After the Battle

Chapter 22: There's No Place like Home

Ginny watched with a huge smile on her face as Harry carefully levitated the carriage into the carriage house. He was being so careful and had such a look of concentration on his face, she was only just able to keep from bursting out in laughter.

Her smile softened once he had the carriage settled into its new home and he came toward her, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Well, it's all set and waiting for them to deliver the horses tomorrow," he said happily.

Ginny's mouth kept twitching as she fought her grin. He just looked too cute as his excitement spilled out.

"The agent said that the seller would take as much time as was needed to teach me how to harness the horses and all I'd need to do to take care of them. Plus I'm sure I could ask Hagrid if need be as I can't see it would be all that much different than harnessing the Thestrals for the Hogwarts carriages," Harry said excitedly.

He slipped his arm around Ginny's waist, drawing her in close for a tender kiss. When they broke apart, they both looked out over the area around the barn.

The chickens were out, hunting and pecking for food, along with the rooster who was strutting about like he owned the place. In the distance they could hear the geese honking happily as they settled in at the pond.

Behind the chickens, they could see the small herd of miniature goats that Harry just had to have. Ginny had rolled her eyes but indulged him.

She figured it was only proper as he had indulged her with the herd of sheep that could be seen in the closest pasture.

They were also talking about adding a small herd of cows and cattle, though they weren't exactly sure when they would be added to the growing animal population.

Ginny's eyes widened in surprise before she gave a smile. Peeking out of the door to the hayloft in the barn was a pair of Kneazles who it appeared were going to take up residence there.

She hoped that she'd be able to eventually get herself one or two of their kits to move into the house as they were great at keeping mice and other vermin under control.

She saw Harry notice the Kneazles and he glanced at her in wonder. "What? How?" he asked in shock.

"Kneazles just seem to know where they're needed and welcome," Ginny explained with a warm smile. "In fact if they want to move in, there doesn't seem to be a way to stop them," she added happily.

"Trust me, I'm not complaining, I'm just amazed that they moved in so quickly," Harry replied as he steered Ginny toward the house.

Ginny leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Kneazles can sense a home filled with love," she murmured softly, her eyes shining with her love for him.

She saw his look mirroring hers and her smile grew. She wished that they had the time to head up to their bedroom but she knew that would have to wait till later that night. They had spent far longer looking at animals than either had really planned but she also knew that neither of them regretted it.

Once more she saw his eyes mirroring her own and they both chuckled humorously.

"Ah, the price we have to pay to indulge ourselves," Ginny teased with a grin.

Harry grinned right back at her, knowing what she said was true. Not that he cared, he loved indulging her, whether is was chickens and geese or buying her a huge house. He knew he'd do whatever it took to keep her happy. To him nothing made him happier than making her happy.

Harry and Ginny

Ron was starting to relax as he sat there in the kitchen with the Grangers as they discussed what they wanted for the wedding.

Hermione and her mother were talking about using Mrs Granger's veil and before he knew it, they had risen and headed for the Granger's bedroom.

He gulped when he saw Mr Granger looking at him thoughtfully.

"Why don't we take a walk out back," the man said with a thin smile.

Ron felt his anxiety rise but he didn't see anyway out of complying. With his heart in his throat, he followed the older man out into the back yard.

Hermione's father glanced at Ron and smiled. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you," he stated humorously.

Ron tried to relax and he smiled back at the man, though he was sure it was more of a grimace.

Mr Granger chuckled and placed his hand on Ron's shoulder. He squelched his laughter when he felt Ron tense.

"While we have this moment, I just want to say a few things," he started softly. "I shouldn't have to tell you just how important Hermione is to us and I'd do anything to make her happy."

Ron relaxed and nodded his head. "I understand, and trust me, I feel exactly the same," he replied, staring the older man in the eyes.

