Sephiroth the One Winged Ashikabi ch1,

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Age 31,

Height 6 foot 1,

Weight 120 pounds,

Weapon Masamune,


Ice Mastered with All Mastered,

Lighting Mastered with All Mastered,

Fire Mastered with All Mastered,

Comet Mastered,

Barrier Mastered,

Heal Mastered,

Restore Mastered,

Revive Mastered,

Time Mastered,

Ultima Mastered,

Added Cut Mastered,

Counter Mastered,

Final Attack Mastered,

Enemy Skill complete,


Bahamut Sin Mastered,

Sekirei 13 in all,

No1 Miya Asama,

No2 Matsu,

No3 Kazehana,

No4 Karasuba,

No7 Akitsu,

No9 Tsukiumi,

No22 Kochou,

No42 Yomi,

No57 Yahan,

No65 Taki,

No84 Yashima,

No87 Kaho,

No108 Kusano,

Chapter 1,

From Midgar to Shinto Teito.

In the runes of the once great City Midgar we find to figures on top of the abandoned Shinra building. They have just finished a battle to decide the fate of the world, their names are Cloud Strife the one who won saving the planet, the other is Sephiroth who lost in his bid to take the Planet. Right now the two are looking at each other with Sephiroth in the air looking down at his most hated foe. As they look at each other Cloud calls out to Sephiroth for what he hopes is the last time.

"Stay were you belong in my memories."

Sephiroth reply's to Cloud request.

"I will never be a Memory." He says as he uses his black wing to cover himself up, as he vanishes, leaving his flawed clone to his fate.

Now after he vanished Sephiroth though he would be taken back into the Lifestream to once more try to be absorbed by the Planet. As the green energy washes over him he closes his eyes he soon starts to drift into the flow of energy, but that soon stops as water hits him all over.

Opening his eyes Sephiroth sees he is no longer surrounded by an ocean of green energy, but is underwater. Swimming to the surface Sephiroth soon breaks though. He then starts to look around.

"Where am I? What is this strange place?" he said as he saw he was in a large bay, in a large city he had never seen before.

As he looks he finds that for once in a long time his thoughts are no longer clouded, and that he feels like his old self, the one before Jenova got to him all those years ago. He no longer feels that great hate he once had since that day ether too.

He then swims to a bunch of docks on shore, that was not too far off, and he then climbs up a latter that was there. He does all of this unseen as it was night time.

After getting on land he starts to concentrate, he calls out his sword from his sub space pocket.

"I'm glad to see that I still have my sword." As he then feels all of the Materia he had are still there. "And all of my Materia too."

He then checks his armor, to see that it still has its Materia too. He then looks around and sees that he is on some sort of shipping dock, as he sees several large shipping containers, and many large cranes too. He walks up to 12 shipping containers, and in a quiet motion he slashes them in an X. The shipping containers bust apart along with the 4 buildings behind them as he sends he sword back to his sub space pocket, and walks away.

"Good I still have all of my power." Said Sephiroth as he then walks towards the city as he dose he sees that day light well begin soon.

A few hours later it is about 9am, and Sephiroth is walking though the town, as he is walking he looks around the large city.

"This place is not a grand as old Midgar was, but it is cleaner." Said Sephiroth.

He spends the rest of the day looking around town. It is now night about 10 pm as he sees a good sized park.

He is going to walk by it, but stops as he feels a strong pull on his powers coming from inside the park. As he looks at the park he can't not understand way he feels this pull. It almost reminds him of Jenova, but it's not dark like hers was no, this feels sad. Even though it feels sad, he can also feel good too.

"I need to see what this is." He says as he enters the park.

After 12 minutes of looking around he finds were the pull is coming from, a lovely looking young women, she has light brown hair, with light green eyes, and dare he say some of the biggest breast he had ever seen. Plus she is dressed in rather skimpy outfit too. Good thing it was night that meet most people would not see this.

He walks up to her, as he dose the women looks at him, this shocks him as he was moving with his normal grace, and stealth, the same ones that let him move unseen before.

"Hello there." Said Sephiroth.

"Broken just a broken tool." Said the women.

Sephiroth is a little taken aback by this.

"What do you mean?" asked Sephiroth as he sits next to her.

"I have no real use, I'm s scrapped Number now, unable to be winged, unable to find my destined one." She says.

"I disagree now let me introduce myself I am called Sephiroth, what is your name?" said Sephiroth.

"I'm Akitsu, the one with now worth."

As he looks at her Sephiroth sees blood on her shirt.

"Are you hurt?" he asks.

"No, but then even if I was it would not matter." She says.

But before he can ask how she got the blood on her a male voice calls out.

"I will be taking that scrapped Number now." The voice said.

The two look and see a young teen aged boy with a man that looked in his 20ies

"I am Hayato Mikogami your new master." Hayato as he looked at her.

As Sephiroth looks at both he then looks at Akitsu, and sees fear in her eyes.

