To Wilt or To Scatter

"Hello"- speech


This story will go on the plausible relationship between Adam and Ruby

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This story will be from Ruby Rose's POV

(Dream )

"What are we doing out here Mom?" Was what I asked my Mother when she took my brother Adam, our adopted sister Neapolitan (Neo for short) and me out to a clearing on Patch in the middle of the day. My name is Ruby Rose I am 6 years old, my eyes are silver according to mom they come from her family, and hair is black with red although in the right light it inverts to red with black. My semblance is moonslash meaning when active any damage that I take is absorbed and can then be released in single slash, however due to it's conditional nature it has a active state in which I can increase my speed to half the speed of sound (I could go faster but that would be dangerous) and the only sign of my semblance being with speed, rose petals flying off me , while with moonslash all the red I wear glows.

My brother Adam is 11 years old, he has silver eyes and his hair is the same as mine except inverted, also while my hair looks like a rose opening upside down, his looks like it's made of rose petals. His Semblance is the same as mine.

Then we have our adopted sister Neo. She is 6 like me, her hair is a swirling mix of white, pink and chocolate brown, her eyes are a pink for her left eye and a brown right eye, also she is mute, sadly her parent's had birth complications which led to her inability to speak as such she was disowned. Her semblance is mirror meaning she can create solid illusions of herself which she can swap herself with, and upon destruction they shatter.

Our mother is Summer Rose, she is 28 years old, looks like a older version of me, and led team STRQ. Her semblance is identical to my speed one. One last thing on top of her head along with Adams, and mine are bull horns because the 3 of us are faunus.

"Alright since you asked we are here today some semblance training, so hopefully you two remembered Wilt and Scatter (AN: Wilt with the colours inverted) "Of course mom" was what Adam and I said as we drew our Nodaichi's and got into matching stances.


"Grimm" was what we all said at once Neo also would have if she could. At that point mom drew summer thorn her twin blades and said to Neo "get Tai and Qrow I'll hold them off" Neo nodded and activated her semblance and she shattered. Adam, Mom and I engaged the grimm me with Adam and mom on her own, we were holding are own until a beowolf got a lucky hit on Adam at which point Neo shattered back into existence making us realise she sent a reflection, after which things started to get worse I was beginning feel faint, then mom Adam and Neo disappeared behind the grimm. As I heard Dad and uncle Qrow arrive the only thing I could do was yell "ADAM!"

Before I passed out and woke up in my dorm.



"Adam" was what I yelled as I woke up from my nightmare of loosing my sister, brother and mom. I probably woke my team and JNPR, but today is the first day of class so it was a good thing. As I readjusted my bow to hide my horns as I reached under my bed to grab the sheathe containing Scatter as I thought 'something is coming and it has to do with my family if that dream was any indication' also when will Blake reveal her ears why else would she wear a bow though I won't do anything to reveal her heritage but it will be fun waiting for her to snap she probably thinks I am a spy.