"I'm glad to hear that," Mr Granger replied with a warm smile. "I know that this isn't the way any of us wanted things to go, but I want you to know that my wife and I will do everything we can to help make this work,"

Ron let out a deep breath. "I appreciate that sir," he replied earnestly.

"I think we can dispense with the sir, why don't you call me dad," Mr Granger responded warmly.

"I'd like that very much, Dad," Ron replied with a relieved sigh.

Mr Granger patted Ron on the shoulder. "Have you thought about what you're going to do?" he asked quietly.

Ron sighed deeply, truth be told, he really hadn't given it a lot thought. He'd been so overwhelmed by everything it just hadn't come to mind.

Mr Granger gave him a smile. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure you're feeling quite overwhelmed," he said warmly.

Ron nodded in relief, thankful that he wasn't going to have to try and come up with something on the fly. He knew he'd need to talk to Hermione about everything before he could give a coherent answer.

"I know I'll need to find a job and we'll need to find some place to live but I really need to talk to Hermione about that," Ron stated thoughtfully.

"If I can make a suggestion," Mr Granger stated with a small grin.

Ron nodded, at this point he'd take any help he could get.

"Don't rush into anything. I'd like to offer for you two to move in here or maybe in with your parents as Hermione will probably be more comfortable in a magical household," the elder man stated.

Ron looked at him in surprise.

"I know it will probably be awkward but I'd rather you two do that than stretch yourselves thin monetarily. You're going to have enough to deal with without wondering where you're going to get the Galleons," Mr Granger explained warmly.

"Thank you," Ron replied in relief. He had been worried about making ends meet, especially with a baby on the way. He did agree that things would probably be awkward to begin with but it was a logical solution.

"I'll definitely talk to Hermione about your offer and see what she has to say," he added with a smile.

"Just remember, you two aren't alone. We and I'm sure your parents, only want what's best for you," Hermione's father stated with a warm smile.

Ron smiled back, feeling much better than he had when he had first accompanied the man out back.

"We'd better head back inside, Hermione and her mother will be wondering where we got to," Mr Granger chuckled.

Harry and Ginny

Harry and Ginny made their way into the kitchen so that they could start dinner so that it would be ready when Bill and Fleur arrived. That way they could eat quickly and get to setting up the Quidditch Pitch as soon as possible.

Harry had teased that they should do the work first and eat after, earning him a mock glare from Ginny, with her saying "That would just be rude. They'll be hungry after working all day. We certainly don't want any shoddy workmanship due to Bill wanting to get done quickly so he can eat, now do we."

Thoroughly chastised, Harry had to admit she was right, though they both knew neither really meant it and they were just teasing one another.

They swiftly and seamlessly got to work cooking dinner and in no time at all they had things well in hand.

While Ginny handled the last minute details of the food, Harry set the table and prepared the drinks.

Just as everything was coming together, they heard the pop of people Apparating, quickly followed by Bill's voice calling out "Hello in the house, we're here for dinner," followed by the sound of a soft slap and an "Ow."

Bill and Fleur entered the kitchen. Fleur was smiling and Bill had a frown on his face as he rubbed the back of his head.

Harry and Ginny shared a quick glance, both having to stifle their laughter and though they thought that they had done a fairly good job, Fleur's eyes were dancing merrily while Bill gave them a small scowl.

It quickly disappeared when Harry came over and slapped him on the back, "I can't thank you enough for coming on such short notice," he stated to the older man.

Bill took Harry by surprise when he took him in a quick, rough hug. "Well I know just how important it was for us to get the Pitch set up. You and Ginny need something to do to keep yourselves from getting bored," he remarked with a gleam in his eyes.

"Oh Beel, they look like they 'ave plenty to keep themselves occupied. Didn't you see all the animals they acquired this afternoon?" Fleur asked with a roll of her eyes.

Bill just chuckled, giving Harry and his sister a knowing wink.

Ginny, much to her consternation, found herself blushing. She couldn't really understand why as she wasn't the least bit embarrassed by what she and Harry did. They were married after all.

