mean all the momentum built up by the Adaro vanished even as his sword carved into the sea creature the broken tip of the spear pierced his shoulder. Almost simultaneously blood exploded from their wounds as the blood pumped out of the open wounds. The adaro collapsed to the ground his green blood quickly pooling around his body. But Harry didn't notice his wound, he didn't notice the green blood pooling around his feet, he didn't hear Jade scream as she saw the blood burst from the deep shoulder wound. His eyes never left the body of the adaro. The dead body of the Adaro. Everything had become blurry and he heard what sounded like shouting in the distance.

"He's going into shock!" one of the aurors shouted rushing up to the injured. A quick flick of his wand had the broken spear tip removed from his shoulder. "I need a medical portkey now!" he shouted as he began to apply battlefield first aid.

As they were about to send Harry back to section thirteen Jade rushed over and grabbed his hand. The auror was about to tell her to let go but she glared at him almost daring him to say that she couldn't come.

In swirl of light the two of them vanished from the subway station. Once they were gone Jackie prepared to leave but something caught his eye. A small ocean blue pearl that looked like water was trapped inside. "Merlin's beard." One of the auror quietly exclaimed seeing what was in his hand.

"What are you on about now?" Trip asked walking over right up until she saw the Pearl. "Chan hand over the pearl." Trip ordered pointing her wand at the little orb and pulling a small sack no bigger than her palm out from somewhere.

"Please tell me this isn't some rare thing we are going to have to find a dozen more of to save the world." Jackie nearly begged as he dropped the pearl into the tiny bag.

"No Chan but that doesn't change the fact that pearl is incredibly dangerous." Trip said with a little bit of amuse at his wild leap in logic.

"What is it?" Jackie asked staring at the pouch.

"An elemental orb, these old and powerful sacrificial magic. It turns the body of whomever activates it into a pure form of that of an element it was invented by the mayans their way of staving off draughts, raining hellfire on their enemies and the like." She explained.

"I'm guessing these are not found in a toy store." Stated Jackie as several others moved forward with a few more of the orbs.

"They aren't illegal because they only work on a willing subject otherwise the turn into an element only to harmlessly dissipate and it is easy to tell who and by whom it was done it is usual used to make a point. A show of power as they are extremely difficult to make." she explained. "No doubt this was supposed to be some kind of suicide attempt taking out us with them."

"The question is why didn't they use it?" Jackie asked nervously.

"I don't know but I do know this and all the others are going to be hidden. We may not be able to destroy them with consequence but we for damn sure can make sure no one get's their hands on one them." Trip assured before vanishing in a crack.

Tohru walked up to Jackie. "We should check on Harry and Jade."

Jackie ran a hand through his hair. "I hope he's okay." he wouldn't try and deny feeling guilty for his injuries even though he knew full well that there was nothing he could do to stop him from coming along. He also knew that Harry was possibly the most powerful person he knew, his raw strength matched if not exceeded tohru's and his magical power was incredible. He was skilled beyond measure for a boy his age but he was exactly that a boy, he should be freaking out about puberty and homework getting yelled out for pulling pranks not literally going into physical shock from getting stabbed by the mad servant of a demon sorcerer.

"Jackie!" Jade called rushing up to her uncle and hugging him tightly. rushing up to her uncle and giving a tight hug.

"Jade." Her uncle muttered softly running his hands through her hair in a comforting manner. "Are you okay?"

Jade looked at him strangely, and Jackie saw a small amount of tears in her eyes that she seemed to be desperately trying to hold back. "I am fine." she said sniffing and pulling back from the hug. "But Harry he-he's hurt." she told him and Jackie nodded.

"I know but don't worry the healers are taking care of him, they say he should be up like nothing happened in a few hours." that was something they had admitted surprised them they weapon had been cursed, according to them it should have taken days to heal not mere hours. Of course he wasn't going to tell his niece that she was worried enough as it was.

"Really!" she exclaimed brightening.

"Yes Jade but you should get some sleep." he suggested despite knowing that she was going ignore him.