"I think Miss Akitsu does not wish to go with, isn't that right?" he asks her,

"Yes I do not wish to go." She replied.

"Well there you have it she wishes to stay here, now why don't you both run off before I make you." said Sephiroth as a cruel smirk came to his face.

"Mutsu show this wanna be hero what happens when you interfere." Said Hayato looking at Mutsu.

"Yes Mikogami-san." As Mutsu draws is sword.

"So it's that hard way." Says Sephiroth as he then looks at Akitsu. "Please stand back this won't be long."

As he then steps forward as Akitsu reaches for him trying to stop him, but he is out of reach.

"You can still back out of this." Said Mutsu pointing his sword at Sephiroth.

"I was about to tell you the same thing." Replied Sephiroth not yet calling out his sword the Masamune.

The two stare the other down, but Mutsu attacks first he slashes at Sephiroth right side, but he dodges it with ease. This shocks Mutsu as a human should not be able get out of the way. Akitsu, and Hayato are also shocked by this too.

"Your speed is lacking." Sephiroth says as he attack Mutsu by driving his fist into his gut hard.

This causes Mutsu to be thrown back about 20 feet.

"What was that, he hits as harder than I thought?" Mutsu thinks as he looks at Sephiroth.

"Looks like you, are pretty strong." As he charges again.

Mutsu slashes at him again in several rapid sessions, each slash missing Sephiroth as he dodges them.

"Your swordsmen ship is pathetic, are you knew to the way of the sword?" Sephiroth mocks.

"How dare you, I have used the sword for years, I am a highly skilled swordsmen." Mutsu said starting to get mad as he still attacks with each one missing.

"No you're not but I can help you with that." Said Sephiroth hitting Mutsu in the face with his right fist.

(Music start OST FFVII AC 07 Let the Battles Begin!)

He then calls out the Masamune, the sword appears in his hand in a green mist. This shocks Mutsu as he looks at the 7 foot long blade that came out of nowhere.

"Now your first lesson speed." As Sephiroth as he moves to fast for Mutsu, Akitsu, and Mikogami to fallow.

Sephiroth appears in front of Mutsu his sword raised to strike, Mutsu seeing this rises his to block as Sephiroth says this as he brings his sword down.

"Next lesson power." Sephiroth says as his sword hits Mutsu Sword hard.

The attack sends throws Mutsu back like a bullet from a gun through 12 trees, then into a building outside the park then 8 more behind that one. Sephiroth then looks at Mikogami who is pissing himself in fear.

(Song End)

"Now then, what to do with you would be master?" Sephiroth says as he starts to walk slowly up to the scared teenager.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Yells Mikogami as he runs out if the park, as he fallows the trail of destruction that Mutsu left.

"Pathetic." Sephiroth says as he walks over to a still stunned Akitsu.

"There they will never bother you again I think." He says now in front of her.

Akitsu looks up at him, as she does this she feel something that she though impossible for her to ever feel. She is reacting to Sephiroth.

"How can this be?" she thinks to herself as she starts to shake. "I'm broken I should not be able to react, but I am, and it is a powerful feeling I have to kiss him."

"Akitsu are you okay?" Sephiroth says seeing her shake, but what she did next caught him off guard.

"This is the ice of my pledge. Shatter the misfortunes of my Ashikabi!" Akitsu says as she kisses him on the lips.

The out of Akitsu back as she kisses him wings of ice appear in a bright light, this catches Sephiroth off guard, but he is then shocked as his one black Wing appears on his back. But if he could have seen it though the light he would see it was starting to become white starting at the tips.

But soon both wings vanish as the kiss ends.

"What was that?" He asks her.

"You're my Ashikabi, and I am your Sekirei." She replied as she hugs him.

"What is an, Ashikabi Akitsu?" he asks her.

Akitsu then tells him what Sekirei are, what Ashikabi are, and the Sekirei Plan made by MBI, and the Game Master as he called himself the head of the company Minaka Hiroto. After he heard about the Sekirei Plan Sephiroth felt his old rage for humans return. The MBI was just like Shinra, and Minaka Hiroto is like the old Shinra president he killed mixed with Hojo who play with others' lives.

He remembered why he hated humans they use everything, without a care including these Sekirei that if what he felt from Akitsu when she kissed him, are very pure of heart un touched by the evil of humans.

But he is soon brought from his thoughts by Akitsu.

"Are you okay master, I can feel your angry, are you mad at me?" she asks with an innocent look.

"No Akitsu I am not mad with you, but I am mad at MBI, and Minaka Hiroto for how he is treating you Sekirei." He replied as he looks at her.

"But for now let us get off the streets, but were to go as I have no money." He says as he does not think Gil would work here.

"I have an MBI credit card that we can use as all Sekirei are given one to help care for their needs." Akitsu says taking out the black card from here lab coat.