Fleur went over and hugged Ginny, saying "Don't leeson to 'im. 'E's just being a typical big brother and is, 'ow do you say it, making an arse of 'imself."

Ginny relaxed considerably, knowing that Fleur was right. Bill was being a typical big brother and Weasley. In fact, as she considered it, she knew she would have been disappointed if he hadn't said something.

Harry and Ginny had Bill and Fleur sit down at the table while they brought the food over.

Harry surprised them all when he took Bill's and Fleur's one hand in his and motioned for Ginny to do likewise. With his eyes glistening with unshed tears, he bowed his head.

"I give thanks for these people here with me because they have shown me the true meaning of family and of love," he choked out softly.

Ginny smiled across the table at him, her eyes filled with happy tears. Bill and Fleur just squeezed his hands, each overcome with their emotions. Fleur had tears trickling down her cheeks, but like Ginny, she was smiling at Harry.

While Bill didn't have tears leaking out, his eyes were glistening as they filled with moisture. Of all his brothers, he realized he felt closer to Harry than any of the others. Harry may have only been a brother by marriage but that didn't matter to the eldest Weasley child. Harry was and always would be held close in his heart.

When everyone had recovered sufficiently, Bill raised his goblet, "To Family," he stated emotionally.

"To Family," the others echoed as they clinked their goblets.

Ginny looked around the table, smiling widely as a deep warmth filled her. This was how it was supposed to be, and she was so happy that Harry was getting to experience it. To her it was his real reward for defeating the most evil dark wizard in centuries.

As they ate, Harry and Bill began discussing what needed to be done to install the hoops for the Quidditch Pitch while Ginny and Fleur discussed how things were going for the newly weds.

Ginny noticed Fleur smiling at her, her eyes dancing. "What?" she asked the partial Veela.

"I'm just zo 'appy to see 'ow 'appy you are," Fleur replied warmly.

Ginny blushed lightly, smiling widely. "I am happy," she admitted, her eyes darting over to Harry.

"After all we've been through it just feels so wonderful to be settling down and starting to live our lives together without anything causing trouble," she sighed with a smile.

"Yes, you two 'ave 'ad a 'ard road to travel and it is wonderful to see things calming down. It's wonderful to see you and "Arry so 'appy," Fleur agreed.

Just then the wards let them know someone had arrived and since there were only a few people who knew where they were, they weren't surprised when Arthur joined them.

Harry and Ginny quickly set another place so Arthur could sit down with them. Though he looked tired, he was smiling and looked more at ease.

"Your mother is responding well to treatment," he informed them, looking quite relieved.

Ginny looked at her father imploringly. "Does that mean we can see her?" she asked hopefully.

"Not quite yet but I'm sure it will be soon," Arthur replied with a sad smile. "Let's not rush things."

"Okay," Ginny replied dejectedly, though she knew what her father said was true.

As soon as they were done eating, Ginny and Fleur began to clean up, shooing the men out of the kitchen, telling them they'd join them shortly to help with setting up the Quidditch Hoops.

The first thing they had to do was decide where they were going to construct the Pitch. Fortunately Harry and Ginny had discussed it, deciding that the area on the other side of the house from where the barn and carriage house were, would be the ideal spot.

There was a large grove of trees that shielded the view from the road and with a few well placed charms, no one would be able to see them flying.

Harry had retrieved the small box with the shrunken hoops and they pulled out the instructions.

With Bill and Arthur reading over his shoulders they quickly read what they needed to do.

They were just about to begin when Ginny and Fleur joined them. Ginny nodded in satisfaction as she surveyed the area, knowing that it was going to make a fabulous Pitch.

While it was secluded from the edges of the property, it was still close enough to the house to be readily accessible.

After laying out the hoops where they were going to go, they resized them. Then while Harry, Ginny and Fleur waited patiently, Bill and Arthur dug the required holes and once they were done, Harry, Ginny and Fleur levitated the hoops one at a time while Bill and Arthur back filled the holes, firmly setting them in place.