"No I going to wait for him to wake up." she said shaking her head and running towards the medical wing.

"Jackie." Captain Black called signaling for him to come over, currently with Mary Poppins and Uncle discussing something.

"What is it?"

"We found the city. it was exactly where Valmont said it was." Poppins said. "But there was a problem, by the time we got there Bai Tza had already been sealed away and her little cult was executing her fall back plan."

"Fallback?" Black asked. "Don't tell me we now have to deal with the army of Atlantis now." He groaned rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"There is no army of Atlantis not anymore they're all dead, every single man, woman and child not single living soul left."

"Why would they do that?" Jackie asked horrified at thought of such a loss of life.

"Death magic." Uncle answered frowning deeply. "Such death could power nearly any spell no matter how great."

"They planned on using it to flood the entire eastern hemisphere and given the amount magic they damn well could have gotten most of Asia." Poppins said we managed to kill the bastard who was supposed activate the spell but we lost half the team that showed up first, they got caught up in the drain."

"And the rest?" Black asked.

"Obliviated." She told them ignoring the look of shock from Jackie and the deepening frown of captain Black and Uncle. "As of right now the four of us are the only people alive who know where Atlantis. As far as the official report is concerned it is still in the Bermuda Triangle."

"Is this really necessary?" Jackie asked feeling as if he was the only one here who felt appalled by the idea of wiping people's minds.

"Yes." Poppins said without remorse. "when you become an unspeakable you take an oath to allow yourself to be obliviated if necessary."

"And if you need them to remember?"

"We have our ways." She said vaguely. "The amount power that spell gathered didn't just vanish it is all still there just waiting to be used." she told him. "I lost three more people setting up a ward scheme to suppress the massive output of magic before someone noticed something was up. If all goes according to plan it will draw power from the city itself until there is nothing left leaving it just another ruined city."

Harry woke up completely aware of where he was and what had happened unfortunately sleep had not been a relief. "Harry?" Jade asked sitting next to him upon seeing his opened eyes she jumped at him giving him a hug. "Harry!" she exclaimed much more cheerfully.

"Jade." he muttered feeling happy that she was safe.

"How are you feeling? do you need me to get a healer? Are you thirsty?" she asked rapid fire not giving him a chance to answer a single question.

"Jade." he said as she took a breath to begin her next line of questioning. "I am fine." he said with a small smile as Jade flushed in embarrassment.

"Sorry, it's just... I was worried." she admitted looking away. "When that Adarco's or whatever broken spear hit you I was worried there was so much blood and-" she pulled him into another hug to remind herself that he was there.

"What-" his voice cracked and he took a deep breath. "What happened to-" his voice broke once more but Jade understood his question.

"What happened to the adaro?" she finished. "Dead." she said a satisfied gleam in her eye. "I just wish I had a chance to get at him first." she muttered clenching her fist in anger. In doing so she missed the horrified look that overcame his face.

"J-Jade." he said his voice cracking once more. "I'm-m tired would you m-mind…" he trailed off but she nodded with a yawn. "Night Harry." she said leaving the medical ward. As soon as she left Harry leapt out of bed ignoring his protesting body and rushed into the bathroom letting the contents of his stomach into the toilet. He paused to take a breath only to resume heaving his guts out.

Poppins walked into the medical ward as she had been hearing all week that Harry had been pale, shaking and throwing up. Some thought it was trauma from nearly dying but they wanted to make sure it wasn't some dormant curse on the spear that they missed.

"Harry?" she called with surprising gentleness given her usually gruff demeanor.

"Wh-what?" he asked from inside of the bathroom.

"Are you okay?" she asked walking in ignoring the slightly rank smell in the bathroom she smelt far worse then a slightly sick boy throwing up. His appearance was completely disheveled, while not overly neat the boy always had at least some semblance of order in his appearance unlike most boys his age.

"I am fine." he answered not looking her in the eye. "Just got the flu." he muttered unconvincingly. "I'm going to go home I have school monday." but before he could leave she grabbed his arm and decided to drop the nice act.