"Good now lets head to a hotel, then see if they can get you some nice clothes." Sephiroth as both lave the park.

At MBI in the command headquarters for the S-Plan alarms are going off, as people at computers are typing like mad. As they do this the door to the room opens, and Sahashi Takami walks into the room.

"What's going on?" she asks.

"Ma'am Sekirei No7 was just winged." Said a female technician.

"What that should not be possible, who is her Ashikabi?" Takami demands.

"Unknown Ma'am he is not in any MBI or other databases." A male technician said.

"That is not possible, MBI has the biggest database along with the ability to get information from any database on Earth, so how can he be an unknown?" she says.

"Looks like we have a play that can shake up this game this is great." Said Minaka Hiroto with a crazy grin on his face.

"How can you say that, we have no clue who this guy is?" said Takami looking at her crazy boss.

"But that what makes it all the more exciting, it adds more layers to my game." He replied not caring at all.

"Sir No7 MBI card has been used at a local hotel, and the card was also used to buy women's cloths too." Said another male technician.

Minaka then looks at the male technician, and says to him.

"What room are they in? It is time for me to talk to this unknown Ashikabi."

"They are in room number 22 sir." The male technician replied.

"Good now patch me into that rooms TV." Minaka said.

"Right away." All of the technicians say.

In the Hotel a little bit before we find Sephiroth getting off the phone after he got Akitsu size, and had the front desk bring them some cloths that will fit her. Right now she is showering as he looks around them as he did this he sees the TV turn on.

He heads over, and sees a guy with spiking white hair, glasses, and a crazy look on his face.

"Hello my dear mystery, you have just become part of the greatest game to go to the heavens, and become a god." He said.

"Who are you?" asks Sephiroth.

"I am Minaka Hiroto, the Game Master now who are you?" Minaka asks him.

At hearing his name Sephiroth's eyes narrow, as this was the mad man behind this twisted game. But he holds a neutral face right now.

"I am Sephiroth, and what is the reason you contacted me?" asks Sephiroth.

"Why I'm here to tell you the rules to the game." As he then goes on to tell Sephiroth the rules.

As he hears the rules Sephiroth gets madder, and madder.

"And remember, that leaving the city is forbidden, and you, and your Sekirei or Sekirei's will be punished." Said Minaka after telling him the rules.

(Music start OST FFVII AC 06 for the Reunion play that)

"Alright then let me tell you something Mr. Game Master." Replied Sephiroth as the lights in the room start to flicker on, and off along with all the lights in the city before they all go dark as the hotel, and buildings in the city then start to shake, and tremble as he starts to release a small bit of his power.

Soon Sephiroth's eyes start to glow as the cat like pupils in them get narrower, as he did this.

"I will do as I like in this game, as I will soon end you sick twisted game along with you, and your company, so do your worst until then my dear insect, but just know I can, and will do far worse in return." Sephiroth finishes as Minaka steps back in terror, as for once in his life he is terrified.

(Song end)

Soon after the transmission ends as the lights come back on, and the shaking stops. As Sephiroth goes back to normal.

"Sephiroth-san did you feel that?" asks Akitsu coming into the room dressed in nothing.

Now the reason why she did not come out sooner is she was in the bathroom unable to move because of fear.

"No I felt nothing, now please put on the bathrobe that I gave you, then we can go to sleep." Said Sephiroth as she did that.

She soon returns, and both fall asleep in both beds of the room.

Back at MBI Minaka, Takami, along with the rest of the staff in that room try to get their breathing under control as they are all hyperventilating. But it is not just them all of the staff in the building is too, all but a women with long light grey hair.

She is in her bedroom naked, playing with herself after feeling that powerful aura. As it made her hot so hot she never felt this way before.

"Yes I must fine whoever did that earlier, they have such a bloodlust I must fight whoever it is." She says still playing with herself.

This is Sekirei No4 Karasuba head of the Third Generation Disciplinary Squad.

But MBI was not the only place to feel Sephiroth's powerful aura, the whole city felt it, everyone in the city was ether hyperventilating, or just trying to calm down, but they all shared one thing in common they were all scarred, all but a women who ran an inn.

At Izumo in the residents are scared all but Miya Asama Sekirei No1, and the owner she is in her room right now, she is in her futon sitting up grabbing the sheets, she is not scared but angry as to her this aura challenged her own for dominance.

Now normally Miya is a calm person, but this mad her mad how dare someone try to overpower her aura. This would not stand not at all.

She releases her own into the city, causing the same thing Sephiroth did, making the lights go off, and buildings shake. But that stops as her power levels out. Soon her aura hits Sephiroth who feeling hers releases his again to fight hers.

If the auras could be seen you would see a purple, and green energy over the city fighting to push the other back, but nether giving ground. As they did this both fall to sleep as they can do this in their sleep.

But if Miya had not been so mad she would feel herself starting to feel strange.

Chapter End,

Next time, Getting more birds, and meeting of powerful forces,