With six hoops to place it took a little time but with the five of them working together, the hoops were soon in place.

"Sure beats the paddock at the Burrow," Arthur stated with a smile.

"Yes it does but that doesn't mean I didn't love flying there," Ginny grinned.

"I know what you mean," Bill agreed. He also had many fond memories of playing Quidditch on their makeshift Pitch.

"So when are we going to christen this?" Bill asked with a smirk.

Harry and Ginny looked at one another and with a couple of smiles, Ginny said, "How about we invited the family over this weekend for dinner and Quidditch," she suggested with a smile.

"That sounds wonderful," Arthur stated happily. It would be so wonderful to gather the whole family together for something fun. They all could use it after what they had all been through and if he smirked at what he thought would happen, no one noticed.

Ginny invited them all back into the house for refreshments and while Bill and Fleur happily accepted, Arthur politely declined, wanting to get home to see if Ron had returned.

With Arthur gone, the four of them went back into the house, settling in the parlour after Ginny prepared a pot of tea while Harry plated up some biscuits for them to munch on.

Ginny couldn't help but notice how happy and relaxed Harry was, much more so than normal. Though as she thought about it she realized that wasn't one hundred percent true any more.

Yes he was more relaxed and happy than he used to be but lately it was becoming more his natural state and she knew that she and the other two in the room had a lot to do with that.

They spent a very enjoyable evening, sitting and talking. Fleur had asked if Ginny needed any help preparing dinner for the whole family but she had smiled, glancing at Harry and informed her sister-in-law that she and Harry would handle it.

Fleur had smiled and glanced at Harry before she looked at Bill. "Eet must be nice to 'ave a 'usband that will 'elp in za kitchen," she teased lightly.

Harry ended up blushing but he did smile while Bill looked decidingly uncomfortable though they all ended up laughing.

It was quite late by the time the Weasleys left, time had just flown by so fast because everyone was having such a good time.

Harry and Ginny

When Arthur returned home he was slightly surprised to find Ron in the kitchen preparing a pot of tea.

"Did you have anything to eat?" he asked with a worried look.

"I ate at the Granger's," Ron replied softly.

Arthur was taken by surprise, realizing that Ron had spent the full day with Hermione and her parents.

Ron sighed and got out a second cup for his father. "Um, Dad, we need to talk," he stated hesitantly.

Arthur raised an eyebrow but sat down calmly, waiting for Ron to begin.

Ron sighed heavily once more before he looked at his father. "I guess there's no easy way to say this," he muttered, taking a deep breath, "Hermione's pregnant," he added worriedly.

Arthur sighed and gave Ron a wan smile. "So what are your plans?" he asked compassionately.

Ron visibly relaxed, glad his father hadn't blown up at him or told him "I told you so."

"Hermione and I are going to get married and we were hoping that we'd be able to live here until we can get on our feet," Ron stated hopefully. "I'm going to look for a job but other than that, we haven't figured everything out yet."

"That's a very mature decision and I'd like nothing better than you two moving in here," Arthur replied with a smile.

Ron let out a deep breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Thanks Dad," he sighed in relief.

"You should talk to George, he was talking about reopening the shop and mentioned he would be needing some help," Arthur suggested.

Ron looked at him in surprise. "Thanks, that sounds like a good idea," he agreed.

The two of them sat there till quite late discussing the situation and Arthur filling his son in on how his mother was doing.

Ron filled his father in on the wedding plans that he and the Grangers had come up with so far.

Arthur also informed Ron about the family dinner that would be being held at Harry's and Ginny's that weekend.

Ron stared at his father apprehensively. "Are you sure they want me, us, there?" he asked tentatively.

When his father looked at him with a questioning raised eyebrow, Ron sighed. "Hermione and I haven't exactly been that good of friends with them lately," he admitted.