"Right nice try wizards can't get the muggle flu besides we have your home situation covered." she told him, it had been easy to confound the muggles into believing he was sick and the only one they had to worry about was the squib on the street no doubt put there by Albus Dumbledore to watch the boy, all it had taken was the flashing of an unspeakable badge and a quick and mostly true explanation about how he got caught up in an operation and they needed to make sure there was nothing wrong with him.

"Well I'm just a bit sick then and I want to go home." he said glaring at her with bloodshot eyes, she raised an eyebrow but didn't release him.

"Look kid you want to home and hid from nearly dying, fine but it isn't healthy. I have to sort through a thousand years of paperwork from a lost city because it seems even evil is fond of paperwork and bureaucracy." she said letting him go and turning away.

Harry was halfway into a shadow when what she said caught up with him. "Wait!" he called as she reached the door.

"What is it Kid? I have stuff to do." she asked turning around.

"What-what was his name?"

Poppins gained a confused look as she tried to process what he said. "Whose na-" she stopped and her eyes widened in realization. This entire time they though he problem was that he was affected by nearly dying, but that didn't have anything to do with his problem. He was in shock from killing a man.

The door to the infirmary burst open and Jade rushed in and started to babble excitedly about moose world. "I managed to convince uncle Jackie to take us to moose world!" she exclaimed grabbing his hand and dragging him out either not noticing or more likely not caring about his appearance.

"Jade wait." Harry said as he tried to stop moving though obviously not really given that the tiny slip of a girl that was Jade being able to physically over power Harry was a laughable idea.

"No." she said simply still pulling him along.

"Can I at least clean up first I am a mess." she pausing at that and considered it.

"Alright fine five minutes." she declared, Harry stared at her for a moment. "Go! go! go! Go!" she ordered making a shooing motion with her hands. "I am not missing on moose world." Harry shook his head and went back into the bathroom to get ready. Less than four minutes later he walked out of the bad room with his clothes fixed and smelling a lot nicer.

"Let's go!" Jade declared grabbing his arm and dragging him through section thirteen but even as she babbled she kept asking his question and getting him to talk to her.

Poppins couldn't help but wonder how deep their prejudices went against anyone with even the slightest dark inclinations that their first though to a young boy's reaction to getting hurt and killing someone in the process was that he must have been traumatized by the injury. Not once did any of them entertain the notion that it was because he had killed. They treated constantly like he was a bomb about to go off, tip toeing around him. Which likely only made his guilt worse and seeing as confirmation that he was a monster that they all walked around him constantly afraid.

It was only Jade that managed to react properly even if she herself didn't know the real reason behind his reaction to the incident all she knew was that he was in pain and feeling sad. So seeing that what everyone else was doing was making it worse she did the opposite by being Jade. Not treating him any differently despite what had happened and not showing the slightest amount of discomfort with him.

So Harry's trauma isn't from nearly dying it's from accidentally killing a man-person/fish creature whatever. And don't think this is going to go away soon oh no not at all.


Thunder dragon thank you first of all for listening to me second of all yeah somehow I doubt that guy is going to get better given that he is dead. Harry may have been injured but the real side effect form Bai Tza's return was Harry being forced to kill.

Actual turtle thank you for saying that in your review. Harry isn't some overly obsessive power hungry megalomaniac only held back by his love for Jade. he is a young boy who finally finds people who are like him only to be ostracized by those same people for something beyond his control once more. He isn't one step away from snapping, he is far from it. But he is being push by people who assume that even if he is using dark magic for good he only one step away from snapping and going on a rampage. That will likely be a theme for this story people acting like Harry is merely one step away from going psycho. Even though arguably he more morals and is a better person then all the people judging him.

Setokaba2n: actually that is going to be a problem with dumbledore and Harry dumbledore is constantly going to give Harry a 'second chance' even though he has done nothing wrong and try and drag him back to the light even he is fine in the dark and in fact does a lot of good. He is going to see Harry as someone to be redeemed even though he has done nothing wrong.