"While that may be true, I'm sure that you'll be welcomed," Arthur replied sympathetically. "Family is extremely important to both of them and while it may take some doing, I'm sure you'll able to work things out."

"I hope so," Ron sighed hopefully.

"Alright, if Hermione is moving in with you, I think a few changes are in order," Arthur said with a smile.

"Like what?" Ron asked in confusion.

"I think you'll admit while your room is suitable for you and Harry when he visited during the summers, it isn't really the kind of space suitable for a young married couple who are expecting a baby," the Weasley patriarch explained.

"I guess you're right," Ron admitted, thinking about the garish orange colour and all the Quidditch posters he had on the walls. He knew Hermione wasn't interested in Quidditch at all and even he had to admit that the orange walls weren't the best.

Arthur led Ron up to Bill's old room. Of all the kid's bedrooms, it was the largest, not that it was overly large.

The elder Weasley looked around the room carefully and after several moments he pulled his wand. Several things he banished to the attic before he rearranged the remaining furniture and last of all, he transformed the single bed into a full sized one.

"That will do for now but we'll need to get another bed," Arthur said with a smile.

"Why's that?" Ron asked.

"Like conjured items, something that's been transfigured will eventually revert to its previous form," his father explained. "And we wouldn't want that happening in the middle of the night," he added with a chuckle.

"No we wouldn't," agreed Ron, shuddering slightly as he thought about what Hermione's reaction would probably be to that happening.

"Well, it's getting late, why don't you head off to bed and we'll move your things down here tomorrow," Arthur stated with a soft smile.

"Thanks Dad, I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me for all your help and understanding," Ron said emotionally.

"It's what a dad does," Arthur replied, giving him a sharp look.

"I'll remember that," Ron replied, getting his father's point.

After a quick hug, they both headed off to bed.

Harry and Ginny

Saturday morning started bright and early for Harry and Ginny. It seemed Ginny had decided to emulate her mother and cook enough to feed a small army, or maybe one that wasn't quite so small.

Harry didn't make a comment, not wanting to compare Ginny to her mother. One just didn't do so, not if they wanted to sleep in the same bed for the foreseeable future and it had nothing to do with the way the Weasley matriarch had been acting.

The first thing they did was head out to the barn and stables to feed and water the animals and collect the eggs. There weren't that many but many of the hens hadn't started laying yet.

The animals taken care of, they headed back inside, ate a quick breakfast and then they began to cook.

While Harry prepared the roast, Ginny started the bread dough, something that made Harry smile. He loved it when she baked, especially bread. Not only did it taste so wonderful but it made the house smell heavenly.

Once done with the roast beast, Harry moved on to making the glaze for the ham while Ginny made the dough for the pies and treacle tart she planned on making.

Those jobs taken care of Harry then prepared the chicken for roasting. Since they were just establishing their flock, they had purchased the chicken for dinner.

Ginny began prepping the vegetables, with Harry coming to help her once he had the chicken in the oven.

The whole time they were working, they were having fun, not only teasing one another but they also shared quick kisses, bumped into each other playfully. All in all they were having a wonderful time as they made dinner for their family.

It was shortly after eleven o'clock when they heard the sound of Apparation. Ginny at first went wide-eyed when she though it was noon when everyone was supposed to arrive.

She started to get angry but calmed down at Harry's urging. "It's probably Bill and Fleur getting here early to help," he explained with a smirk.

Sure enough, several moments later Bill and Fleur entered the kitchen, Bill carrying several bottles of elvish wine while Fleur had a huge bouquet of flowers.

Ginny pouted when Harry gave her the 'I told you so' look but everyone could tell she was acting.

With the food well underway, Harry and Bill went outside to set up some tables. There was a nice grove of trees that wasn't that far from the house but also fairly close to the Quidditch pitch.

They had just finished and were heading back toward the house when Andromeda Tonks showed up with Harry's Godson, Teddy.

Harry was the first to reach her and he hugged her fairly hard while trying not to crush Teddy.

Andromeda, or Andi as she preferred to be called, unceremoniously dumped Teddy into Harry's arms while she gave him a kiss on the cheek. She quickly helped him learn how to hold the baby before she left him alone.

Bill burst into laughter when Harry froze, looking like he was afraid to move, like he was scared of hurting Teddy who was so small as he was only a few months old.

Andi just gave him a smirk and told him not to worry as she headed off inside to see if she could help with the food.

Bill eventually got Harry to loosen up a bit, giving him some pointers he had learned while growing up and helped take care of his siblings.

By the time Ginny and Fleur came out, Harry was staring in awe at his Godson, whispering to him how he was going to be the best damn Godfather in the whole world.

Ginny felt her eyes tear up as she came over and wrapped her arm around Harry's shoulder as she looked at Teddy too.

"He looks so much like Remus and Tonks," she softly stated with a teary smile.

"Yeah, he does," Harry replied breathlessly, never taking his eyes off the little boy.

"'E's going to make a great father," Fleur remarked softly in Ginny's ear.

Ginny glanced at Fleur before staring back at Harry. "Yes he is," she agreed softly, her eyes shining brightly as she thought the same thing.

She finally took pity on her husband and took Teddy out of his arms, much to Harry's relief. She cooed and fussed over the baby for a short time before Fleur insisted on having a turn.

Ginny reluctantly handed him over but in reality she knew it was a good thing as she needed to start bringing the food out.

As she and Harry were about to head inside, two more people Apparated in and made their way over.

"George!" Ginny cried happily as she spied her brother.

Hi Ginny, or should I say Mrs Potter," George teased, though Ginny could see that his smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

When George went to shake Harry's hand, George's companion came over and gave Ginny a hug.

"Hi Angelina," Ginny said. "Welcome to our home." Though she was slightly confused because Angie had been Fred's girlfriend and she wondered what her relationship was with George. She vowed to keep an eye on them, hoping to figure it out.

"I'm glad to be here and I hope it will help George," the dark skinned young woman said with a small smile.

Before Ginny could get anything more from Angie, two more people appeared. She tensed slightly as she saw Percy and an unknown female approach, both looking quite nervous.

Harry joined Ginny and they headed over to welcome Percy and his date to their home. While they still had some issues with the uptight young man, they wanted to at least try and get along.

Welcome to our home, Percy," Ginny said, hugging her brother, who returned it rather awkwardly.

"Yes, well, thank you for inviting me," Percy replied stiffly. He then turned to his companion. "I'd like to introduce my fiancée Audrey Rankin,"

"Welcome," Ginny said warmly to Audrey who gave her a smile. She was a bit surprised that Percy was engaged but not terribly so. After all he'd been estranged from the family and she hadn't kept up with what was going on with him.

If Ginny's greeting had been a bit awkward, Harry's was more so. Though Harry tried not to let his feelings about how Percy had treated him, so all he did was shake the older man's hand with a perfunctory, "Percy."

Ginny saw Percy blush and look extremely uncomfortable as he shook Harry's hand with a tense "Harry."

Harry was sure that Percy would never be that close, but he was family and because of that, he would be welcome in their home as long as he remained civil.

Harry and Ginny, with Bill's and Fleur's help were getting everyone drinks and directing them to where the tables had been set up when they heard the sounds of two more people arriving.

Looking up, they saw Ron and Hermione slowly walking toward them.

Harry and Ginny shared a quick glance, with Harry giving his wife a thin smile. Deep down Harry did want to reconcile with his two former best friends but a lot would have to do with what they said and how they acted.

Ginny slid her arm around Harry's waist as they waited for Ron and Hermione to reach them. They could see how apprehensive the pair appeared.

"Harry, Ron and I want to apologize for the way we've behaved since you disappeared from Hogwarts. We should have made a better effort to find you and made sure you were okay," Hermione stated contritely.

"Yeah mate, we never meant to abandon you," Ron added softly.

Harry stared at them for a few moments as he tried to put all his thoughts in some semblance of order.

"I have to admit your actions hurt, a lot, and I've had a hard time understanding why you both acted like you did," Harry stated, looking from one to the other.

Hermione looked like she was going to say something but Harry held up his hand, stopping her.

"We'll need to sit down and have a long talk but not today. Today is about getting the family together and having a good time and while we do have issues to work out, I still consider both of you family," Harry explained.

Hermione had tears in her eyes as she gave him a small smile. "I'm glad you still think of me as family," she sobbed softly.

Ron nodded in agreement, seeming too choked up to to speak for a moment.

"Let's go join the others," Harry said as he and Ginny began to turn away.

"Wait," Ron cried.

Harry and Ginny stopped and turned back to the pair.

"We have an announcement we're going to make at dinner but wanted you two to know first," Ron muttered hesitantly.

Harry and Ginny looked at them in surprise.

Ron glanced at Hermione and after they shared something between them, Hermione looked back at Harry and Ginny.

"The thing is that I'm pregnant and because of that Ron and I are getting married in a few weeks," she announced apprehensively.

Harry gave a low chuckle and looked at Hermione with a wan smile. "Godric, didn't either of you ever hear of the contraceptive charm?" he asked.

"Harry!" Ginny cried softly, elbowing him in the ribs.

"No Ginny, he's right.. While I usually remembered, I did forget on occasion," Hermione admitted embarrassingly.

Ron blushed deeply, looking somewhat ashamed. "I never even thought about it, figuring Hermione was taking care of it."

When Ginny glared at him, he nodded his head. "Yeah, I know, Dad set me straight on that, unfortunately it was a little late," he stated sadly.

Harry sighed but smiled warmly at the couple. He went over and wrapped his arms around Hermione. "I'm not going to lecture you, I'm sure you've heard enough from your parents," he whispered to her.

"Just know that Ginny and I are here for you," he added as he kissed her on the temple.

"Thanks Harry," Hermione sobbed softly, feeling twice as bad as before because of the way she had ignored him.

While Harry was hugging Hermione, Ginny went over to her brother and hugged him too. "I swear Ron if you fuck this up, there isn't a place you'll be able to hide, got it?" she stated firmly.

"Ron chuckled ruefully. "Thanks Ginny and I wouldn't expect anything less from you," he replied as he hugged her hard.

Harry and Ginny switched places, with Ginny hugging Hermione hard and whispering into her ear.

Harry gave Ron a quick, hard hug before stepping back slightly. "Ron, remember all those things you and your brothers said that you'd do if anyone ever hurt Ginny?" he asked pointedly.

"Yeah," Ron gulped.

"That's child's play compared what I'll do to you if you ever hurt Hermione or your baby, got it?"

"Got it," Ron replied fearfully.

"All right, since we've both threatened Ron with bodily harm if he ever hurts Hermione, I think it's time we joined the others," Ginny giggled.

As they started toward where the others were gathered, Ginny sighed. "Now if only Dad would get here."

"Oh, I almost forgot," Ron said sheepishly. "Dad said he'd be here but he might be a little late."

"Ronald," Hermione scolded him lightly while Ginny glared at him, though the effect was spoiled with the way the corners of her mouth kept twitching.

Harry just chuckled softly, actually pleased that some things hadn't changed.

They'd been with the rest of the family for a little while and Ginny was beginning to fuss as she wondered if she should start serving dinner when across the way two people appeared with soft pops.

Ginny stared at the couple, tears forming in her eyes as they came closer.

"Mum?" she sobbed softly.

Arthur and his companion stopped, and Ginny slowly began to walk toward them. When she was half way there, she broke into a run.

"MUM," she cried as she threw herself into her mother, wrapping her arms around her tightly.

Harry watched with a small smile on his face. While Molly's actions had hurt him deeply, he knew deep down it wasn't really her. It would probably take a little time to completely forgive her but he knew he would. Not only for himself but for Ginny as well.

While mother and daughter hugged and cried as they got reacquainted, Arthur came over to Harry.

"I hope you don't mind that I went and retrieved Molly from St Mungo's," he stated softly.

"I don't mind at all, Dad," Harry replied as he hugged the Weasley patriarch.

They glanced up as Ginny and Molly approached.

"I'm so sorry," Molly cried softly as she came up to Harry hesitantly.

Harry stepped forward and hugged Molly. "As I told Ron and Hermione, we'll talk later. Today is about family and you'll always be welcome here, Mum," he whispered to her.

Molly began to cry as she leaned into Harry, realizing just how much she had hurt him but he had gone and proven what a wonderful man he was and she was ashamed that she had ever tried to keep him and Ginny apart.

Ginny joined then, hugging them both, crying almost as much as her mother.

Harry had been having enough trouble dealing with one crying witch and now he found he had two to contend with. He glanced over at Arthur, silently asking for some help.

Arthur smiled at him as he came over and claimed Molly.

Between the two of them, they finally got their respective witches under control.

"Dinner is ready," Ginny finally said, brushing the tears from her eyes as she smiled widely.

"Do you need some help, dear?" Molly asked. "Though I don't know how much help I'll be because I seem to have misplaced my wand."

"That's okay, Mum. I'll handle it tonight and you'll be able to help the next time you're here," Ginny replied.

Arthur and Molly smiled at her, glad that she had stated that Molly would be welcome again.

As they approached the table, everyone gather around Arthur and Molly. The first thing she did was go up to Bill and beg his forgiveness.

Like Harry, Bill took his mother into a deep hug, knowing that he and Fleur would have to have their own discussion with her.

They hadn't been eating long when a large barn owl came flying in and landed on the back of Ginny's chair.

Surprised, she quickly removed the parchment and after giving the owl some meat from her plate and a drink of water, the majestic owl took off, heading back the way it had come.

"Well, what is it?" Harry asked the question everyone was thinking.

Ginny hurriedly broke the seal and scanned the message.

Harry chuckled when her eyes went wide and she sat there stunned.

"Ginny?" he asked carefully.

Ginny just handed him the message, still acting stunned.

Harry quickly read the message and he broke out into a huge smile.

Ginny looked into his eyes beseechingly. "Please tell me I'm not dreaming?" she implored him quietly.

"You're not dreaming," Harry replied happily.

"Well are you going to let the rest of us know what it says?" George yelled.

Ginny glanced at Harry, who nodded back at her. She smiled widely. "It's an invitation to try out with the Holyhead Harpies," she screamed excitedly.

There was a moment of stunned silence before chaos broke out with everyone offering their congratulations.

Before they knew it dinner was consumed and Bill looked at his sister with a wry grin. "Well, future Harpy, are we going to christen the Pitch or not?" he asked, his eyes dancing merrily.

Ginny stared at him, her eyes blazing. "What do you think?" she snapped determinately.

"I think you're in trouble," Fleur laughed at her husband.

"We'll see," Bill replied bravely.

While Ginny summoned hers and Harry's Firebolts from the house, Harry led the others who were going to play over to the broom shed where he passed out brand new Nimbus'.

Ron, Bill, Fleur and George made up one team with Harry, Ginny, Percy and Audrey making up the other.

Arthur consented to toss the Quaffle into the air and once he did, they were off into the sky.

Fleur's prediction proved to be true as Ginny seemed unstoppable.

They had been playing for a while when Ginny noticed Harry floating slightly above everyone.

She flew up beside him. "Okay, love?" she asked, slightly concerned.

He smiled at her and kissed her as he drew her body into his.

Ginny vaguely heard Bill shouting something at her, but she didn't pay him any mind.

They slowly broke apart and Harry smiled at her. "It's great to be home," he said softly.

Ginny couldn't find any reason to contradict him.

~ Finis ~

Harry and Ginny

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